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Anticipating Maintenance Add-Ons to Home Loan BudgetingWhen you first go shopping for a North Palm Beach home, loan budgeting—figuring out how much a comfortable monthly mortgage payment would be—pretty much dictates the price range you will be considering. Some listings do the lion’s share of th...
  Send to a Friend Follow Me On: Mortgage Market Guide: February Housing Starts Jump!   In This Issue         Last Week in Review: February Housing Starts jump, while the Fed statement gives markets a boost. Forecast for the Week: Will Existing and New Home Sales surge, too? View: Boost your bus...
 Move from Single Family Home to Jupiter Townhome / CondoWhen an Palm Beach County couple begins thinking over the pros and cons of downsizing their family’s home base, one increasingly attractive possibility is a move into a Palm Beach County condominium or townhome (yes, they’re different—more ...
  Send to a Friend Follow Me On: Mortgage Market Guide: Jobless Claims Hit 5-month Low   In This Issue         Last Week in Review: There was good news from the labor sector, while the European Central Bank played zone defense against deflation. Forecast for the Week: A recipe for volatility is ...
 Breaking News: Fannie Mae Lowers Mandatory Waiting Period After Bankruptcy, Short Sale, & Pre-Foreclosure Mandatory Waiting Period Reduced To 2 YearsIt’s getting easier to get approved for a mortgage.Following a similar change with FHA mortgage loans, mortgage-backer Fannie Mae has reduced the m...
Palm Beach Gardens Rent-to-Own Solutions Can Make Possible the ImpossibleThe term “rent-to-own” sounds like a contradiction for good reason. It’s often called upon to reconcile a buyer-seller situation that does not fit a standard mold. A Palm Beach Gardens rent-to-own agreement can allow potenti...
Moving Day Advice Can Save North Palm Beach Sellers a Trunkful!When a North Palm Beach home seller tallies the total financial impact of selling the old and then buying the new home, in addition to the closing and brokerage costs, the expense of the move has to be reckoned, too. It may seem like ...
Real Estate Predictions for 2016 Appear to be in Lock-StepGiven that the experts have often been as wrong as they were right about predicting at least one real estate trend for 2015 (mortgage interest rates), it’s fair to ask why it’s worthwhile to consult them regarding this year. Fair enough. T...
  Send to a Friend Follow Me On: Mortgage Market Guide: February Job Creation Surges!   In This Issue           Last Week in Review: February job creation surges while home prices continue to rise. Forecast for the Week: Investors turn to global news headlines in an empty week of economic data. ...
On Whether Early Palm Beach Garden Mortgage Payments Make SenseIt’s usually around this time of year when the one in charge of keeping track of your Palm Beach Garden household’s finances either sits down to do some budget arithmetic, or (at a minimum) goes hunting for a new shoe box to hold the ...

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