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  "The Only Person You Should Strive To Be Better Then Is The Person You Were Yesterday"   Everyday is a chance to be the best person you can be.  To me this means trying to see the good in everybody and everything, staying positive, and being nice to others.  The time I need to practice this mo...
  The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a staple in my home since we were little.  it was only last year that I attended for the first time and glad I got to experience it live.  One of the local papers in NYC posted this article about parade fun facts, thought you might enjoy the history ...
  "If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, & You are the music."   The funny thing is I am a DJ, have been for 26 years.  I've had the music in me since I was a tiny boy and know it will never leave me.  Everything starts with US, the music works better with you on th...
Despite slower times Pleasantville Single Family home sales were steady this past month with 9 closings. Sales are up from 7 in October 2013 and the sales/list price ratio decreased by 3% in September.  The median price was $535,000 which is barely up from $534,500 this time last year.  This is ...
  "Be Yourself, Everybody Else Is Taken"   I laughed when I saw this on someones t-shirt the other day, it's so simple and true.  Many people expend so much effort trying to be somebody else when there is no chance for them to be that person, only smiliar.  Even then, you are still you, just act...
"Age Is No Sign Of Maturity"   This holds true for our business as well.  Just because an agent has been doing this for thirty years doesn't mean they do everything by the book, change with the times, and invest in their continued education (aside from licensing requirements).  In fact, as time ...
Bronxville is one of my favorite villages in all of Westchester County.  Not only because I was born in Lawrence Hospital or that my parents were born and raised here but because it has a special charm that doesn't exist in many of the other towns.  The architecture is warm, historic, charming, ...
  "Those Who Follow The Crowd Usually Get Lost In It"   I think networking events and advertising are essential to our success as real estate agents.  The one thing I like to do differently is attend events and advertise where there aren't a ton of other real estate agents.  The reasoning is sim...
Larchmont single family home sales cooled down a bit with 10 closings in the month of October.  This is the lowest home sales have been since 9 in April 2014.  The sales/list price ratio moved down to 94.4% from 97.8% in September.  The median price was $1,012,225 which is down 51.8% from $2,098...
I'm sure we have all done the transaction where you consistently follow up with the buyer or sellers agent and you get no response, or vague response.  My intuition kicks in immediately and tells me something is going on.  I am right 90% of the time, the times I wish I wasn't right.  I'm in the ...

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