finance: The Biggest Scam In the History Of Mankind - 11/11/14 11:39 PM
I don't normally get involved in politics but this is something that must be seen by all.  Most people don't have any idea how money is created, why we are in so much debt as a country, and why it will continue if we allow it.  This video is beyond eye-opening and may even make you mad, knowledge is key to making a change.


finance: The Latest In Financial Market Conditions 10/2/10 - 10/02/10 05:50 AM
Although daily volatility was high this week, mortgage rates ended the week nearly unchanged. A steady stream of economic news was roughly neutral for mortgage rates, as stronger than expected economic data was offset by solid demand for the week's Treasury auctions.
During the week, a series of Fed officials shared differing viewpoints on the possibility of additional Fed purchases of Treasury securities. While the officials are divided about both the need and the effectiveness of buying bonds to stimulate the economy, the majority view appears to be that the Fed should undertake this action unless the pace of the economic recovery improves soon. … (0 comments)

finance: New Truth In Lending Act Disclosure Requirements Home Buyers Should Know About - 08/01/09 02:44 AM
Revisions to the Truth In Lending Acts disclosure requirements took place July 30, 2009.  Many believethe new requirements will be a challenge for lenders to comply and also may cause delays for closings.  Only time will tell, but once again the process has become more complicated.  The new revisions are as follows.
• The new requirements apply to all mortgages secured by a borrower's home, including
primary and second homes and refinancings. Investor loans continue to be exempt.
• Lenders must give good faith estimates of mortgage loan costs within 3 business days
after the consumer applies for a loan … (0 comments)

finance: Jumbo Loan Limits About To Reset And What You Need To Know - 12/10/08 10:38 PM
For all that don't know, a Jumbo loan is a loan that is larger then the regular conforming loan limit of $417,000. Fannie and Freddie raised the amount to help stimulate buying activity. Jumbo rates are traditionally 1% higher then regular loans. For anybody needing a loan hire then $417,000 they would have to get a second loan usually at a hire rate. Since Westchester is a high cost area the loan limit will reset from $729,500 to $625,000 as of Jan 1 (read below) This is still good and it changes from state to state and market to market. Hope … (0 comments)

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