skogman realty: Cedar Rapids Real Estate and Skogman Realty Equals Market Share and Strength - 10/01/07 08:21 AM
Do you know that as of this date: Iowa ranks #2 in the country in total real estate sales volume.  Forty five of the fifty states have a negative sales volume.  In a tough market, sometimes the turtle outpaces the hare.  With our slow rate of appreciation and steady economy, Iowa and Cedar Rapids are set to continue growth and earnings into the fourth quarter and first part of next year.
Skogman Realty has long been the leader in real estate sales and volume since it's evolution begun in 1974.  Is it our big red sign that attracts business, is it our dedicated Realtors, … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Cedar Rapids Real Estate (Marion) Showcases 2710 Spoonbill Drive - 09/04/07 03:34 AM

Listed at $309,000Over 3300 square feet of living spaceOversized 3 stall attached garageBeautiful custom designed kitchen with maple cabinets, 20 X 20 Porcelain tile.Venetian bronze custom light and plumbing fixtures throughout home.Bull-nose rounded corners.Gorgeous lead glass window separates living area from dining area.Laundry room is on 1st floor with wash basin.MudroomMaster Bath has  4 X 4 separate shower and 6 ft. soaking tub by Jacuzzi with custom maple cabinetry.Superbowl sized Great Room downstairs with two additional bedrooms/offices with separate full bath.Deck to be completed upon sale.Popular Marion, IA neighborhoodKids go to brand new Linn Grove Elementary, Excelsior Middle School, and LinnMar … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Cedar Rapid's Realtor Provides Unparalleled Service To His Clients - 03/25/07 04:45 AM
Since my slogan has always been "Service With a Smith," I would be remiss if I didn't expound upon my service attitude that has always been a part of who I am as a person, not necessarily as a Realtor.
If you have lived in Cedar Rapids for any length of time, then you know my father Al Smith.  My father has worked with children for almost 50 years in this town.  First, he was the Recreation Director for the Cedar Rapids Recreation Commission.  If you grew up in the sixties, seventies, and even into the eighties, many of you participated … (1 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty Works Hard For It's Customers and It Shows! - 02/28/07 04:19 AM
When you are looking for a company to sell your home, you don't just close your eyes and pick a company in the phone book.  That would be foolish!  You choose a company based on it's merits, it's long standing history in the community, and it's ability to get the job done. 
Skogman Realty has consistently demonstrated their work ethic since it's humble beginnings 34 years ago.  All realty companies have their "game plan" on how to sell your house the quickest and for most of the asking price.  However, I think the company who networks the most and actively pursues … (0 comments)

skogman realty: It's Clear: Skogman Realty Dominates Cedar Rapids Real Estate! - 02/28/07 03:57 AM
Whether you are a buyer or seller, it's comforting to know that one real estate company can accommodate your needs and carry you through a successful transaction.  With a family run business since 1973, Skogman Realty offers it's own closing department, insurance company, and mortgage lenders. 
Skogman's real estate agents go through extensive training at it's state of the art Training and Development Center in Hiawatha, IA.  For ten intensive weeks, Skogman agents, learn the ins and outs of real estate and how to provide "out of the ordinary" customer service to all of it's clients.  For five years leading up … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty - Christopher Smith - Working Smarter, Not Harder! - 12/28/06 07:47 AM
I have spoken to hundreds of people in Cedar Rapids and asked them if they were to search for information on a real estate website, what would they want to see.  Based on these surveys, I have put together a website with the user in mind and not the Realtor.  Every Realtor can probably brag about their accomplishments but when it comes right down to it, knowone needs to know that information.
What you do need to know is how can I get listings delivered to my email address without being "stalked" day and night by a Realtor? How can I find … (1 comments)

skogman realty: Cedar Rapids Real Estate Experts Are Few and Far Between Or Are They? - 12/16/06 02:34 AM
We are all at some point in our real estate careers guilty of using the word "expert" in all of our literature, branding, and website advertising.  I'm guilty of it as well, but is it really such a bad thing?  Are we really experts in our field as defined by the dictionary? 
Webster's New World Dictionary defined "expert" as very skillful, having much training and knowledge in some special field.  There now, that wasn't so bad.  I tend to think that an expert has to have a PhD or Master's Degree or multiple designations after their name. Let's break down the … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty and Your Cedar Rapid's Realtor: On Your Side! - 11/23/06 03:51 AM
Skogman Realty is Cedar Rapid's Iowa's premiere realty agency.  Started in 1973 as a family owned business, Skogman continues the tradition today as the only family run realty company in Cedar Rapids.  Participating in up to 50% of all buying/selling transactions in the Cedar Rapids area, Skogman is your only choice for real estate. 
Christopher Smith is a Cedar Rapid's Realtor working for Skogman Realty.  Being a local Cedar Rapidian, Christopher knows the neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas.  A former elementary school teacher for twelve years, Christopher is experienced working with families and is honored to be working … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - October Sales Report - 11/01/06 03:26 AM
Sales in Cedar Rapids, Iowa continue to rise, at least for one realty company; Skogman Realty.  October Sales Report figures are in and Skogman Realty participated in 35% on the seller side, and 38% on the buyer side.  Rarely does any one company reach the elusive 40% number of sales volume, but on the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids, we participated in 42% of sales, and in Marion, Iowa, 41% of sales. 
The market is strong and there's a lot of inventory of houses in all price categories.  Should you have a need for a Realtor with the number one realty … (1 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty's Christopher Smith Wants To Be Your Cedar Rapid's Realtor! - 10/09/06 03:41 AM
 As a former elementary school teacher, Christopher Smith served children and their families for twelve years.  As a father of an adopted child from China and a child of his own, he knows the responsibilities of raising children in today's society.  Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Christopher knows the market where he works and always puts your needs ahead of his own.  There are literally hundreds of Realtors in the Cedar Rapids area.  Most of these Realtors have more experience than Christopher.  So the question begs, "Why should you choose Christopher Smith as your Realtor over someone else with more … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Marion, Iowa: What a Great Place To Buy Real Estate! - 10/03/06 06:59 AM

