chuck carstensen prosperity videos: How To Have Your Breakthrough Year! - 10/30/14 02:43 PM
If have followed me at all, you know I like to do videos.  Thus, I am starting another video series!  HOW TO HAVE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH YEAR!  
2014 has been a breakthrough year for me!  However, its going to be more meaningful if I can inspire others to take a big step forward in life!  I know that if your going to have a breakthrough year in 2015 that you need to start NOW!  You can't wait until Jan. 1st!  
So here is the intro to my video series!


chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #30- Thinking in A Certain Way! - 09/23/14 09:10 PM
Tip #30 in the Prosperity Video Tips Series- Thinking in a Certain Way! - Thinking in a certain way is a higher level of thinking that will stretch you!  Its more then having goals and dreams!  Its having a vision and purpose that is so deeply internalized that its always on your mind driving you!  
When you get to that point in your thinking, then you are more likely to have "breakthrough" success and prosperity!  See the video for more details:

See Previous Tips starting from Tip #26.
Tip #27 - Consistant Action Leads … (0 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #25- Financial Peace - 09/14/14 08:22 AM
Tip #25- Prosperity Tips Video Series - Financial Peace!  In follow up to my last video on how your feel about money effects how you attract money. I thought I would offer up a practical tip that can help you feel better about your financial situation if you are in a spot where you feel you could improve your financial!  
The tip is to take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course. I went through this course 2-3 years ago and it was a big part of building a solid financial foundation!  Its a course I highly recommend.  My church Cambridge … (3 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #24- Money = Energy - 09/12/14 01:51 AM
Tip #24 - Prosperity Tips Video Series - Money = Energy! - You attract money based on how you feel about money.  Your thoughts about money can either magnetize money toward you, or negative thoughts about money can block money from coming to you in the flow you would like.
The video does explain with some examples about what I am talking about.  Key thing to note after the video is evaluate how you truly feel about money. Think about the things you say, think or feel when the subject of money comes up. Doing this will help you understand … (2 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #21- Make the Most Of Yourself - 09/08/14 02:00 PM
Tip #21- Prosperity Video Series- Make the Most of Yourself!  - At the core of "prosperity" is making the most of yourself.  You work hard, have goals, and provide top service in your business so you can serve your customers best for example.  In those situations you are working toward making the most of the opportunity (blessing) to work with someone. Thats really what your doing.
Extend that frame of mind into all you do!  Do everything with a "prosperous mindset and intention" that you are doing each act to MAKE THE MOST OF YOURSELF!  This is what you do when … (4 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #19 - How Much Are You Worth/Prosperity Set Point - 09/04/14 02:16 PM
Tip #19 in the Prosperity Tips Video Series- How Much Are Your? Your Prosperity Set Point! - Often what you earn as an income is what you think you are worth!  Your Prosperity Set Point is what you have decided in your mind that you are worth.  
For some people that is a default number. Perhaps you don't think about it. You have a job, they pay you (X) Amount of dollars.  Even then you have decided that's what you worth. Not judging anyone's income, but realize that number is what you think your worth. Its really your choice, so there is … (4 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #18 - An Alternative to Tip #17- What Do I LIKE in the Situation - 09/03/14 02:49 PM
Tip #18- Prosperity Tips Video Series- What Do I LIKE About the Situation...In follow up to Tip #17 - Bless the Situation I thought I would offer this as an alternative to people who just might not be in the spot in life to "Bless" a situation or challenge they are facing.
Thus, you can ask your self- "What Do I Like?"...Now you can do this for good things in your life too. Meaning if you list things simple for the joy of thinking about things you LIKE you will probably start seeing more THINGS or SITUATIONS you LIKE starting … (1 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #17- Prosperity Tips Video Series- Bless The Situation - 09/02/14 08:22 AM
Tip #17 - Prosperity Tips Video Series - Bless The Situation!  Good or bad you can choose to have a higher and better attitude.  Look back at a couple of the past tips that suggested to STOP Complaining or being negative.
You might think that its impossible for you to not complain or be negative?!!?  But one way to turn your thought process around is to "Bless the Situation" and call it Good. Yes, even if your in a tough spot, and are going through some challenges you can try this.  
You might say something (outloud or to yourself): "I … (1 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #16- Its Good To Have Variety - 09/01/14 05:55 AM
Tip #16 in the Prosperity Video Series - Its Good To Have Variety -  In thinking about my last post about the the Government is NOT your source of prosperity, and thinking about how politics and religion can be such a hot topic -  I came up with this tip!  Why? Because its good to have different opinions, ideas, professions, cultures, believes, styles, etc...
VARIETY is very important to your prosperity because you are unique.  You can do things in such a way and offer service in such a way that no one can match you!  Even with in the … (5 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #15- The Government is NOT the Source of Your Prosperity - 08/31/14 06:32 AM
Tip #15- The Government is NOT the Source of Your Prosperity!  -  This will be a two part tip. I posted this to facebook yesterday, but I also like to post my videos to my blog with a little more details.
Far too many people look to the government as their SOURCE.  Meaning they think the government should take care of them and solve their problems.  The government should not be your source. They are deeply in debt and should not be at all a model for your financial security.
The government does afford us the opportunity to prosper, but … (1 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #13 - Prosperity Video Series- Stop Complaining - 08/28/14 05:23 AM
Tip #13 - Stop Complaining will help you PROSPER in life! - Complaining is a habit that most of us have. It is often natural to complain about a transaction, some service, a boss, etc...  However - Did you realize that your complaining is blocking your prosperity? 
I'm sure most people do want to PROSPER in life.  Complaining about something is on the opposite spectrum on the MINDSET needed to prosper.  Thus, todays tip is explained more in the video below, but I encourage you to STOP complaining when you catch yourself in that mode. 

Tip … (0 comments)

chuck carstensen prosperity videos: Tip #8: Do Something You Love To Do As An Add On! - 08/20/14 02:55 PM
Tip #8 in the Prosperity Secrets Video Series - This video is to encourage you to do something that you REALLY enjoy doing as an ADD ON!  Going deeper in the video you will find that for me I get excited about presenting (speaking). I really enjoy doing it.  I understand that I am not at the point where I am being paid as a professional speaker. However, with my Talk Fusion Video Marketing Business-which is a second income- I end up doing a presentation a few times a month.
That energy has carried over to what I do in Real … (1 comments)

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