realtors: It's Clear: Skogman Realty Dominates Cedar Rapids Real Estate! - 02/28/07 03:57 AM
Whether you are a buyer or seller, it's comforting to know that one real estate company can accommodate your needs and carry you through a successful transaction.  With a family run business since 1973, Skogman Realty offers it's own closing department, insurance company, and mortgage lenders. 
Skogman's real estate agents go through extensive training at it's state of the art Training and Development Center in Hiawatha, IA.  For ten intensive weeks, Skogman agents, learn the ins and outs of real estate and how to provide "out of the ordinary" customer service to all of it's clients.  For five years leading up … (0 comments)

realtors: You Can List With Me Now, or You Can List With Me Later! - 12/05/06 12:12 AM
I need a little advice from more experienced Realtors on this question.  Inventory right now in our area is okay and there are certainly sellers willing to part with more of their net proceeds going into the winter, than not having to worry about it so much in the spring when demand for the same property might be a little more intense.
I am going to have the opportunity to list a couple of houses at this time of the year.  I could say to the sellers that if you list now, you won't be competing against that many homes in your … (2 comments)

realtors: Realtor Websites and "Web Presence" in Your Community - 09/21/06 01:54 PM
Of the 900+ Realtors in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area,  very few have any kind of "web presence" in the community.  Their websites are static and only provide information.  They are not geared towards immediate feedback, drip email campaigns, links to related blogs, etc...  In my short time as a Realtor, I have worked hard on having a web presence in my community, and it's finally starting to pay off.  My little fifteen page website ranks first page for two key search phrases and in the top ten for the third search phrase.  I've done this all by myself, and no doubt, … (5 comments)

realtors: Real Estate Sales in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Up From Last Year - 09/20/06 03:18 AM
From the National Association of Realtors, Cedar Rapids real estate sales are up 2.6% from 2005.  The total number of single family unit sales is 3,153.  The median price is $131,000, up 3.2% from last year.  The average price of a single family unit in Cedar Rapids is $152,860, up 2.3% from last year. 
Of the 3153 units sold here is the breakdown of how many days they were on the market:
1-30 days     1048
31-60 days     532
61-90 days     396
91-120 days     254
121 + days     810
So, the forecast this year is up from last year.  Cedar Rapids, Iowa continues to be a strong and vital … (0 comments)

realtors: Cedar Rapids Real Estate - 08/21/06 05:12 AM
Here in the lovely city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we as Realtors are positioned to enjoy a nice year in terms of the upswing in the real estate market.  Listings are up, sales are up, and it looks like this will continue into the fall and even early winter months.   Going in the winter months, our market is somewhat affected by ASD, Affective Seasonal Disorder, where sales drop, especially in the months of December and into January.  Being a newer agent myself, is this typical for you in your area of the country?  Do agents in Florida and Texas experience less … (1 comments)

realtors: BRANDING - 08/15/06 05:15 AM
The more I'm in real estate, the more important I think Branding is to your business.  There is one agent in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and everywhere you look is her brand, all over billboards, print advertising, etc...  I also know that branding does not come cheap.  However, you can create your own brand for next to nothing.  Companies like and others will help you create your own brand for next to nothing so that you can use this "image" everywhere you advertise whether it be billboards, tshirts, polos, letterhead, post cards, etc...  How important is branding in YOUR OWN BUSINESS?  Share with … (11 comments)

realtors: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Real Estate - 08/05/06 02:58 AM
In the news recently, there have been reports of the real estate market softening.  These reports come primarily from the east and west coasts of the United States, but here in the midwest, specifically Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we have not seen that "bubble" that experts have been talking about.  In fact, our market is up for the month of July by 10% over last year's sales.  Has anyone else in the midwest experienced what we have been experiencing in this area of the country?  I think it is misleading to have a "blanket" news report about the real estate bubble when … (3 comments)


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