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Consumer Confidence in Economy & Housing is Soaring The success of the housing market is strongly tied to the consumer’s confidence in the overall economy. For that reason, we believe 2017 will be a great year for real estate. Here is just a touch of the news coverage on the subject. HousingWire:...
Millionaire to Millennials: Buy Now! Self-made millionaire David Bach was quoted in a CNBC article explaining that “the single biggest mistake millennials are making” is not purchasing a home because buying real estate is “an escalator to wealth.” Bach went on to explain: “If millennials don’t bu...
  Send to a Friend   Follow Me On:  Mortgage Market Guide: Home Sales Slip, Slide and Soar    In This Issue           Last Week in Review: Existing Home Sales slipped, but New Home Sales soared. Forecast for the Week: Personal Consumption Expenditures and GDP could stand out in the packed calenda...
The Foreclosure Crisis: 10 Years Later CoreLogic recently released a report entitled, United States Residential Foreclosure Crisis: 10 Years Later, in which they examined the years leading up to the crisis all the way through to present day. With a peak in 2010 when nearly 1.2 million homes were ...
What Are the Experts Saying about Mortgage Rates? Mortgage interest rates have risen over the last few months and projections are that they will continue their upswing throughout 2017. What impact will this have on the housing market? Here is what the experts are saying: Laurie Goodman, Co-direct...
It’s a Seller’s Market! Should I Downsize Now? A study by Edelman Berland reveals that 33% of homeowners who are contemplating selling their houses in the near future are planning to scale down. Let’s look at a few reasons why this might make sense for many homeowners, as the majority of the coun...
  Send to a Friend   Follow Me On: Mortgage Market Guide: First 2017 Rate Hike By Fed    In This Issue           Last Week in Review: Fed Funds Rate increases 0.25 percent, while wholesale inflation and Housing Starts heat up. Forecast for the Week: Housing news will dominate. View: Tips to help ...
4 Great Reasons to Buy This Spring! Here are four great reasons to consider buying a home today instead of waiting. 1. Prices Will Continue to Rise CoreLogic’s latest Home Price Index reports that home prices have appreciated by 6.9% over the last 12 months. The same report predicts that prices w...
Mortgage Interest Rates Went Up Again… Should I Wait to Buy? Mortgage interest rates, as reported by Freddie Mac, have increased over the last several weeks. Freddie Mac, along with Fannie Mae, the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Realtors, is calling for mortgage rat...
  Send to a Friend   Follow Me On: Mortgage Market Guide: Job Growth Still Strong   In This Issue           Last Week in Review: February job growth surges. Forecast for the Week: The Federal Open Market Committee meeting and monetary policy statement will likely overshadow the plethora of econom...

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