louisiana: Insurance Storm Claims Process with Mortgage Check - 02/04/17 07:07 AM
If you are one of the many homeowners that had to file an insurance storm claim this year, you will need to know the mortgage check procedures. The insurance storm claims process with mortgage check endorsement can be frustrating and tricky. Normally there will be multiple checks, almost always two and in case of a supplement or personal property damage there may be three or more. 
How the Claims Check Process Works
You just filed storm related claim with your insurance company, so what’s next. Most insurance companies will send an adjuster out within 48 hours of your claim. The adjusters job is … (1 comments)

louisiana: Land For Sale In Louisiana, Winnsboro, Franklin Parish LA, 6 Acres - 06/07/13 06:19 AM
Land For Sale In Louisiana. Winnsboro, Franklin Parish LA, 6 Acres Commercial Land For Sale. Access - LA 130
Improvements - Barn Catch pens
Comments - Nice commercial lot located in Winnsboro. Property has barn catch pens and frontage on LA 130.
Listing Agent - Dan Warner
total amount= $42,000.00

louisiana: Land For Sale In Louisiana. Winnsboro, Franklin Parish LA, 45 Acres - 06/07/13 06:08 AM
Land For Sale In Louisiana. Winnsboro, Franklin Parish LA, 45 Acres Pasture/Homesite For Sale. Access - Black top road - McCaleb Road
Improvements - Buildings: Barn,
Wells: water well for cattle,
Other: cattle working pens
Comments - Nice pasture with fences, barn, and water well. Black top frontage on McCaleb road. Property would make good homesite with scattered trees. Close to Winnsboro.
Listing Agent - Dan Warner
total amount= $135,000.00

louisiana: Denham Springs Roof Repair Cheap Or Good You Can’t Have Both - 01/14/13 07:12 AM
If you live in the Denham Springs or Baton Rouge Louisiana area your roof has been tested many times lately by wind, hail and by many rain downpours. Many roofs that have never had a problem have even seen a little leak here and there. I will list a few reasons you do not want a cheap price for your new roof.
If you have priced a roof replacement in Louisiana lately you probably came close to having a heart attack when you were given the price. The price of shingles and roofing material in general has gone up drastically … (0 comments)

louisiana: November 5th Denham Springs Louisiana Hail Storm Homeowner Beware - 11/11/12 08:35 AM
If you live in Denham Springs, Louisiana you could be in the path of the November 5th 2012 hail storm. Homeowners in Denham Springs, LA should beware of unscrupulous contractors from out of town and out of the area. Do a thorough background search on your potential roofing contractor..
If you live in Denham Springs, LA there is a very good chance you will be visited by a roofing company in the coming months wanting to inspect your homes roof. Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with a roofing company coming to your home and asking … (3 comments)

louisiana: Roof Repair Louisiana-Enhance Curb Appeal & Market Your Home - 06/05/12 12:45 PM
Did you know that 40% of the curb appeal of your home is the way it’s roof looks. In a completely flooded housing market how can you make your home stand out on a street with eight other houses for sale. 
This has become an all to familiar problem across America with the housing market in absolute turmoil. So what do you do? The Baton Rouge Louisiana housing market is fairing much better than most but I still see multiple houses for sale on any one given street or in a single neighborhood. The first thing you need to do … (0 comments)

louisiana: Roof Repair Baton Rouge Louisiana-Hail Damage Actions For Your Home - 05/23/12 11:52 AM
You have your Baton Rouge Louisiana home for sale and the home inspector comes back with his report saying you have hail damage to your roof, what do you you do next? The biggest problem is time or more to the point the lack of it, get professional advice as fast as you can.
I have written a couple articles on roof damage and the possibility of your insurance company denying your hail damage claim. I have a client in Baton Rouge that has had her house on the market for quite some time and finally got a contract. One … (0 comments)

louisiana: Roof Repair Bunkie Louisiana-Chose Your Roofing Company Carefully - 04/19/12 01:07 AM
If your Bunkie Louisiana home was one of the many damaged by the April 5th early morning hail storm that hit the town and outlying areas your not alone. The first thing on your mind now is making an insurance claim for the roof, siding and gutter damage but beware of roofing contractors that are unscrupulous.
This was no usual hail storm that blew through the small town of Bunkie nor was the amount of damage to the local homes. It has been barely a week since the hail storm blew through and the town and insurance companies are still … (1 comments)

louisiana: Roof Repair Baton Rouge Louisiana-Proper Ventilation For Longer Shingle Life - 02/20/12 11:47 AM
If you have had your Baton Rouge Louisiana roof inspected recently and were told your roofs shingles look older to the inspector than they really are, it could be due to improper attic ventilation. 
Proper attic ventilation is crucial to the overall health of your home. If your attic is not properly ventilated it could cause premature shingle wear, excess moisture in your attic and insulation, mold growth and higher than normal electric bills. One cause of this somewhat new anomaly is the way houses have been constructed over the last couple decades. With Louisiana homes being built with plastic … (1 comments)

louisiana: Roof Replacement Baton Rouge Louisiana-Does My Roof Have Hail Damage - 02/12/12 11:19 AM
How do you know if your Baton Rouge Louisiana roof has hail damage? Typically hail needs to be around 1 1/4 inches in diameter or about the size of a half dollar to cause any real damage to heavy composite shingles or a wood shake shingle. 
Many things can cause damage to shingles other than hail, tree limbs can cause roof damage in a couple ways, overhanging tree limbs will make your roof have more algae build up. Homes with tree limbs touching the roof can be damaged by the rubbing of the tree limbs as well as the extra … (1 comments)

