christian penner: Agent Mastermind: 2015 is Around the Corner... What Will You Do? - 11/22/14 12:57 AM

Agent Mastermind: 2015 is Around the Corner... What Will You Do? Yes, you read that right, 2015 is right around the corner! Can you believe it? It's important to plan ahead for the New Year to ensure the success of your Real Estate business. What will YOU do to make sure that 2015 is your most profitable year ever? What has to happen for you to be very happy? Have you set your 2015 Real Estate business goals? Do you have a plan in place that is going to help you reach your goals in 2015? Join us for the … (0 comments)

christian penner: Property Type Wording Cues West Palm Beach Prospects’ Expectations - 08/18/14 11:25 AM

Property Type Wording Cues West Palm Beach Prospects’ Expectations If you are preparing to sell your property in West Palm Beach this fall, it’s worth considering what the marketing angle will be: how to characterize it most accurately—and appealingly. It starts with the choice of wording for your home’s property type, which will set up prospective buyers’ expectations before they come upon the more detailed description.
Cottage or Bungalow This property description instantly conjures up images of a small, cozy, picturesque West Palm Beach property. Buyers attracted to a cottage are likely to appreciate features that indicate economy and efficiency. … (0 comments)

christian penner: The Resurgence of the Jumbo Mortgage Loan - 08/15/14 06:24 PM

The Resurgence of the Jumbo Mortgage Loan For the past two years the overall state of the housing market has made steady improvements.  Month after month real estate agents have witnessed an increase in average home sales.  Homeowners have seen their property values return to their proper level.  With all of this good news there is one niche in real estate that has prospered more than others; the jumbo home niche.  For people looking to buy an affluent home in Florida here are some basic tips that will make the process smoother.
Up Front Money
For a conventional loan the lender … (0 comments)

christian penner: Buying a Home in West Palm Beach with No Owner Disclosures - 08/06/14 10:02 PM

Buying a Home in West Palm Beach with No Owner Disclosures Suppose that in the course of buying a home in West Palm Beach, your eye is drawn to a bank-owned home, or a home held in a trust. There are many reasons why you could find yourself buying a West Palm Beach home that’s currently vacant—which can also mean that the usual owner disclosures are not to be had. There are perfectly innocent reasons why this situation develops. Suppose the sellers of the property have just inherited it. How would they know that water tends to pool under the … (0 comments)

christian penner: Digging for the True Cost of Home a New Palm Beach County Home | - 07/31/14 11:14 PM

When you begin scouring the West Palm Beach listings for a new home, the cost of home appears to be right there at the top: the asking price. All the other details about the property are there, too, but they usually get close attention only after that dollar amount at the top falls within (well, is at least close to) your target number.
But as soon as the shopping starts to narrow the field, the financial implications of those other details begin to reveal themselves. Good thing! In fact, the true bottom line cost of your new Palm Beach County … (2 comments)

christian penner: Gains in Wellington Home Prices Nowhere Near ‘Bubble’ Territory - 07/29/14 12:23 PM

For the past two years national home prices have risen sharply, which might lead to the conclusion that they are overpriced. In fact, if we’re to believe the most recent report by real estate website Trulia, they are still 5% undervalued when measured against long-term fundamentals. So will this fall’s home prices in Wellington be broaching unsustainable levels—or will they be reasonable?
The Problem of Measuring Only Home Price Increases
Real estate price increases by themselves are poor indicators of over- or undervalued real estate. Because of the headlong drop in real estate prices in 2007, throughout most … (0 comments)

christian penner: Fannie Mae will be updating Desktop Underwriting (DU) - 07/29/14 08:44 AM
Fannie Mae will be updating Desktop Underwriting (DU) mid-August.
I have some news to share! Fannie Mae will be updating Desktop Underwriting (DU) mid-August. There are a few changes you should be aware of:
Foreclosure Message Updates • We will be able to exclude inaccurate foreclosure information from the eligibility assessment. • We will be able to exclude foreclosures due to extenuating circumstances* from the eligibility assessment. Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure Sale Message Updates • Waiting period requirement will be updated to 4 years; 2 years if caused by extenuating circumstances*. The loan to value (LTV) restrictions previously … (0 comments)

