carnival: Da Carnival! Da Carnival! - 04/02/07 02:05 AM
Carnival turns 36 and I am hosting the party.  I almost feel like I am about to have hundreds if not thousands enter into my living room, I would ask you all to take off your shoes, but I think that might be a bit rude.  (just don't touch my breakables).
Normally, the parties are held at my house and one of the things that my husband requires me to do is to take a few shots before my guests arrive.  He tells me to do this because I have this "thing" about having to have everything perfect as well as … (14 comments)

carnival: Carnival Submissions - 03/27/07 05:51 AM
I just wanted to send a reminder to everyone here on Active Rain that this week my blog NyHouses4Sale.comis hosting the event and I would really like to see the Rainers submit some submissions, but please make sure that they are not posted for "Members Only".  For further instructions, please head over to the Carnival site with easy directions on how to submit. 
Not sure what the Carnival is?   "The goal here is to bring together the best real estate bloggers from around the country (and world) to share information about what we're all passionate about: real estate. This is intended to be a forum … (3 comments)

carnival: Carnival is up and ELVIS makes his presence.... - 01/15/07 11:52 AM
Who does not love Elvis?  I mean, I know growing up all I ever heard from my Aunt was, "if I did not get married, I was going to Elvis' concert".  Elvis was playing right here in NY and the date was 7/7/77 -  same date that she planned her wedding and trust me - had this not been the first time she post poned the wedding - she would have cancelled her wedding and went to the concert.  When she passed away - she had a collection of Elvis dolls and she in my mind - got to meet Elvis.  OK - I digress … (10 comments)

carnival: They are baaaaccckk.... - 01/08/07 01:12 AM
After a long two week break from the Carnival.. Its BACK.  I actually forgot about it to tell you the truth. 
This week the Carnival was hosted by Housevalues.  (I had no idea they even had a blog).  HouseValues highlighted Bloggers who closed out 2006 and predicted 2007.  I wanted to just touch on the articles that I found were interesting, but to view the entire list of features head over to where they have all the goods. 
The 14 Coolest Real Estate Stories of 2006 - by Joshua Dorkin
 Real estate renaissance -  By Micheal Michael Simonsen 
Biggest stories in 2006  on the Zillow … (22 comments)

carnival: What do you get when you cross Bugs bunny and a Rapper?? - 12/04/06 06:20 AM
YOU GET THE CARNIVAL'S 21st CoRE, hosted by Jon at the Property Monger, of course!!   Hands down - by far this one goes down as the funniest Carnival's.  So after I stopped my belly laughing (just picturing Jon saying "fo'shizzle" was just hysterical.
NAR's Antitrust Problems - the tip of the iceberg? by Northern Michigan Real Estate Blog
And the Top Tens are:
Back From the dead...courtesy of Altos Research  by 3Oceans Real Estate. 
How beneficial is it to make extra mortgage payments each year by LandlordShmandlord.
Web 2.0 = Google Playbook. Will Real Estate 2.0 = The NAR or … (22 comments)

carnival: The Carnival.. The Carnival - 11/27/06 12:57 AM
Joshua Dorkin of hosted this weeks Carnival #20!  He picked out the top 4  posts of this weeks, keeping with the theme - real estate! 
This weeks "winners" are:
Todd Waller - Is a member of Active Rain - but.. has not posted anything yet.  Eight Reasons to List During the Holidays  - Great post to highlight right now, he also mentions Maureen Francis - miOaklandCounty blog .  Silicon Valley Blogger -  Don't Let Real Estate Clean You Out - Could there be an Real Estate Agent bubble?  Chris Cranny   -  Subdividing land, This is something that alot of investors have … (22 comments)

carnival: Carnival #19 - One stop shopping.. . - 11/20/06 01:57 AM
Over at the Ubertor Blog you can view this weeks Carnival winners and sign up for a website.  Very innovative. 
Not only did the Uberator post the winners - but included the start up of each blog.  That was a nice touch.  And without further ado....
Taking this weeks Carnival
Pat KitanoReal Estate Web 2.0 First Mover Advantage? So far, none
Dan MelsonBuyers Who Don't Want A Buyer's Agent
Douglas HeddingsThe Luxury Market: Is It Really All that Stable?Joel BurslemSee How Your Site Stacks Up with Quantcast
Jonathan Dalton (WooHoo)NAR and me ...
Liam LaveryCraigslist Court Decision
Kyle ElseSomething's FishyGreg TracyWhat if Zillow Got Serious?
Jim CroninWho … (20 comments)

