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Visit for more information.  Search support for renters.  Following are some points on the program.  Some criteria follows: 1. To Qualify, a renter must live in the property when it is acquired by Fannie Mae 2. Fannie mae will not require security deposits 3. Under the Fannie ma...
After 6 months of wearing my nametag, for the sole purpose of embarrassing my daughter :)  I Finally pick up my first client because off of it.  A lady approched me at a local sandwich shop and was enquiring about listing her house.   Needless to say after impressing her with my knowledge and the...
I sold a McMillin home a while back and received a bonus coin that I can pass on to other realtors if they are selling a Mcmillin home so that they qualify for a $1K bonus.   Read the following and if you are in the are and do not have a coin call me and I will be more than happy to give you mine...
Even though I tell my clients that I have the tools a professional needs to find a great deal as soon as it comes up, they always want to look to see if they can find something and forward  it to me so that I can look it up on MLS and other channels only to tell them that the  house they sent me ...
If your from Texas I am sure you have heard of the Texas Land Board.  Well if you haven't shame on you and here is a link Its a state program That offers not only our veterans great benefits like the ones below but free...
Do you personally know of that Agent or heard of the Agent that is very succesful but does not share any information with other coworkers (Agents) I dont blame him.  We all want to be successful and eventually if you work hard enough you will be.  Anyway.  I am not that agent :)   I came across t...
We have all heard the saying, "Treat others the way you would like to be treated".  Most of us have heard of it but do we believe it.   Its hard to actually do it when you treat everyone like your best friend, bend over backwards for them, give them the shirt off of your back and get nothing but ...
To my surprise, I have heard this comment from more than a handful of agents.  Yes, that  is sad.      Its sad that there are agents out there that do not understand that we became agents to assist people with one of the most important financial decisions of their life.  Whether they are renting ...
     I hope your answer was yes, and no worries if you live in San Antonio, because even though I believe I am the best Realtor in San Antonio, just having that frame of mind benefits our clients tremendously.  There is no way that I can help every client in San Antonio get into a house, so its n...
Me and my partner were looking at ways to get the word out about the great opportunities out there for first time home buyers, or buyers/investors for that matter.  We decided to pay 15 bucks and set up a table at a local flea market.  In two days we acquired over 100 contacts and ended up conver...

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