real estate: FICO Scores - What you should know! - 06/25/07 02:37 AM
FICO Score and what you should know.
There are alot of factors that your credit score gets based on but the top six killers are:
1. High balance.  -  "Johnson estimates that you lose 1 point for every percent of your credit limit that you use. So if you have a total credit limit of $10,000 and have an outstanding balance of $4,000 (40%), your score would be 40 points lower than if you had a $0 balance.   Ideally, credit experts say, you never want your balance to exceed 30 percent of your credit limit."  (MSN.Com)
2. Late payments. -  Pay on … (7 comments)

real estate: Jumping into Spring....... - 05/16/07 07:59 AM
I might be one of the few people who dreads Springtime.  Its not for any other reason but for the effect that it has on selling Real Estate.  Its bad - really!
I have had sellers tell me that they want to wait until the springtime to list their home.  Now, don't get me wrong - I do understand their reasons - I don't think they understand mine. 
1.)  Noses and Roses - Never fails - during the Spring months open houses should be called Nosy Neighbors.  Thats really all it is.  You have the neighbors out doing their own house work … (1 comments)

real estate: I AM the FULL TIME REALTOR! - 02/15/07 11:13 AM
From a very early age, Rhonda Ross imagined herself pursuing a life on stage or in front of the camera. The daughter of Diana Ross, she grew up in a world full of actors, singers and artists."   ...Yet Ross also has a real estate life. She's been an agent at Citi Habitats for two years.  ( I was reading this article today and I could not help but get insulted. 
WHY?  Well, I AM a full-time Real Estate Agent.  I take continuing education classes not only because I HAVE to - but I want to.  I take computer courses and I … (36 comments)

real estate: Referrals - Word of mouth.. - 02/06/07 02:14 AM
You know, on Active Rain it never fails to see an agent posting a good advertising method.  It could be how they send out postcards, or how the mailings that he/she did last month worked or even how great their blog/website is working for them.  I see alot of agents getting "impressed with themselves" over how great and how much google loves them and how high their rankings are.  Trust me - Google has no idea who you are!
While this is all great and it all works there is one thing that I don't hear alot of on Active Rain.
How is your … (25 comments)

real estate: House Inspection - How can you NOT do it? - 02/05/07 02:31 PM
just recently had a buyer explain to me that he does not need to do an inspection because his sister's husband's friend is a contractor and he is going to over look the house.  I highly highly - I mean really advise against this.  Even if you are in total agreement with the seller that you are buying the home "as is"  - any home buyer SHOULD get the home inspected by a licensed inspector.  Its really for the buyers benefit - trust me, I make nothing off the deal and to be honest, I have lost a deal or two … (6 comments)

real estate: Realtor Myths Broken... - 02/05/07 02:26 PM
There are times that I am at a social gathering and when the topic of "what do you do for a living  come up"  I get the usual (gasp) "Ohh I am not selling" type of a response.  Or I get a mouth full of questions, like - "how much did 234 any street sell for?"  "How much would I get for my home, IF I was selling, I am not selling, but what if I was".  Or I get statements like the ones below that I feel are myths and they need to be broken.   
Real Estate Agents make alot … (1 comments)

real estate: Buying houses is NOT like going to a Garage Sale.... - 01/15/07 02:48 AM
When I was moving from my apartment into my house alot of my furniture and knick knacks were never going to "fit in" to my new decor.  So I decide that instead of my just tossing my good "junk", I would sell it.   In my history, I never held a garage sale and at this point in my life, I never even went to a garage sale, so I was in for a rude awakening, little did I know how my feelings would get stomped on.  Did I know that holding a garage sale, I would have to be thick skinned?  … (36 comments)

real estate: Here is my asking price - Nevermind what Zillow says ... I just post here! - 12/08/06 12:29 AM
Oh UGH! OK   -  I am with you on this.  I am Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton and Zillowed out.  I hear you - do You hear me?  I can't sit here anymore and analyze them anymore and I will play with the site on my own and come to my own conclusions.  I just can't listen to anymore blah blah blah.. Don't take this the wrong way - I like the Zillow guys, but its a song that has just been outplayed and got real old.  BUT - Enough with this rant
Take this post as my one last time of eating that bon-bon … (5 comments)

real estate: Can you hear me now??? - 12/06/06 01:54 PM
"Hello......... Hello........... Is this thing on"? 
Adjusting the Microphone............... (testing, testing - 1 -2 -3...)
Today I read the BloodHound's interview and then Norm did a recap on it today.  I also wrote an article back in September, "Why Do YOU Blog?" and I was new to blogging and I honestly was not sure why I started to blog at the time I think I found it intriguing.  Now, more than eight months later I have different reasons.  So why this post?
Ok - Hi, I am here to tell you that Blogging WORKS.  This is a bona fide testimonial and I gain nothing … (10 comments)

real estate: Motivate Yourself - - - 11/06/06 11:50 PM
"There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it's the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson."   - Anthony Robbins
 Without passion you will not make it in real estate.  It is a proven fact.  Right now, while we enter into a slow real estate market I will see and have seen tempers flaring, agents and sellers complaining, brokers worrying and people just quitting real estate.  Some feel that it is time to jump ship.  Some feel that they drained the last drop out of real estate and there is no more … (10 comments)

