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Most Buyers often ask me what the next step is once their offer has been accepted by the Seller.  I tell them that the first thing We do is get a Home Inspection done.  As an Agent I practice giving out three of any service provider I recommend and let the Client choose whom they feel comfortable...
The process of formulating and presenting an offer to purchase can be looked upon as educational.  Educating the first time home buyer is particularly important because the Buyer may be intimidated by the paperwork as well as the unknown venture they are under taking.  One way to alleviate some o...
Once you and your Buyer Client have found the right property, the next step is to craft an offer that will hopefully lead to an accepted offer.  There are many factors that go into a purchase offer and the Buyer Client is the ultimate decision maker.These factors are as follows:1) Price of simili...
Buyer counseling sessions are one of my favorite things to do.  I personally feel that the job of the Agent has evolved into more of a consultant role.  Buyers and Sellers have access to almost the same property information as the Agent so the Agents role really kicks in with the process.  I try ...
Only a limited number of properties will sell in any market and the absorption rate will give you an idea of what your chances are. This calculation will tell you how many months it may take to sell your home and here is how it works: In your market area DETERMINE HOW MANY HOUSE SOLD IN THE LAST ...
Assessing the needs of a Buyer is a crucial elemnt to really understand what the Buyer is trying to accomplish.  the Agent can break it into three parts, Needs, Must Haves, and Wants.  The important thing for the Agent to remember is this assessment is based on the Buyers needs not what the Agent...
Yesterday I spoke about the responsibilities of an Agent representing a Buyer exclusively.  Today I will touch on the Agent obligations when the Buyer is simply a Customer (no Buyers Agency agreement or disclosure in place).  Even though the Agent doesn't represent the Buyer as a Client there are...
Once a Buyers Agency agreement is in place between Buyer and Agent a Client relationship is formed.  There are duties that are owed to the now Client, they are called Fiduciary Duties.  There are six in all and they are as follows:1) Obedience - The Agent is required to act subject to the Clients...
Yesterday I wrote a summary of some of the benefits of working with a Buyers Agent.  Today I will focus on five important issues that should be covered when entering into an agreement.  One misconception is that a Buyers Agent costs more, the Buyer will pay more for the house, etc.  This is not a...
Many people are confused about the duties of a Buyers Agent or why they should consider using a Buyers Agent.  Hopefully this post will enlighten and encourage a few to hire their own Buyers Agent.  I have chosen to work as a Buyers Agent because I love representing the Buyer and most importantly...

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