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Cedar Rapid's real estate information from Trego Real Estates Christopher Smith. Updates on the market, community, and events in the Cedar Rapids and surrounding area.
The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Christopher Smith as Your Cedar Rapids Realtor:As a former elementary school teacher, I am certifiably an expert in dealing with families.  Doesn't your family deserve the very best attention to detail, including all members of the family.I have my priori...
I have spoken to hundreds of people in Cedar Rapids and asked them if they were to search for information on a real estate website, what would they want to see.  Based on these surveys, I have put together a website with the user in mind and not the Realtor.  Every Realtor can probably brag about...
                               Number one website in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (ranked by one website in Iowa (ranked by in top 100 out of 100,000 websites in America (ranked by one real estate blog in Cedar Rapids.Number one real esta...
As of December 23, 2006, inventory continues to be plentiful in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, and surrounding areas.  The most houses for sale are located in Northeast Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa.  The most condos for sale however are on the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids.Interest rates for a 30 ye...
Ever since I was a little punkin' head.  No, I take that back, I was never little.  Ever since I was a young lad, my parents instilled in me that we are among the richest people in the world.  We have a home, we have clothing, we have food, we have transportation, education, and everything to suc...
We are all at some point in our real estate careers guilty of using the word "expert" in all of our literature, branding, and website advertising.  I'm guilty of it as well, but is it really such a bad thing?  Are we really experts in our field as defined by the dictionary?  Webster's New World D...
In it's infancy days, was a struggling excuse for even a "static" website that merely provided information, so that 2.3 seconds later, you could switch to another, more "dynamic" website.  I liken this website to the eyes of my baby boy, who just turned one...
I need a little advice from more experienced Realtors on this question.  Inventory right now in our area is okay and there are certainly sellers willing to part with more of their net proceeds going into the winter, than not having to worry about it so much in the spring when demand for the same ...
Skogman Realty is Cedar Rapid's Iowa's premiere realty agency.  Started in 1973 as a family owned business, Skogman continues the tradition today as the only family run realty company in Cedar Rapids.  Participating in up to 50% of all buying/selling transactions in the Cedar Rapids area, Skogman...
First it was a baseball between two corn silks and now it's the gruffy (is that a word) baseball bat with cap.  So, what do you think fellow Midwestern Leaguers.  Does the Kernels new logo scare away the competition, moreso, than a baseball does?We'll be the judge next April when the season opens...

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