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I’m writing today directly to a segment of my readers who are frustrated and/or worried about how their blog is doing. A lot of you are struggling to get the result you’re looking for with your blog. I hear you. First of all, I want to be very clear. If you’re one of the readers here who has expr...
Hi guys! Well I promised a follow up on the last post about making money with your blog. As it turns out, I will be doing a few of these. I appreciate the emails I got on the last one. Interestingly also, most of them came in via Facebook. I like that the Facebook crowd is reading Next Level Blog...
When it comes to business, simple is good. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s my take on it anyway. I’ve recently been pouring through a plethora of information on affiliate marketing…people talking about how to make it big by selling other people’s stuff online. First, I’d argue if you really have anyth...
Making money with a blog really has to be one of the biggest concerns out there I suppose, so I want to address it directly. There are different approaches of course, and I can only speak to the techniques I’ve personally employed, what has worked well for me and what HASN’T worked well for me. T...
  Selling online requires one simple thing...SELLING! That means you have to MAKE OFFERS! Making money online is not a mysterious process. The fear of selling is one of the biggest production-killers out there I just read a very insightful quote from Jeffrey Zeldman at in the latest I...


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