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Well, we found a house we wanted a few weeks ago.  We loved it not because of what it was, but because of what it could have been.  It just needed a lot of paint and carpet type stuff, but we saw the potential.  The owner was there when we went to see it and she loved my daughters.  She took my t...
Okay, so I've been gone for a while.  Well, no, I've been home... but I've been absent from my good friends here on AR.  And I'm trying to be back now.A while ago, I posted a couple times about getting ready to move, and now we are ready to take the plunge.I want to invite you to move with me.  I...
Allllll righty then!  I've been meme'd again!  I'm starting to fear that people will think I'm conceited.  This is my fourth (and fifth) time having been hit with the good old "Tag!"  This time's culprits are Susie Roscoe and Karen George.  Thank you, ladies... for thinking I am interesting enoug...
This one is going to be short.  It's the kind of post I hate.  I always roll my eyes at the posts where people are like, "Oh I just got this, like, totally cool new and I just wanted all my AR buddies to know how great I am."But we are going to pick up a different car tomorro...
How often do you hear that?  This is a "once in a lifetime" whatever- deal, chance, event, feeling, opportunity.  And what do you always do when you hear that phrase?  You agree.  Because it's true.  It really is, most likely, something that will only happen once.Why was I thinking about this tod...
I can't believe this.  Suddenly, I am swamped.  I have new listings and new accepted offers to follow up on.  I have a phone that is running out of battery from ringing so much.  I have this smile on my face that won't go away.And I have, like, zero new blog posts written.  So I'm taking a minute...
I get asked questions all the time about homeowner's associations.  It's a tough one for me to answer because everyone feels differently about things like this, but there are definite pros and cons to living in a neighborhood regulated by an association.  Whether or not you choose a home within o...
Some fellow Realtors will not like this post.  In parts, it is encouraging you to waste our time.  But, it is what it is. Once in a while someone will call or e-mail me with a very simple question.  It goes something like, "I think I want to buy a house.  What is the first step?"  Yes, there are ...
I love my crystal ball.  It's what tells me that a new buyer client is great or is not, and what tells me if a listing will sell or languish on the market for months on end, and it's what tells me what groceries to buy each week.Yeah, as if!  I do not... I repeat DO NOT have a crystal ball, ESP o...
It's time for me to take a break from my commentary on market conditions and local places and events.  It's time for me to write a completely personal blog, one that I will print and save for later.  And here it is.Yesterday my oldest daughter turned three.  It marks, for me, three years of paren...

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