marketing: Yard Sale Networking - 11/03/07 08:23 AM
You'd really be surprised at who you'd find looking for bargains at a yard sale. I saw the local doctor, people from church, people running for office, a newspaper publisher, the street cleaner, the antique dealers, and so many people today that now have my business card all because of a yard sale that I made $60 at. I kind of like being in one spot where people are so that I can promote my business. It gives me something to talk about and hopefully some business elsewhere. A lady who was at the community yard sale said that I was "spry" and that she would definitely be referring … (3 comments)

marketing: Commission Discounters.....Not me! - 09/27/07 05:26 PM
Ok. So I know that there are people out there dropping their commission and I don't get why. One of my previous posts was about justifying your commission.
Now, the listing that I took today was previously listed with another agent for 5% according to my customer. Well, my new customer complained that only 5 or 6 people came to see her home during the 6 months it was listed.
I told my client that it was "only" 1% more and that's money in interest that she was losing on the home by not getting it sold anyhow. I told her that … (5 comments)

marketing: Putting flyers on mailboxes....every day a lesson learned - 09/11/07 02:31 AM
Now why didn't anyone tell me that putting a flyer on a mailbox was illegal solicitation? All this time, I've seen many many people put things on mailboxes. In fact, a girl in my office says that she did that usually on Saturday nights because the mailman didn't have mail to put in there. I knew that people don't always like it and that it annoyed some people, but I didn't know that it was illegal! I feel like so criminal. I'm almost tempted to go back and take them off of the 500 mailboxes that I put them on. My … (44 comments)


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