prosperity: Prosperity Tip: Circulating is a song that starts in the heart - 06/03/15 04:22 AM

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! --->> Circulating is the name of the game!
As I was researching circulating I came across the above video on the Circulatory Song!
Just the same way that blood goes from the heart to the vascular and cardiac systems you need to circulate your giving and receiving as well. The heart is happiest when you eat healthy, exercise and have no stress. As well is your mind is healthiest when you eat healthy, exercise and not worry.
Dance your mind to the beat of the music while listening to the song above and reading this post at the same time. Go ahead … (0 comments)

prosperity: Tip #31- Prosperity Video Series-You Must Act Now! - 09/29/14 12:53 PM
Tip #31- Prosperity Video Series - You Must Act Now! - When your setting goals and working on your prosperous future you must start NOW! You can't keep putting off your destiny-you are meant for more! 
In Real Estate your actions now probably pay off 90-120 days down the road. So if you want to get off to a good start in 2015 you MUST ACT NOW to position yourself for the most successful year of your life!  More details in the video:

See Previous Tips starting from Tip #26.
Tip #27 - Consistant Action … (2 comments)

prosperity: Be Merciful - 08/02/09 01:57 AM
Whenever you have the opportunity to BE MERCIFUL do it!  Great are the returns for the giver and the receiver.
"Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." (Matthew 5:7)
At one time or another we all have done something that is out of line with GOODNESS and LOVE.  Very often its those situations that teach us the love of God.  This is especially true when someone that we wrong makes a decision to show grace and forgiveness. 
The emptiness that many people feel in their body and soul no is a lack of mercy and forgiveness for their fellow … (12 comments)

prosperity: Its Good to Think Thoughts Of Prosperity - 04/17/09 03:50 AM
I have become a very PROSPERITY CONSCIOUS PERSON!  This takes practice, time, effort and persistence for many people because perhaps, like me, you were raised around a "poverty mindset."
Poverty mindsets may come from thinking that God does not want you to be happy, rich or abundant.  Or perhaps that its more spiritual to be poor.  Many churches still sort of teach that or for sure they stay away from the PROSPERITY teaching because they don't want to upset the elders.
I think that PROSPERITY is misunderstood if you think its something that is bad or out of your reach.  Its … (4 comments)

prosperity: Success Affirmations - 04/07/09 02:28 AM
From time to time I will share affirmations that have been helpful for me.  I see affirmations as seeds to a better attitude.  Sometimes I just need to run a thought through my mind and out of my mouth a few times to make an attitude adjustment.
Here are a few PROSPERITY AFFIRMATIONS that I thought you might enjoy:
1. Every day in every way I am growing more prosperous, successful, and victorious. I am made for peace, health, and plenty. I am made for success. I am now experiencing success in ever-increasing degrees of good.  For this I praise and give thanks.

prosperity: I AM...outside the box! - 01/26/09 02:08 PM
Let me share this word of the Lord with you:
"Study this Book of the Law continually. Meditate on it day and night so you may be sure to obey all that is written in it. Only then will you succeed. I command you --be strong and courageous! Don not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:8-9)
Outside the box is where we need to look for GOD.  Not inside the box. God is not limited. God is not sick, broke or afraid.  All the answers to your success are available … (9 comments)

prosperity: Are you still going to the gym?? - 01/26/09 02:09 AM
This question could be taken both literally or figuratively.
Literally many people set resolutions to get their body in shape and about THREE weeks into the year sort of drift off into nothingness and reset to their old health habits.  Hopefully you are still moving forward if your goal was to get in shape this year!
However, this question could be applied figuratively to WHATEVER you set out to do this year. Lets take real estate sale for example.  You probably set a goal to have a great year...(if you did not set a goal you are likely doomed to another … (8 comments)

prosperity: Blessing Your Money - 01/23/09 03:28 AM
A simple thing you can do to start feeling better about your financial situation is to BLESS the money you spend or give.
I do this all the time.  I go to Subway and get my foot long and pay 5.33 cents and as I do that under my breath I say, "May this money BLESS and PROSPER you greatly. I know it comes back to me immediately, massively, abundantly, 100 fold!"
Jesus said a blessing when he fed the 4000 and 5000.  He took what he had, raised it toward heaven, gave thanks and BLESS the food.  The BLESSING in FAITH … (5 comments)

