coaching: Are you an Optimist or Pessimist? - 02/19/09 03:05 AM
"The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Unknown
If you are seeing this market as a difficult market then perhaps you are being pessimistic.  There are opportunities out there for you! 
-I work with a lot of buyers and right now there are MANY buyers in the early stage of the home search and these buyers do not have a Realtor!
-There are more bank owned listings available then most agents can handle.
-There are many potential short sale listings.
-Many people are looking at Loan Modification as a possible source … (4 comments)

coaching: Are you still going to the gym?? - 01/26/09 02:09 AM
This question could be taken both literally or figuratively.
Literally many people set resolutions to get their body in shape and about THREE weeks into the year sort of drift off into nothingness and reset to their old health habits.  Hopefully you are still moving forward if your goal was to get in shape this year!
However, this question could be applied figuratively to WHATEVER you set out to do this year. Lets take real estate sale for example.  You probably set a goal to have a great year...(if you did not set a goal you are likely doomed to another … (8 comments)

coaching: Improve Your Skill - 01/23/09 02:42 PM
I watch a short video today from Bob Proctor's "Six Minutes to Success" ( and he talked about the LAW OF COMPENSATION.
Basically it boils down to these three parts:
1. The NEED for what you do.
2. Your ability to do it.
3. The difficulty in replacing you.
Looking further into it.  #1 and #3 are taken care of when YOU take care of #2.  This is especially true in Real Estate and Mortgages...there are plenty of people to replace you.  So in order to be in demand and to create more demand for your service you MUST do things … (0 comments)

coaching: Six Minutes to Success! - 01/21/09 06:51 AM
I have been a big fan of Bob Proctor for a long time and for the past few weeks I have been using a good BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT program he offers.  Its called "Six Minutes to Success." 
Each weekday you get what boils down to a short lesson.  Its 2 minute video teaching about a topic/term/success tool that a lot of people don't think much about, but when used can make a HUGE impact on your business.  The total lesson takes about 6 minutes so that is where the name comes from.
If your looking a consistent TOOL to help boost your skills, … (6 comments)

coaching: Looking Back - 09/20/08 02:05 PM
I was looking back to a very life changing one hour of my life...The date was May 7, 2008.  I was listening to a Success University Faculty Replay call from the previous wednesday.  The guest on the call was Tamir Qadree.  After listening to the call I bought Mr. Qadree Dynamic Success Pack.  I listened to the CDs over and over.  Something connected with me. I had been doing a lot of reading and listening to cds and so on (and these had helped).  This time it really connected.
Some of the notes I took on that call include:
Yesterday doesn't … (0 comments)

coaching: Watch Your Focus - 08/25/08 03:09 AM
We do bring about in our lives what we focus on.  I was talking with someone this morning and they are doing some of the things I coach people on, but as they were explaining their situation I caught something.
Even though this person is doing good things that will lead to good results - they had a BLOCK.  This block is blocking their good.  This agent mentioned he had ONE deal pending and that is just how it is and that's what he keeps thinking about...THE LACK OF SALES.
So even that he is doing a lot of other things … (3 comments)

coaching: The Best Coach - 08/04/08 02:27 PM
I thought I would give you all a link to my coach. HE IS the best.  I have gone so far, so fast, its amazing. If you are looking for a amazing prosperity now get ahold of him. and - Tamir is my coach. 

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Chuck Carstensen is a Realtor with The Discovery Team at RE/MAX; helping buyers, sellers, and investors of residential real estate.  He is a Life/Development Coach; The Discovery Coach - "Helping you discover your talents, desires and … (1 comments)

coaching: Your Test is Your Testimony! - 07/11/08 12:42 PM
For many agents, brokers and related fields this market is a test.  We are tested often in life through different experiences and situations related to death, health, business, and finances and so on.
Your ability to overcome life's obstacles and persist through life's difficulties builds faith!  What it also does is form a powerful testimony that only you have to share!  Simply saying a powerful declaration like this each day can serve as motivation to always persist and endure knowing soon what took so much work will now come almost effortlessly!
I say this with emotion daily:
 "Like a rocket ship … (4 comments)

coaching: Another Breakthrough! - 07/10/08 04:08 PM
Wow! I have had another breakthrough today! It feels awesome!  I am not going to share the specific breakthrough with you at this time, but I will at the right time. 
I still post this because I have been running a series below giving you some hints on declaring the breakthrough in your life.
I know a lot of people are struggling and are frustrated right now and I want to help you.  This series is ment to encourage and inspire you to start taking a slightly different action then you have been to get to where you desire to be. 
Some … (1 comments)

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