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  The 80-20 Rule saves you loads of time. It amazes me how few business owners use it! We’ve most likely all heard of the Pareto principle. The law of 80-20. Also known as the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity. It means that very few things are responsible for most of wha...
  It's no secret blogging should be on your "to do" list for 2010! If you run a business, it’s no longer a secret that you should also be running a business blog. The most favored platform for a business blog is Wordpress. There are a number of reasons for that, but for today, I want to help you ...
  Email unsubscriptions...I'm cool with em! Pay attention to who unsubscribes from your list and why. One of the many advantages of using a system like Aweber is that it gives people an option to comment on why they’re unsubscribing. This is valuable feedback, but unsubscriptions should not be vi...
  When it comes to business blogging, simple rules. Keep it simple. You'll have more fun, and your success will come as a result of that When it comes to so many things in life, we over-complicate. Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t you think we do this with blogging as well? We make it way too hard. We r...
  We talk a lot about passion in this business. What is your passion? It’s not any specific thing. There’s not just one thing you can be passionate about. It’s not about fate or birthrights or the alignment of the stars. What is your passion? I’ll tell you right now what your passion is. It’s wha...
  Are you wasting your time with blog tactics that don't work? Here’s what is wrong with this whole blogging business…the advice most blogging A-listers can offer you is hugely valuable, but if you don’t put things into context, you are WASTING YOUR TIME. Context is everything! Without context, t...


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