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  Send to a Friend Follow Me On:         Mortgage Market Guide: GDP Jumps in Q3!   In This Issue         Last Week in Review: The first reading of third quarter Gross Domestic Product and September New Home Sales had some things to celebrate. Forecast for the Week: In a data-driven week, all rep...
Science Fiction, Outer Space and Palm Beach County Housing CreationWhen the name “Deloitte” is attached to futuristic predictions about any kind of industrial matters, most West Palm Beach readers grow less skeptical than would otherwise be the case. After all, Deloitte’s quarter-million financia...
West Palm Beach Homes Listed for Sale Can Run Afoul of The 5-Year RuleThe “5-Year Rule” as it applies to Palm Beach County homes listed for sale is a pretty good one, as far as real estate rules-of-thumb go. It’s part of the family of truisms that have been around long enough that you’d figure th...
Follow Me On:   Mortgage Marketing Guide: Views You Can Use – October Issue 2016       IN THIS ISSUE…         “It’ll all be alright. I’ll be home tonight.” Michael Bublé. Despite recent disappointing data, the housing market continues to support economic recovery, and builders prep for more home...
  Send to a Friend Follow Me On: Mortgage Marketing Guide: Existing Home Sales Up!   In This Issue           Last Week in Review: Existing Home Sales rose in September while consumer inflation remained tame. Forecast for the Week: Look for key reports from the housing sector along with the first...
Being a Real Estate Agent in North Palm Beach is a 24/7 AffairThe best real estate agent schooling isn’t something that takes place in a classroom. That kind of school is necessary, of course, because some of the most important work every North Palm Beach real estate agent does has to do with bei...
  Send to a Friend Follow Me On: Mortgage Market Guide: September Retail Sales Shine   In This Issue         Last Week in Review: September’s Retail Sales may signal brighter days leading up to the biggest shopping season of the year. Forecast for the Week: Housing and consumer inflation data wi...
For Jupiter Mortgage Shoppers, Bad News Isn’t Always BadIf you keep track of the ebb and flow of U.S. economic news, you might also be aware of how it relates to some things that happen here. Particularly in the way the Palm Beach County’s mortgage rates have been responding to the ups and downs ...
Home Price Rises Linked to Homeownership Positives“Homeownership is the bedrock of the American Dream!” was long an unchallenged by word in American culture. Certainly most North Palm Beach homeowners agreed during most of the 20th Century. That premise may have been rocked a little during the ea...
  Send to a Friend Follow Me On: Mortgage Market Guide: September Job Creation Declines. Home Prices Rise.   In This Issue           Last Week in Review: Job creation declined in September while home price growth remained robust. Forecast for the Week: Retail Sales hopefully ring up! View: Maste...

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