breakthrough strategies: Set Goals - To Have A Breakthrough Year! - 11/05/14 01:44 PM
We have all heard it time and time again!  If you want to have success - you HAVE to set GOALS!
So no suprise that one of my tips for Having a Breakthrough Year has to do with goals!  However, the key is to not set too many goals. Set 2-3 goals for your 90 day quick start and then have another couple goals that you are aiming for in 2015.  See video for the full details!


breakthrough strategies: Rule Of 5! - What Five things can you do today to move toward your goal(s)? - 11/24/08 06:06 AM
How much better off will you be this time next if you practice the RULE OF FIVE in your business?
What is the RULE OF FIVE?  I learned this a few years ago at a Jack Canfield presentation... The RULE OF FIVE is doing 5 things each day that will bring you closer to your BREAKTHROUGH GOAL!
Do you have a BREAKTHROUGH GOAL?  What is a BREAKTHROUGH GOAL?  This is something that if you accomplished it would really seem almost impossible at this moment.  For example if you sold 10 houses this year a breakthrough goal would be something BIG like … (1 comments)

breakthrough strategies: Breakthrough Strategies - Begin With the End in Mind - 11/14/08 05:02 AM
What do you really want to accomplish in the next 2 months, 2 years, 5 pick the time frame and be general if you want.  What is the BREAKTHROUGH goal for you? Maybe you have several goals that you just have not set because you fear you might not reach them and then you will feel bad.
To begin with the end in mind you simply pick some goals, dreams, desires that you would really like to see come through and believe that it is possible for you to achieve them.  Then simply start by moving in the general direction … (0 comments)

breakthrough strategies: Breakthrough Strategies - Releasing - 11/12/08 07:45 AM
When we hold on to things we are blocking our GOOD from coming in.  We need to make room in our lives for the GOOD things we want to come in!  One of the easiest thing to do from a physical effort standpoint is a practice called RELEASING. 
You may have heard someone in your past so LET GO AND LET GOD.   Of course that sounds good but how do you actually do it?  Here is how you can do it.
1) If its a physical item like clutter in your home, office or wallet.  Simply clean it out.  Go through your closest and get rid of … (2 comments)

breakthrough strategies: Breakthrough Strategies - Never Give Up - 11/11/08 05:02 AM
Never give up is a must know breakthrough strategy!  Most people don't receive the BREAKTHROUGH they desire because they give up too soon.  Often they give up on the very doorstep of breakthrough because the appearance of the situation did not seem like they were that close to breakthrough.
In Napoleon Hills book THINK & GROW RICH he states, "More then five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them. Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight … (3 comments)

breakthrough strategies: Breakthrough Strategies - Thinking Right - 11/10/08 06:06 AM
Thoughts do become the things we see in our lives! If you are going to BREAKTHROUGH then its important you start to THINK in RIGHT ways. 
Part of thinking right is AWARENESS.  I talked about this in an earlier post in this series. The link is attached below.  For those who don't believe thoughts become things look at the RESULTS in your life.  What you are thinking comes about, we often just don't have enough awareness to know this.
Prime example is a something that is happening in my life.  Since I DO BELIEVE THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.  I monitor my thinking and replace the thoughts that don't … (2 comments)

breakthrough strategies: Breakthrough Strategies - Giving - 11/09/08 06:48 AM
When you have a need - GIVE!  If you want to breakthrough ask, "What am I willing to give!"
Breaking through to the next level is NOT all about YOU.  Often the great givers are the ones who become the great receivers in love, money, peace, joy and so on!
You can give your time if that is all you have to start.  If your breakthrough is about MAKING more money then at a certain point your will want to commit to systematic giving of money. Typically that would be in the form of a Tithe (or tenth) of what you … (4 comments)

breakthrough strategies: Breakthrough Strategies - Awareness - 11/05/08 09:38 AM
Most people stay stuck because they lack AWARENESS. Its not hard at all to be more aware.  In fact its very freeing.  To create awareness ask questions such as:
1) What am I doing?  2) Whats working? 3) Whats not working?
When you can become aware of what is not working and dump or delegate that activity, that will free you up to do more of what works.  By spending your time on WHAT IS WORKING you will become more profitable.  At … (2 comments)

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