prosperity: The Science of Getting Rich - 01/22/09 12:34 AM
One of the books I like to read over and over is "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles.  Even though it was written in the early 1900's the teaching of HOW to go about GETTING RICH still are true and pure right now.
Writing about THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH he says, "If you neglect this study, you are derelict in your duty to yourself, to God and humanity; for you can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself."
Most of the teachings in the book instruct a person how … (4 comments)

prosperity: Having a Prosperous 2009 -Appreciate Life Now! - 01/12/09 06:39 AM
Why is it that there is so much in life to appreciate; yet we spend most of our time dwelling on whats not working or what we don't have?
TRY THIS FOR A MOMENT...PRETEND TO BE SATISFIED RIGHT NOW!  If you are in WANT of another sale and your GOOD depends on that are you really satisfied?  If your worried about the sale that might fall through are you really satisfied right now?
Control others and forcing circumstance isn't going to be satifying if you are not satified with who you are right now!  ALL IS WELL WITH YOU, GOD AND … (0 comments)

prosperity: Being a Prosperous Thinker! - 12/29/08 02:00 AM
Its great to be a POSITIVE thinker!  However, in the new economy that we are in to excel you will need to take your thinking to another level and the thinking I am talking about is HAVING A PROSPEROUS MINDSET!
How you develop a PROSPEROUS MINDSET is totally up to you.  Here are some things to be aware of that will help you:
1) At first spend ONE HOUR a day listening or reading materials that teach you about having a prosperous mindset.
2) Don't rush to share your new ENLIGHTENMENT with the negative people around you.  At first its best … (7 comments)

prosperity: Training Your Mind - 09/06/08 01:42 PM
People don't realize how powerful their mind is!  Your mind is like a garden!  Unfortunately far too many people have planted weeded (negative thoughts) on the rich soil of their mind.
To create a habit of success you must train your mind to think thoughts of success!  All great athletes practice their sport and skill over and over.  How often to you practice (train) your mind by planting rich thoughts of success (good) in your life.

Please click here to subscribe to my … (2 comments)

prosperity: The Secret Of Unlimited Prosperity - 06/09/08 02:24 PM
Sound like something you would want to find out more about?  I was recommended the book by Catherine Ponder title "The Secret of Unlimited PROSPERITY".  I have read it twice in 3 days and skimmed it twice as well. I am going to go through it again tonight.  They say repetition is the mother of all skills...
Its interesting after reading this book and then reading some of the bible how what Jesus said started to make more sense to me in some areas.  There are many scriptures that talk about prospering.  Now I am not talking about just finances; however … (3 comments)

prosperity: I do actually sell houses! - 04/02/08 01:48 AM
I have been on here a month and some of you have noticed how many blog postings I have made.  You're probably are thinking..."Does this guy actually sell house? Or does he sit on here all day posting blogs?"
Thankfully I do sell houses.  I am on pace for my transaction goal (40 sales).  So I am no super star but that is probably more sales then most people.  The year started off slow and has pick up recently proving that you can still blog and sell houses. 
I do most of my blogging in the evening.  The kids go to bed … (11 comments)

prosperity: March - Proverbs Chapter 3 - 03/15/08 02:09 PM
To catch up on this BLOG series see the previous posts: March - Proverbs Chapter 2 ...
"My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity."
MY THOUGHTS: How many people have forgotten the teachings of the Lord?  Who out there relies on their own ways instead of the teachings of the Lord?
I know I used to do that.  I accepted Christ into my life a little over 3 years ago and its been a journey.  I was really struggling with my sales back … (0 comments)

prosperity: Affirmations - 03/09/08 02:34 PM
Today I want to get interactive with those of you in BLOG viewing land.  I am going to give you a few of the affirmations I use and for those of you who have your own affirmations I would like you to post them on the comment section of the BLOG.
Why say an affirmation?  I say affirmations to help me build my mind and faith.  I say them with passion and enthusiasm.  I say them and release them out to the Universe believing them to be true and happening in my life right now.  There is power in this.  I used to have … (6 comments)

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