carnival: True Gotham - Carnival is up.. - 11/13/06 02:47 AM
A True Carnival is up over at True Gotham. 
*Why the Internet will never disintermediate Realtors - Part 1: It's the relationship,  stupid at    Three Oceans Took the first place
*The Power of Reputation by Blog
*Tearing Down A Brick Wall: The Problem With Sellers by Matrix
To read the rest of the winners head over to True Gotham
Congratulations to all and remember the next Carnival is over at Ubertor Real Estate Blog

carnival: Carnival Party at 2AM - - 11/06/06 12:31 AM
Ladies and Gents - Where were you at 2 am???  LandlordShmanlord - obviously does not sleep.    They picked out the top five winners - which include
The Pumpkin That Sold Me a House by Seeds of Growth
Co-op Board Antics-Redux by True Gotham
In Defense of the Landlords by HotPads
Change. It's a Good Thing. by Mike's Corner Web 2.0 For Real Estate Pros:
Title Insurance Exposed! by Transparent Real Estate (congrats to Pat)
To see the eleven Honorable Mentions, head on over to Landlordshmanlord 
** Maureen McCabe Pointed out an Active Rainer that made the Honorable Mention - Craig Schiller for his post … (20 comments)

carnival: New bloggers, Zebras, Holiday gifts, New babies - but no freaking spoon!! - 11/03/06 07:30 AM
ITS FRIDAY - and I have been searching for a THE spoon for my favorite blog - while I did not find the spoons - I found some great articles to pass on.   
Introducing Russell Shaw . . . | BloodhoundBlog <Greg Swan introduces a new contributor to the ever so famous - BloodHoundBlog>  <BTW, doesnt James woods and Greg Swan look alike?> 
Stocking Stuffers by San Deigo Home Blog <Kris Berg is a rip.  An early holdiay gift.  Did you know that Kris is a stand up comedian on the side.>
Carnival of ActiveRain has Two More Winners: Damion Flynn and Margaret Rome … (4 comments)

carnival: An early morning dose of the Carnival.... - 10/30/06 01:43 AM
Jim Duncan - is like a speed of light -  He already has this week's Carnival posted.  He decided to follow a theme and came up with Changes.  Change in the market, business model and information dissemination. 
As for the best post - Jim chose Jim Cronin's post entitled "Giving Away Trade Secrets"?  There were some great posts - I think you should head over to Real Central VA to view all the winners.
On the Active Rain side - there was a winner again this week.. Brian Brady!   Way to go Brian with your post "Stop the Insanity. " 
Just a reminder - … (20 comments)

carnival: Sometimes the fear of.... - 10/24/06 06:41 AM
Yesterday the weekly Carnival was up at and The Lovely Wife has elected me to post the winnings here each week - which I accepted and would love to do it.  She is in charge of trophies and I the posting.  Its a good team I think.  Plus, she likes to shop alot more than I do. 
Ok - So let me get to my post.  Almost everyday Mary McKnight gives VALUABLE information away.  Gives it away.  It is free.  She is teaching all the people here and everywhere how to not only blog with quality - but how to get … (17 comments)

carnival: Inman - Hosting this weeks Carnival - - 10/16/06 01:52 AM
This week Inman News Hosted the Carnival.  Going in motion with Greg Swan and beefing up the requirements, Iman has narrowed the picking down to 10 best posts.    Naming the BloodhoundBlog,  Altos Research Real Estate Insights, Matrix as the top three.  To see the rest of the winners head over to Inman.  Bryant Tutas made it into the top ten - once again.  Great job Bryant!! I am pleased to annouce that on April 2nd, 2007 (that is me) will be hosting the Carnival.

carnival: The Carnival - Raising the Bar - - 10/09/06 04:57 AM
Just wanted to let all Active Rain members know that your very own - Bryant Tutas has a memorable write up in the Carnival this week.  His posts have been noted as "exemplify the standard of excellence to which every real estate weblog should aspire". 
Greg Swan has raised the bar this week for the Carnival.  Not all post made it into the Carnival.  He did what he was suppose to do - VIEW the posts - pick out of all(86) the posts and showcase the posts that should be showcased. 
So Bryant - job well done and my hat is … (3 comments)


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