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Choosing a Real Estate agent to work with is a very important part in selling your home.  You want an agent that is going to not only work to get you the best possible price and terms for your home but one that will market the home effectively.  There is a difference between Property Marketing an...
For the past month or so I have focused on the Buyer of Real Estate and hopefully many found the posts to be useful.  I am going to shift focus now onto the Seller of Real Estate.  Selling a home is a major event in one's life with a great deal of both financial and emotional consequences.  The S...
The three R's represent the  fundamental concepts for contributing to the Green movement.  1) Reduce - Cutting back on how many resources we consume. This is the cornerstone for living a Greener lifestyle, it is usually one of the hardest to adopt.  So much of our culture is based on bigger is be...
The Obama Administration is dolling out $3.2 billion for energy efficiency and energy conservation projects in states and cities across the U.S., moving that portion of the economic stimulus money a bit closer to your home. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program will fund new...
The terms Foreclosure and Short Sale are being heard quite often these days.  Alot of people have an some idea of how they work and have probably heard mixed accounts.  So I will try to define these two terms in a way that will hopefully enlighten all of the curious.A Forclosure is a forced sale ...
There are alot of Buyers on the fence at the moment and alot of it has to do with uncertainty.  Whether it be the job market, the media, or mere cautiousness there are alot of people that aren't sure what they should do or who they should believe.  If You rely soley on the media you will never bu...
Purchasing a Condo is much different from purchasing a Coop yet alot of people tend to get them confused.  I explained in detail, in a previous post what a Coop is and discussed the purchasing process.  A Condo is a single real property parcel with all of the unit owners having a right to common ...
The most exciting day of your life is almost here, the Closing of Your new Home. A day, or two,before the Closing a final walkthru is scheduled.  This is Your chance to make sure that everything has been cleaned out, looks to be in order, and that any repairs, changes, or anything else agreed upo...
A Title insurance policy protects the Buyer against any loss if a defect in the owners Title is challenged by anyone at anytime.  The Insurance, paid by the Buyer is a large portion of the Closing Costs and a one time fee.  The policy will last through the entire period of ownership.  When applyi...
The Contract for sale is prepared by the Sellers attorney, usually after a satisfactory Home Inspection has been performed.  The Contract will then be sent to the Buyers Attorney for review and the Buyers signature.  Most of the time the contract is standard, but the terms and conditions will ref...

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