cedar rapids: Big Guy Works For Little Real Estate Company With Big Service To His Clients - 04/10/09 07:32 AM
The #1 Myth For Selling Your Home That Kills Most Deals In 30 Days!
"Honey, we've got to put our house on the market and get going with this."
"I know, I know, but who are we going to list with?"
"I don't care, just as long as it's with one of the big companies in town.  I don't want any of those smaller companies representing me.  Our house will never sell if that happens."
Selling your home is a serious transaction and event in one's life; true or false?  Would you also agree that you want someone who is … (0 comments)

cedar rapids: Cedar Rapids Real Estate: Southwest Cedar Rapids Gem! - 10/30/07 11:37 AM

cedar rapids: Cedar Rapids Real Estate - First Time Home Buyer Alert! - 03/25/07 08:43 AM
If you are a first time home buyer and want value for your money, then check out 3704 Richmond Rd. NE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
This property has been completely remodeled from the inside.  New carpet throughout, new linoleum, new plumbing, new kitchen countertops, new sink, brand new gas water heater.  The heater is a few years old.  The roof is six years old. 
For pictures and a complete report on this property, go to www.ChristopherSmithRealtor.com.  You can ask for a listing brochure to be emailed directly to your email.  On my website, I have over 30 + pictures of this property … (1 comments)

cedar rapids: Cedar Rapids Realtor Asks For One Chance To Be Your "Family Agent." - 12/30/06 02:49 AM

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Christopher Smith as Your Cedar Rapids Realtor:
As a former elementary school teacher, I am certifiably an expert in dealing with families.  Doesn't your family deserve the very best attention to detail, including all members of the family.I have my priorities straight.  I'm not afraid to say that I put my faith first, my family and friends second, and my job third.  I think you know that when a person is morally and ethically sound, he/she is going to represent your very best interests.If you list your house with me, I go the extra, … (0 comments)

cedar rapids: Skogman Realty - Christopher Smith - Working Smarter, Not Harder! - 12/28/06 07:47 AM
I have spoken to hundreds of people in Cedar Rapids and asked them if they were to search for information on a real estate website, what would they want to see.  Based on these surveys, I have put together a website with the user in mind and not the Realtor.  Every Realtor can probably brag about their accomplishments but when it comes right down to it, knowone needs to know that information.
What you do need to know is how can I get listings delivered to my email address without being "stalked" day and night by a Realtor? How can I find … (1 comments)

cedar rapids: Skogman Realty and Christopher Smith, A Winning Combination - 12/24/06 01:53 PM

Number one website in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (ranked by Point2Agent.com)Number one website in Iowa (ranked by Point2Agent.com)Ranked in top 100 out of 100,000 websites in America (ranked by Point2Agent.com)Number one real estate blog in Cedar Rapids.Number one real estate blog in Iowa.Ranked number 52 for real estate blogs in the country out of 11,000 other Realtors and paraprofessionals (ranked by http://www.activerain.com/)Markets and advertises your listings locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.Exposes your property to more potential buyers than any other Realtor in town.Goes door to door to "feeder neighborhoods" (neighborhoods whose price range is lower than your neighborhood) to solicit buyer … (4 comments)

cedar rapids: Cedar Rapids Real Estate Expert Report - 12/23/06 08:34 AM
As of December 23, 2006, inventory continues to be plentiful in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, and surrounding areas.  The most houses for sale are located in Northeast Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa.  The most condos for sale however are on the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids.
Interest rates for a 30 year Fixed Rate are at 5.75% and holding over the holidays.  This interest rate is fantastic and allows a homeowner to afford more home for less money. 
The buyers that are shopping right now in this area are serious and have to buy, so if you are a seller and have an … (0 comments)

