architecture: What is a GEORGIAN style home? - 09/18/07 11:55 AM
A very brief description to help you identify a "Georgian" style home... 
They say Georgian style homes are befitting of a king. The reason...this style of home is named for four King Georges of England. Bet you didn't know that! Georgian homes feature paired chimneys and a decorative crown over the front door.
Modeled after the more elaborate homes of England, this style dominated the British colonies in the 1700s. Most surviving Georgians have side-gabled roofs, are two to three stories high, and are constructed in brick. One of the most distinctive features of a Georgian home is the row of five windows across the second story. Modern-day … (0 comments)

architecture: What is FRENCH PROVINCIAL? - 09/18/07 11:42 AM
A very brief description to help you identify a "French Provincial" style home... 
Picture balance and symmetry, they are the ruling characteristics of this formal style. Often made of brick with detailing in copper or slate. In the original versions of this style, the windows and chimneys are symmetrical and perfectly balanced. Some defining features include a steep, high roof; a balcony with porch balustrades (top and bottom rails supported by posts as you would find on staircases); rectangle doors set in arched openings; and double French windows with shutters. Also, second-story windows usually have curved heads.
Originally built by French nobles during the reign … (0 comments)

architecture: What is ART DECO? - 09/18/07 11:17 AM
A very brief description to help you identify an "Art Deco" style home or building...
A decorative style of the late 1920's and1930's. Rarely used in residential buildings; it was more widespread in public and commercial buildings of that time.
The distinct qualities of an art deco structures are easily recognized. Flat roofs, metal window casements, and smooth stucco walls with rectangular cut-outs mark the exteriors. The front or face of the building is typically flush with zigzags and other stylized floral, geometric motifs.
In the 1940's, Art Deco features evolved into curved corners, rectangular glass-block windows, and more of a boat-like appearance.
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