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Chuck Carstensen is a Realtor with RE/MAX Results helping Minnesota Home Buyers and Minnesota Home Sellers. If your looking for a Contract for Deed in Minnesota contact Chuck. Selling Real Estate in Anoka, Isanti, Sherburne, Chisago, Wright, Mille Lacs, Kanabec, Pine and Hennepin Counties. Top cities to search is Cambridge MN home search and Elk River MN home search.



What are the top seller incentives? or What can the seller offer to help attract a buyer more quickly? I don't so for sure so I am looking for some feedback on this. My thoughts are: 1) Lower the price 2) Buyer Agent Commission bonus Other then that I have seen things like cars, vacations, and ot...
Often I race around trying to get SO MANY things done, and when I slow down I find I still have more to do. I think it rings true for others as well.  Today I am getting the feeling I need to slow down and purge a few things out of my life so that I can be refilled.    By REFILLING then I can LAS...
My regular readers know how I like to give people ideas to help generate extra income.  I picked up this FREE book about one month ago and now I am about three weeks away from launching a program that no other real estate agent in the country is doing.  In this NEW market I felt it was time for ...
Most of the business you get from now until the end of 2008 will actually close in 2009.  Now is the time to start creating a great year.  Someone interested in a great year does not say things like this: 1) "2009 is going to be just as BAD as 2008." 2) "I don't know where the buyers and sellers ...
Once you KNOW that what you set out to accomplish is a done deal your breakthrough is guaranteed!  What do I mean by KNOW? KNOWING is a trust or certainty that you have in God (or the universe) that what you put forth will come to pass.  In the bible God said to Isaiah that THE WORD SHALL NOT RET...
Attention home buyers in Elk River, MN ... if you are thinking about buying now is a great time to take action. You may have noticed the prices have came down a lot in the recent months.  You might ever hear that they will come down more.  So you sit and wait for them to come down...right?  WRONG...
What do you really want to accomplish in the next 2 months, 2 years, 5 pick the time frame and be general if you want.  What is the BREAKTHROUGH goal for you? Maybe you have several goals that you just have not set because you fear you might not reach them and then you will feel bad. ...
When we hold on to things we are blocking our GOOD from coming in.  We need to make room in our lives for the GOOD things we want to come in!  One of the easiest thing to do from a physical effort standpoint is a practice called RELEASING.  You may have heard someone in your past so LET GO AND LE...
Never give up is a must know breakthrough strategy!  Most people don't receive the BREAKTHROUGH they desire because they give up too soon.  Often they give up on the very doorstep of breakthrough because the appearance of the situation did not seem like they were that close to breakthrough. In Na...
Thoughts do become the things we see in our lives! If you are going to BREAKTHROUGH then its important you start to THINK in RIGHT ways.  Part of thinking right is AWARENESS.  I talked about this in an earlier post in this series. The link is attached below.  For those who don't believe thoughts ...

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