cedar rapids: The Top Ten Reasons Why My Website Stands Apart From the Competition - 12/07/06 02:13 AM
In it's infancy days, http://www.christophersmithrealtor.com/ was a struggling excuse for even a "static" website that merely provided information, so that 2.3 seconds later, you could switch to another, more "dynamic" website.  I liken this website to the eyes of my baby boy, who just turned one in November.
When you look at life through the eyes of a child, everything is new!  Everything has possibilities!  Everything has merit (potentially).  So, as my website continues to "learn how to walk" and not fall "face first" into everything in it's path, I give you the top ten reasons why my website stands apart from … (8 comments)

cedar rapids: Skogman Realty and Your Cedar Rapid's Realtor: On Your Side! - 11/23/06 03:51 AM
Skogman Realty is Cedar Rapid's Iowa's premiere realty agency.  Started in 1973 as a family owned business, Skogman continues the tradition today as the only family run realty company in Cedar Rapids.  Participating in up to 50% of all buying/selling transactions in the Cedar Rapids area, Skogman is your only choice for real estate. 
Christopher Smith is a Cedar Rapid's Realtor working for Skogman Realty.  Being a local Cedar Rapidian, Christopher knows the neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas.  A former elementary school teacher for twelve years, Christopher is experienced working with families and is honored to be working … (0 comments)

cedar rapids: Skogman Realty - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - October Sales Report - 11/01/06 03:26 AM
Sales in Cedar Rapids, Iowa continue to rise, at least for one realty company; Skogman Realty.  October Sales Report figures are in and Skogman Realty participated in 35% on the seller side, and 38% on the buyer side.  Rarely does any one company reach the elusive 40% number of sales volume, but on the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids, we participated in 42% of sales, and in Marion, Iowa, 41% of sales. 
The market is strong and there's a lot of inventory of houses in all price categories.  Should you have a need for a Realtor with the number one realty … (1 comments)

cedar rapids: Cedar Rapids, Iowa...My Hometown - 10/26/06 06:06 AM

          It's Wednesday morning, not unlike any other Wednesday morning in the beautiful state of Iowa.  I make sure my little boy has his bottle, gets dressed and off to daycare with my lovely wife.  As I kiss both of them goodbye, I climb into my car to head to the office, downtown Cedar Rapids by way of Marion, Iowa. 
          As I fumble through the radio dials on my car, I come across my favorite talk radio station, AM 600, WMT, which has served Eastern Iowa for over 75 years.  I've tuned in just in time for the farm report.   Soybeans … (3 comments)

cedar rapids: Cartoon Ad Makes Cedar Rapids Realtor, aka "Mr. Smith" COOL! - 10/05/06 09:01 AM

I was visiting my old school today where I taught, Grant Wood Elementary, on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids.  The purpose of my visit was to visit some of my old teacher friends and administration and to drop off some newsletters and magnets.  On my way out to the car, I gave one of my newsletters to one of my former students.  The introductory letter has a picture of this very cartoon on it.  The student looked at the cartoon and said,"Mr. Smith, this is so cooool!  You must be the only person selling houses, that has been made into … (7 comments)

cedar rapids: Is This Heaven....No, it's Iowa! - 10/05/06 08:51 AM

Only in Iowa would you get something like this.  Just outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, there's a corn maze on the property of Dave and Karen Petersens like no other.  It's located on Bloomsbury Farm.  The history of this place is amazing!
A penniless Joseph Hagan came over from Ireland to the US in 1856.  He and his wife Margaret established what is now known as Bloomsbury Farm.  The farm was widely diversified with livestock and land.  Joseph worked the land until his death in 1907, leaving the 400 acres of prime Iowa real estate to his family.  Joseph Hagan Jr. took … (20 comments)

cedar rapids: Skogman Realty Posts 10% Gain In Sales Over Last September - 10/03/06 06:41 AM
Cedar Rapids real estate would not be the same without family owned and operated Skogman Realty of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Sales for this past September are up around 10% from last year at this time.  It has been a pleasure to work for such a people friendly organization that values it's employees and most of all the community with which it shares.  Skogman Realty gives you the tools to succeed and the training is the best in the state of Iowa.  Cedar Rapids Realtors have a choice to work for several large and small realty operations in Cedar Rapids, but most … (1 comments)