louisiana: Leaky Roof Repair and Replacement-Baton Rouge Louisiana Roofing Contractors - 02/04/12 01:57 PM
If you have an insurance claim for hail and wind damage to your Baton Rouge Louisiana home pending or if you are thinking of making a claim in the future the steps you need to fallow need to be precise. Don’t let your insurance company deny your insurance claim because you are unaware of the insurance claims process.
If your home has a leaky roof that needs repaired or replace, think about just why your roof is leaking. What is the age of your roof, has it been hit by a tree limbs or other solid object, have you had … (2 comments)

louisiana: Baton Rouge Louisiana Roofing Contractor-Hail Damage Roof Repair - 01/25/12 02:56 PM
You pay your insurance company your hard earned money to protect what is most likely your most expensive asset, your Baton Rouge Louisiana home, from major damage like hail and wind storms. If you have your Louisiana home insured don’t be afraid to make a claim. The homeowners act of God law protects you from being singled out by your insurance company for a rate increase or cancelation. The one thing you do want to be sure of when you make your insurance claim, be sure to have a professional roofing company represent you with your insurance company.
One of the … (1 comments)

Some of the roofing problems shown here are due simply to the fact that as roofs in Baton Rouge age, materials and other items such as vents, pipes, flashing deteriorate due to weather, tree or wind and hail damage. However, many of these roofing problems are due to poor or incorrect installation of materials. When you choose Roof Crafters as your Baton Rouge roofing contractor you can rest assure that the installation of all materials will be correct and according to the manufacturers’ specifications by the roof repair contractors of Roof Crafters.

A very common problem I have been seeing … (0 comments)

louisiana: Be Able To Talk The Talk With Your Louisiana Roofing Contractor - 01/15/12 08:12 AM
Almost every homeowner has had to meet and talk with a roofing contractor at some point during their home ownership or will at some point in the future. Be repaired  to meet your Louisiana roofing contractor and have a good knowledge of what he is talking about by learning the common terms and pieces of your homes roofing system.
Cricket: A wood-framed structure that diverts water away from chimneys, walls or other vertical roof projections and penetrations; also called a saddle.
Deck: The substrate over supportive framing to which roofing material is applied; also called decking or sheathing.

louisiana: Home Maintenance Tips-What Shape Is Your Louisiana House In - 01/14/12 02:30 AM
A very overlooked and under appreciated part of your home is your hot water heater. This can cost extra money on your utility bill and end up costing a huge repair bill if not properly maintained. Imagine your hot water heater in your attic which many are and it starts leaking while your not home or either you don’t have an overflow tank or it even overflows. Making sure the drain is clear can save your ceiling and carpet from a costly repair. A heat blanket can also help save on your utility bill by simply wrapping your tank with a … (0 comments)

louisiana: Louisiana Hail Damage Roofs - 12/11/11 02:32 PM
If you live in the Denham Springs or Greenwell Springs area of Louisiana there is a good possibility that your roof may have been damaged by the September 29th hail storm.
You may remember the storm, it blew through around 3:00p.m, about the time everyone was picking up the kids from school.Many of you may have even looked up at your house and did not see any roof damage. The fact is you can not see hail damage from the ground unless it is very severe. The truth is most home inspectors do not know what hail damage looks like and … (3 comments)

louisiana: Using Video To Sale Land-YouTube And Being A Better Land Broker - 07/14/11 04:15 PM
If you need to sale more land and who does not fall into this category, start using video and YouTube in particular to accomplish this goal.
What are some of the most important reason for using video to sale land? I will discuss reasons for using video and more to the point YouTube videos for selling your land and just why now is the perfect time to get started and get busy trying to gain control of video sales in your area.
First I will give you some staggering facts which will give you some of my reasoning behind using YouTube … (0 comments)

louisiana: Mississippi Land For Sale-Whitetail Deer Hunting And It’s Financial Impact On Land Prices - 01/11/11 03:59 PM
If ever there was a better reason to come to Mississippi it is for the whitetail deer hunting that entertains so many each year. When buying Mississippi land for sale thousands of people each year take advantage of the lower land cost in the Magnolia state.
 It is a once a year industry or is it? Every year Mississippi land is bought up by hunters from other states and in particular South Mississippi has a major influx from Louisiana hunters. There are over 304,000 people that participate in deer hunting in Mississippi each year and out of that number over 66,000 … (0 comments)

louisiana: House For Sale In Louisiana - 08/05/10 09:53 AM
2500 Hwy 569   Ferriday, LA. 71334 (Concordia County) Home For Sale In Ferriday, Concordia Parish Lousiana www.louisianalandsource.com

louisiana: House For Sale In Louisiana - 08/05/10 09:24 AM
1450 Fisherman Dr   Ferriday, LA. 71334 (Concordia County) House For Sale In Ferriday Louisiana. Shared driveway, large shop under roof with house and garage, Roof 10 years old, pier, sunporch, satellite receiver doesn't stay but cable is available, Allelectric house except gas logs in den, built-ins, storage, master bedroom currently set up as den, office is off master bedroom. Lock box is on front door. Access to front door is through garage and down hall or around right side of house. Call Jackie Smith 601-807-8080 www.louisianalandsource.com

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