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President Abraham Lincoln said it beautifully: "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left over by those who hustle."   Historically, land continuously increases in value. Sure there are ups and downs throughout the years, but the overall trend is always up!   So don't believe al...
By Leverage I mean your ability to buy Land today and pay for it over time. With this option, you achieve two objectives: 1) saving a portion of your earned income to control yourself 2) your invested dollar appreciates every day and earns you more money over time. Plus, there are many land selle...
Most people think that land investment is only for real estate developers who buy big parcels of land for commercial or residential development. But actually, investing in land is one of the greatest investment strategies available for anybody who wants to build wealth!   SCARCITY! As the supply ...
A quick word about First South Farm Credit of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. The Farm Credit System was established by Congress in 1916 to provide a dependable source of credit and financial services for Rural America. The Farm Credit System is one of six Government Sponsored Enterprises (GS...


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