Thursday, August 7th, 2014 Please join us for a night of networking and celebration as our new Board of Directors are installed. This is the perfect time to meet your new Board and get involved with your local chapter.
Event Time: 5:30- 7:30 PM 221 Datura Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Cost: $5.00/member $10.00/non-member Includes appetizers and cash bar with happy hour prices
2014-15 Board of Directors Executive Committee President, Christian Penner Immediate Past Pres, Wilson Enriquez President Elect, Lisa Posta Vice President, Michelle Wilkins Treasurer, Ryan Brown Secretary, Josh … (0 comments)

christian penner: Agent Mastermind Saturday Strategy: How to Structure your Real Estate Business in the Most Tax Efficient Way - 07/25/14 05:10 PM
LIVE Real Estate
Mastermind Saturday Strategy Class!

How to Structure your Real Estate Business in the Most Tax Efficient Way A few months back, we had a CPA and real estate tax expert on the call to share with you strategies on how you can save on your taxes as a Real Estate Professional.
Due to high demand, he is coming back to share even more tax ideas, incentives and strategies with you on the next Agent Mastermind Saturday Class!
We will cover how to have your businesses set up in the most profitable and tax efficient manner especially in … (0 comments)

christian penner: Your Jupiter Mortgage Details Can Make a Good Deal Better - 07/23/14 07:12 PM

Your Jupiter Mortgage Details Can Make a Good Deal Better Buying a Jupiter home can’t help but be about as thrilling a purchase as you can make, whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced homeowner. ‘Buying’ a Palm Beach County mortgage, on the other hand…well, the experience may be slightly less exciting, but if your team has managed to secure a good one, it’s actually a comparable accomplishment.
In the same way that it’s the features and condition of your new Jupiter home that give it extra value, there are multiple elements of a local mortgage that make … (0 comments)

christian penner: Housing in Wellington May Be Headed for a Transformation - 07/22/14 09:46 PM

Housing in Wellington May Be Headed for a Transformation
Of the things Americans take for granted, one of the least questioned is the future availability of familiar housing circumstances: housing that’s ‘like where I grew up.’ For urban dwellers, that might be an apartment or condominium; for others, a single-family home—a house with a yard, or perhaps a farm or ranch house. It may be time to re-examine that whole idea.
Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in multi-generational living arrangements. We read and hear a lot about the housing situation that sees many young … (0 comments)

christian penner: Balancing Risk, Reward in West Palm Beach Seller Financing Agreements - 07/21/14 10:00 PM

Balancing Risk, Reward in West Palm Beach Seller Financing Agreements
When home prices in West Palm Beach are on the rise, one side effect is that first-time homebuyers may run into a financing obstacle. Although the stricter lending standards of the past few years have been easing somewhat, it still can be difficult for some folks (younger buyers, especially) to purchase the West Palm Beach home they have in their sights.
In that situation, an alternative to a traditional bank mortgage is seller financing. Many prospective buyers know little about the details that make up a seller financing agreement, and … (0 comments)

christian penner: Jupiter Interest Rates Dodge Anticipated Escalation - 07/15/14 04:40 PM

Jupiter Interest Rates Dodge Anticipated Escalation Jupiter homeowners who had been bracing themselves for sharp rises in mortgage interest rates must now be scratching their heads. As the online Mortgage News Daily put it last week, “…rates have been extraordinarily sideways, and right in line with the lowest levels in 11 months.”
Since historical averages are still significantly higher, it’s no wonder that most observers still believe the greater likelihood is for rate increases. But recent Fed happenings show a crack in their avowed determination to let that happen by tapering off purchases of mortgage-backed securities. The hemming and hawing … (0 comments)

christian penner: Want to Sell Your House? Think Like Real Estate Agents Do! - 07/07/14 11:39 PM

