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  I received an email yesterday from a prospective home buyer in Westchester County.  They are looking for a buyers agent to represent them, specifically, an Accredited Buyer Representative.  Most people feel a buyers agent is a buyers agent but there is a level of commitment to the practice tha...
  It is important we never ignore what our heart pumps for.  This sets the stage for regret and resentment, both only hurt us more.  Take the time and identify your passions, follow them, and love every second.   Will you achieve true happiness if you always acquiesce and just settle for how oth...
Relationships are key to success in real estate.  Some relationships take longer then others to form and all need consistent nurturing, from both sides.  One-way relationships usually end up in a dead end.  This year I am committing to networking more and having meaningful conversations with the ...
  Are you selling a home in Westchester County NY?  Here are some tips that will make your life a little easier when listing, presenting, and showing your home.  1) Hire A Professional - Most people selling a home don't know where to begin.  Working with a professional will lighten your load and...
  We don't often realize how well off we are.  I'm not talking about money, just the simple things that are usually taken for granted.  I volunteer with a charity called Midnight Run every month.  We load up a van with clothing and food, drive down to NYC, and spend the night feeding and clothin...
    The first part of this photo is very sweet and the only time I think it's appropriate to beg for Facebook "likes".  I quit smoking 7 years ago because I wanted to live, period.  Now that I have a daughter I owe it to her to be around as long as possible.     The second part of this is someth...
  We should see inventory levels start to rise in January and most likely a large buyer pool to go with it.  We have had a shortgage of inventory over the past two years and the large buyer pool helped to drive up prices, good news for sellers.     Hastings Single Family Home Sales   Sales Unit ...
  Many home sellers often ask when is the best time to put their home on the market in Westchester County NY.  They hear people say "wait until the holidays are over" and the "spring is always best".  I agree with the first part but in my expert opinion the months leading up to the spring market...
This is such a great reminder of how we can obsess, stress, and worry about something but when it's finally here we soon forget.  A journey can be full of twists, turns, excitement, sadness, happiness, and some dark moments.  It's these times that we need to be most aware and and practice the too...
  Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac announced a new program, Home Possible Advantage, this week that allows a 3% minimum down payment for first time home buyers.  One of the most popluar questions I get is "how much dow we have to put down".  Many buyers have great credit and income but don't have 10 o...

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