cedar rapids: Real Estate in Northeast Cedar Rapids is Warm and Cozy! - 10/02/06 06:11 AM
Fall weather might be here, but real estate in Northeast Cedar Rapids is warm and toasty!  If you're looking to move to one of the most popular and beautiful sections of Cedar Rapids, look no further.  Here is some demographic data for the zip code 52402, which is primarily Northeast Cedar Rapids.
Total Population:                   39,360
White Collar:      21,706
Blue Collar:          5,080
Total Households:         16,529
Family Households:        10,032
Non-Family Households:   6,497
No High School                 393
Some High School           1197
Some College                 5421
Associate Degree             2723
Bachelor's Degree            7213
Graduate Degree             2356
Average High in January       28.30
Average Low in January        11.50
Average High in July            85.30
Average Low in July             64.30
Annual Precipitation            36.32 in.
*The following values are represented as … (1 comments)

cedar rapids: Real Estate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Offers Great Value! - 10/02/06 05:56 AM
It's October, and although the weather might be cooling off, the housing market is still nice and toasty!  If you're wanting to buy a home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, now is the time.  Skogman Realty has lots of inventory to choose from.  Whether you are looking in Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest Cedar Rapids, or Marion, Iowa, buyers will have plenty of styles, price ranges, and financing options to choose from. 
I welcome First Time Home Buyers to my website: http://www.ChristopherSmithRealtor.com to receive free information, sign up for my monthly newsletter, and hear about wonderful financing options for YOU!
Please visit my website … (0 comments)

cedar rapids: Realtor Websites and "Web Presence" in Your Community - 09/21/06 01:54 PM
Of the 900+ Realtors in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area,  very few have any kind of "web presence" in the community.  Their websites are static and only provide information.  They are not geared towards immediate feedback, drip email campaigns, links to related blogs, etc...  In my short time as a Realtor, I have worked hard on having a web presence in my community, and it's finally starting to pay off.  My little fifteen page website ranks first page for two key search phrases and in the top ten for the third search phrase.  I've done this all by myself, and no doubt, … (5 comments)

cedar rapids: Skogman Realty Continues Strong Sales in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 09/20/06 03:26 AM
From the National Association of Realtors, Skogman Realty continues to have strong sales indicators, up from 2005.    Regarding single family unit sales, Skogman Realty has sold 974 units through September 18, 2006.  That's up 5.1% from last year. 
The median price for these units is $138,600, up 5% from last year.  The average price of these units is at $166,123, up 5.3% from last year.
Here is the breakdown of how many days these homes were on the market:
1-30 days     364
31-60 days     147
61-90 days     117
91-120 days     77
121 +           201
The market for buyers and sellers continues to be good in Cedar Rapids, … (0 comments)

cedar rapids: Real Estate Sales in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Up From Last Year - 09/20/06 03:18 AM
From the National Association of Realtors, Cedar Rapids real estate sales are up 2.6% from 2005.  The total number of single family unit sales is 3,153.  The median price is $131,000, up 3.2% from last year.  The average price of a single family unit in Cedar Rapids is $152,860, up 2.3% from last year. 
Of the 3153 units sold here is the breakdown of how many days they were on the market:
1-30 days     1048
31-60 days     532
61-90 days     396
91-120 days     254
121 + days     810
So, the forecast this year is up from last year.  Cedar Rapids, Iowa continues to be a strong and vital … (0 comments)

cedar rapids: Volunteer Hours Are Many At Cedar Rapids Public Schools - 09/15/06 03:27 AM

The Cedar Rapids Community School District's Volunteer Services Program brings the community into the classroom in an organized manner to enrich the learning environment for students and supports the efforts of staff.  During the 2005-06 school year, the district added more than 6,700 part time staff without adding a dime to the budget.  Those volunteers reported 135,774 hours of service!  Parents make up the bulk of the volunteer workforce, with non-parents, high school and college students, senior adults, and business and industry professionals contributing as well.
"There is no question that the generous contributions of our volunteers continue to be vital to … (0 comments)


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