Because real estate agents in Wellington see everything in the market, we have a pretty good idea about why some houses sell (and why others sit on the market for years). Whether as buyer or seller, anyone planning to enter Wellington’s real estate market this summer can benefit from some of the tactics and factors that Wellington real estate agents keep in mind when as they go about the business of making home sales happen:
When Speed Matters…
When the overriding goal is a quick sale, leading with a price slightly lower than what comparables suggest it is really worth … (0 comments)

christian penner: Agent mastermind - Mastering Contract to Close - 07/04/14 07:06 AM
LIVE Real Estate Mastermind Strategy Class!
  Mastering Contract to Close Are you ready to add another level of service your real estate clients desperately need? Have you had to turn away business in the past because you lacked the skills needed to assist in managing transactions? Contract to close services are a rising need in the real estate community.
These services are what makes sure you, the agent, get paid for all of your hard work you have put into the sale of a home! And these services are in high demand. Join us for the next Agent Mastermind class … (0 comments)

christian penner: Foreclosures Slide May be Good News for Jupiter Homeowners - 07/02/14 07:59 PM
When the number of foreclosures decreases, it’s not without impact for Palm Beach County homeowners and investors. In any given month, Jupiter foreclosures may not always mimic the national averages, but over the long run, they do tend to be pretty close. And the national trend is clear: first quarter foreclosure activity decreased to the lowest level since the second quarter of 2007 (‘activity’ includes default notices, scheduled auctions and outright bank repossessions).
Recent figures from RealtyTrac, the leading source of housing data, put U.S. foreclosures at their lowest levels in seven years. The 42-month national decrease had been momentarily interrupted … (0 comments)

christian penner: New Congressional Act Could Save for Those Buying a Home - 07/01/14 09:40 AM

New Congressional Act Could Save for Those Buying a Home When West Palm Beach residents hear about floods, images of homes tumbling into the sea or half-submerged along the banks of a raging river probably leap to mind. But the risk of flooding isn’t confined to those headline-grabbing catastrophes—which is why the recent passage by Congress and signing by the President of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HFIAA) will be of interest to many people thinking of buying a home.
Sellers are required by law to disclose if a property is in an officially-designated flood zone; and banks typically … (0 comments)

christian penner: Agent Mastermind Strategy Class: How Gmail Can Make Your - 06/28/14 01:29 AM
LIVE Real Estate Mastermind Strategy Class!

  How Gmail Can Make Your Life Easier Do you know what it feels like to have an empty inbox and an extra 30-45 minutes a day?
Most of us have over 1,000 emails in our inbox and it takes us forever to find what we are looking for. Tasks get lost as they flow through the never-ending string of emails…
Clearing out your inbox and simplifying your email can be a huge relief and time saver. The feeling of having an empty inbox is amazing and we want to share it with you! … (0 comments)

christian penner: Jupiter Summer Weather Gives Staging an Outdoor Tilt - 06/27/14 03:38 PM

Jupiter Summer Weather Gives Staging an Outdoor Tilt As the days grow longer and the thermometer rises, everyone wants to start spending more time outdoors—to make full use of our yards and patios. But what if your Jupiter home is going to be on the market this summer? Does it mean you have to stop enjoying yourself, stop entertaining guests, just because you want to keep the place in showable condition?
The answer is, of course, of course not. Using the outdoor spaces of your home means striking a balance between living your life and ensuring everything is in top … (0 comments)

christian penner: First-Timers: Take a Class, Save on Your Loan - 06/25/14 08:07 PM
First-Timers: Take a Class, Save on Your Loan The Federal Housing Administration will be ending its public comment period  in mid-August on a proposed program that would allow first-time home buyers to get a discounted mortgage if they enroll in housing counseling classes.
The program, called Homeowners Armed with Knowledge (HAWK), was announced last month by the FHA as way to curtail home buyers' mortgage insurance premium costs. FHA is operating under the assumption that the more borrowers understand about home ownership, the less likely they are to default on their loans, thereby decreasing their lending risk.
To be eligible for … (0 comments)

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