selling: Selling? What is IN? - 06/12/07 06:01 AM
If you are selling or are thinking of selling here are some things that are "IN" -
Houses that are priced right. - No explanation needed on this.  Pricing is key and everything that is priced right - SELLS!
Savvy Buyers and Sellers.  - Companies like Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Easy Street, and any other IDX feed website are the IN thing these days.  Buyers and sellers want to be in the "know"  - they don't want to rely on me to give them all the information - they will research and research until they KNOW what xyz sold for and what … (6 comments)

selling: Jumping into Spring....... - 05/16/07 07:59 AM
I might be one of the few people who dreads Springtime.  Its not for any other reason but for the effect that it has on selling Real Estate.  Its bad - really!
I have had sellers tell me that they want to wait until the springtime to list their home.  Now, don't get me wrong - I do understand their reasons - I don't think they understand mine. 
1.)  Noses and Roses - Never fails - during the Spring months open houses should be called Nosy Neighbors.  Thats really all it is.  You have the neighbors out doing their own house work … (1 comments)

selling: Friends and Real Estate....Mixing could be bad for you! - 03/19/07 08:01 AM
Last year dear friends of mine and my husband decided that they were going to sell their home in Queens and more to Warren County (Lake George) NY.  This was a sad and touchy subject, but our friends felt that this was going to be the best thing for them.  So, my husband and I helped them make their move. 
You have a friend in Real Estate: 
Because I am a full time real estate agent, our friends gave me the task of selling their home.  I would have never thought that there would be any other reason for me selling … (6 comments)

selling: Are your buyers working with you because they feel obligated? - 01/17/07 12:53 PM
"I called my customers, but they are not calling me back."
THEY said that they would call".
"I showed them what they wanted and they did not buy".
Ok, I am SURE that if you have not said these yourself, you have heard OTHER agents saying all these at one time or another.  But here is the thing, some agents think that they drive buyers around, show them a house and *POOF* - they have a pay check. 
Riiiigghhht.. Its THAT easy..
Here is something to *think* about:
Do you talk to your customers about housing possibilities and their priorities?  Sometimes their possibilities are less or … (0 comments)

selling: Active Rainers and Inman News.. (Thank you Matt) - 10/30/06 12:44 PM
I just wanted to thank Matt Heaton for pointing this out tonight - I actually did not see it, until he brought it to my attention.  Thank you again!!
Last week I was interviewed by Matt Carter of Inman News. (Subscription may be required).  He asked me a series of questions regarding where I thought the market was going and what to do when "buyers just won't make a move".  I wish I had a crystal ball for buyers and sellers and I wish that I could give all the answers to the questions that have been laying around for months unanswered.  … (13 comments)

selling: "No, we don't issue mortgage commitments........." - 10/16/06 05:21 AM
That is an answer that I got from a mortgage broker.  Right after I got off the phone with his client (the buyer) who was screaming at one of my agents(selling agent) that the closing has not been scheduled - yet...
Ok, just so all are aware I live and work in a State that is Seller Representation.  We have a buyer that is buying one of my listings.  This seller had to sell.  I want to stress HAD TO SELL.  You see she is a divorced single mom that bought this home 18 months ago.  I actually thought that was a great thing … (16 comments)

selling: These are the best of times.... - 09/25/06 03:38 AM
I was doing an open house this weekend and a buyer/seller was picking my brain.  She was asking questions like: Should I put my house up for sale now or in the spring?  NOW.  You should almost run to put your home up for sale.  I think that the winter is one of the better times to sell.  People that are SERIOUS buyers come out in rain, shine or snow AND FOOTBALL SEASON.  I think that showing homes during the holidays makes a warm and fuzzy feeling for the buyers trying to imagine thier family in the home.  I consider Christmas … (8 comments)


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