email marketing: Why Your Email List Isn’t Growing As Fast As You Want - 06/08/10 03:47 AM
Why aren't people signing up for your email list? Why aren't they buying what you're selling? The answer is a lot simpler than you may realize...
Building a solid email list of people who want to hear from you regularly is the single most important thing you can do as a small business owner. A targeted, responsive email list makes everything else so much easier. Wouldn’t you agree? Yet many of us struggle with how to get this done, so I want to give you a specific example from my own business.
What People Want To Hear Vs What They Need … (4 comments)

email marketing: Is Email Marketing a Fad? - 10/14/09 09:14 AM
In a recent post, I indicated how essential email marketing and list building are to your success online. I was challenged by a reader that email marketing and list building are only hot trends right now, because email clients simply haven’t become sophisticated enough to filter everything out. I found that interesting. Seriously?
It seems to me that if one person feels this way strongly enough to send me a message about it, surely others do as well. I do not feel email marketing is a fad. I want to examine this for a minute and see if I can shed … (1 comments)

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