real estate: Active Rainers and Inman News.. (Thank you Matt) - 10/30/06 12:44 PM
I just wanted to thank Matt Heaton for pointing this out tonight - I actually did not see it, until he brought it to my attention.  Thank you again!!
Last week I was interviewed by Matt Carter of Inman News. (Subscription may be required).  He asked me a series of questions regarding where I thought the market was going and what to do when "buyers just won't make a move".  I wish I had a crystal ball for buyers and sellers and I wish that I could give all the answers to the questions that have been laying around for months unanswered.  … (13 comments)

real estate: Blog Hopping - some good treasures .. - 10/25/06 02:37 PM
Hey guys, Yup - I was blog hopping again, and I just wanted to pass along some great articles  and tips out there that are a must read. 
1031 Real Estate Exchange - by Real Estate Snippets (*BTW, I am having a lecture about this week) Great topic!
The Unbrokerage: How to profit from the glut of unproductive real estate agents . . .  - by the  BloodhoundBlog (Produce and your fired.  Just sit there and umm do nothing)
Real Estate News and Advice for Buyers, Sellers & Investors - by Glen Roberts for Inman News (*I noticed that Inman News did a slew … (4 comments)

real estate: Joseph G. Ferrara and Rudolph D. Bachraty III, The Founders of Sellsius° - 10/20/06 01:58 AM

I had the pleasure of  "interviewing" the gentlemen and founders of SellsiusRealEstate.    There are alot of blogs that I read daily but there is one that continiously steps outside of the box.  They are responsible for the Top Ten Female Bloggers (which by the way was an honor), the 101 Blogging Challenge and inventing the word "UnZillowable".  I suspect that there will be more to come because they have alot of imagination between the two of them. 
So... without further ado.. (Drum roll please...)
Joseph G. Ferrara and Rudolph D. Bachraty III, The Founders of Sellsius°
1.)  You both have done … (13 comments)

real estate: I know what I know, ya know - but I wish I knew that then.. - 10/02/06 07:03 AM
Things I wish that my Broker (or someone) would have told me!
Is there anyone out there that wished they could go back in time and change something, edit something, redo something or just tweak something?  Do you wish that what you know now - you knew then??   
EDUCATION; I am not talking about just classroom continuing Ed.  I am talking about the real life, nitty gritty facts that you learn as you stumble upon your way.  Classroom education is good, but nothing beats hands on training.  I take the optional courses offered, even if they are not for credit, but … (7 comments)

real estate: The "Sandwich" era - 09/26/06 01:53 AM
 When a person makes the decision to sell their home they have a reason, perhaps a goal that they are trying to achieve.  I love working for people when its an upgrade.  The homeowners are excited and happy.  They anticipate the move and they are truely ready for the move.  Then there are times that I have to list a home that has a sad reason why they are selling, like loss of job, illness or worse death.  My emotions do tend to surface.  Most of the time these sellers are not quite ready to leave the home and there is such … (2 comments)

real estate: HELP WANTED: I need an agent who can MARKET my home. - 09/22/06 07:35 AM
The times have been changing.  There has been a shift on how real estate is bought and sold.  There are more and more blogs popping up every single day. 
When I do open houses - or my agents do an open house, I always ask "how did you hear about the open house?"  I will be honest with you 90% say the internet.  The other 10% is the sign. 
90% of buyers look on the internet.  Meaning that when home sellers call an agent to "interview" them they should maybe think about asking these questions - as well as the "normal" … (2 comments)

real estate: Whitestone NY, 11357 Home for sale - 09/19/06 08:26 AM
Charming Detached Colonial in Whitestone features 3 BR, 1.5 Bth, LR, FDR, EIK, Fireplace, partially finished basement with W/D hookups, and a Spacious Attic perfect for Two More Rooms! Home also features a detached garage and private driveway all on 33x100 lot!
Asking Price - $599,000 
For more information on this property and other, please contact Christine from Carollo Real Estate at 917-939-1086

real estate: Zillow - is it accurate? - 09/14/06 04:24 AM
Using Zillow as your Bible?
I was out to dinner with some friends this evening, and they brought up the topic of “Zillow”.  They felt that Zillow was a great tool and I am not one to argue that.  BUT, I wanted to really test how accurate it was.  I wanted to see if I was on that mark or they were way off.  I have always prided myself with the knack for setting the right listing price.  I always felt that that was my forte’, so, let’s put Zillow to the test.
Home #1 – Asking $1.250,000.00  -   Sold $1.170,00.00 - … (1 comments)

real estate: Why Do YOU blog? - 09/08/06 03:17 AM
The other day I was asked, "Why don't I post my homes for sale on my blog?"  This  was a good question.  I have to admit, I was sort of stumped.  I thought about it a lot this weekend, and I know I have read some articles on why NOT to post homes for sale on a real estate blog, I just had to do some searching.  I know WHY I don't post the homes that I am selling on my blog, for my own personal reasons number one.  But also because I like having a forum, or I should say … (14 comments)

real estate: "I got Zillowed - and now I can't sell my home" - 09/07/06 03:18 AM
Amazing, shocking and just plain mind-blowing!    Here's the scoop - there is a buyer out there that is just furious.  He had to take his home off the market - or felt he had to take his house off the market, because someone pulled a Zillow estimate and claimed that the seller is asking $500,000.00 MORE THAN ZILLOW SAYS ITS WORTH. 
The seller called Zillow and there was no other advise but that Zillow can not handle calls like this - they are not staffed for that.  So what will the seller do now?  What are his options? 
I think … (1 comments)


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