Fall is a wonderful time to buy a home in Marion, Iowa.  There is plenty of inventory to choose from in all different styles of homes and condominiums.  Marion, Iowa separates itself from big brother Cedar Rapids with it's small town way of life.  Small and quaint corner cafes, antique shopping that's second to none, and comfort food at one of Marion's appetizing restaurants sum up a few reasons why people naturally gravitate towards Marion, Iowa.
We are blessed to have one of the safest cities in Iowa, thanks to the Marion Police Department and all of the outreach programs they have … (4 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty Posts 10% Gain In Sales Over Last September - 10/03/06 06:41 AM
Cedar Rapids real estate would not be the same without family owned and operated Skogman Realty of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Sales for this past September are up around 10% from last year at this time.  It has been a pleasure to work for such a people friendly organization that values it's employees and most of all the community with which it shares.  Skogman Realty gives you the tools to succeed and the training is the best in the state of Iowa.  Cedar Rapids Realtors have a choice to work for several large and small realty operations in Cedar Rapids, but most … (1 comments)

skogman realty: Real Estate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Offers Great Value! - 10/02/06 05:56 AM
It's October, and although the weather might be cooling off, the housing market is still nice and toasty!  If you're wanting to buy a home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, now is the time.  Skogman Realty has lots of inventory to choose from.  Whether you are looking in Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest Cedar Rapids, or Marion, Iowa, buyers will have plenty of styles, price ranges, and financing options to choose from. 
I welcome First Time Home Buyers to my website: to receive free information, sign up for my monthly newsletter, and hear about wonderful financing options for YOU!
Please visit my website … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty Continues Strong Sales in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 09/20/06 03:26 AM
From the National Association of Realtors, Skogman Realty continues to have strong sales indicators, up from 2005.    Regarding single family unit sales, Skogman Realty has sold 974 units through September 18, 2006.  That's up 5.1% from last year. 
The median price for these units is $138,600, up 5% from last year.  The average price of these units is at $166,123, up 5.3% from last year.
Here is the breakdown of how many days these homes were on the market:
1-30 days     364
31-60 days     147
61-90 days     117
91-120 days     77
121 +           201
The market for buyers and sellers continues to be good in Cedar Rapids, … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Sex Offenders Need Housing Too Right? - 09/14/06 11:00 AM
At our Tuesday sales meeting at Skogman Realty in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we had an interesting discussion on sex offenders and housing by the Linn County sheriff's department.  From the center of our downtown, there is a 30 block radius whereby sex offenders cannot reside.  Also, sex offenders cannot live within 2000 feet of a daycare or school, which may be the law in your city or state. 
I worked with a couple whose husband was on the sex offenders registry list.  We looked for one solid month but could not find a house for this couple, even though they were pre-approved … (9 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty - Family Owned Realty At Its Best! - 09/06/06 01:46 PM
I know about all the big boys out there in the real estate world.  The presence, marketing, and clout these companies hold in most of our communities is impressive and I'm sure that the Realtors that work for these companies are well taken care of, and love being part of a powerful company.
This is a blog for the little guy.  The family owned realty companies out there.  The mom and pop shops that get the job done with every bit of professionalism and drive as the big boys do.  I would love to hear from agents that belong to the family … (1 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty and Cedar Rapids Real Estate - 09/01/06 09:50 AM
Skogman Realty is the dominant player in the Cedar Rapids Real Estate market.  in a town of roughly 170,000 people, Skogman Realty employs as of last week 192 full time Cedar Rapids Realtors.  Through August of this year, we have a 35% market share of all business relating to real estate.  Our primary means of marketing in a town of this size are of course through our local newspaper, the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  We write our adds for new listings and Open Houses for the Sunday paper.  If you have a listing, then of course your name rider, and other advertising that … (0 comments)

skogman realty: Skogman Realty and Christopher Smith - 08/25/06 05:36 AM
In 1974, when I was a wee lad at the age of 12, I was asked to play on a little league baseball team in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The name of the team was Skogman Realty.  I played for two seasons with Skogman and then went on to the bigger and better things on the high school level and beyond!  Thirty two years later, two college degrees, and three career changes later, I am back with Skogman Realty as a Realtor, ready to serve the city where I grew up in!  I am very excited about this career, because I have … (2 comments)

skogman realty: Realtors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 08/25/06 05:27 AM
I was just doing some research last night, and noticed of the 800 some Realtors in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa and surrounding areas, that only 66 of them use Enhanced Listings on  A lot of agents with Skogman Realty use this tool.  I think this is important to showcase your listings to the global marketplace, and to also get your name out there.  Since 70-80% of customers start their search for a home on the Internet, I think every advantage you can have puts you at the top of the heap, so to speak.  I'm just curious as to any … (2 comments)

skogman realty: Telephone Dialogues - 08/17/06 04:49 AM
Does anyone out there in AR world have any telephone dialogues they would like to share with the rest of us.  I am always looking for new, innovative ways to reach potential clients in my area.  Any "nuggets" would be welcomed, and thank you!  Here are a few of mine that I use:
1. Just Listed Dialogue:   Mr./Mrs _____________. Hi, my name is Christopher Smith from Skogman Realty.  How are you doing tonight?  Good, listen, I won't keep you long.  The reason I'm calling, I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but we have just listed a house a … (4 comments)


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