roof repair: How to Clean a Metal Roof in 9 Steps - 05/06/21 03:30 AM
We all know that metal roofing is a big investment in homes or commercial buildings and requires proper maintenance. They are durable, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and much more, but they cannot be ignored when maintaining them to enhance their longevity. But older metal roofs can look dirty and if you’re trying to sell your home or business this can affect not only the sales price but the length of time it takes to sell. If you are thinking about putting your home or commercial building on the market, consider cleaning your roof first.
Why cleaning the roofs is necessary?
To enhance the longevity … (1 comments)

roof repair: How To File Your Roofing Insurance Claims Effortlessly? - 10/05/20 08:26 AM
Restoring your roof to its original glory after extensive damage can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to filing insurance claims. The time and effort needed to restore your roof need expert insurance guidance and reliable roof repair professional services designed for your specific needs.
Well, the good news is that experienced and trusted roofers at Legend Roofs are always at your service in such unfortunate circumstances. When you have experienced and reliable roofing experts at your disposal, filing insurance claims is a smooth and hassle-free process. Let's take a look at why you need professional help.
Benefit from the Extensive … (1 comments)

roof repair: Is End-of-Summer the Best Time for Home Improvement Projects? - 08/19/20 03:55 AM
Summer is almost behind us. However, this doesn’t mean your home improvement projects should come to a standstill. The autumn will officially arrive on September 23. If you live in Louisville and you've been considering a home improvement project for a while, then this may be the best time to set the ball rolling. 
So, what makes the end of the summer such a great time to kickstart your home renovation project in Louisville? There are two major benefits:
Weather:  While you may have already started enjoying crisp, pleasantly evenings, the change in temperature is virtually unnoticeable. Louisville is still warmer than its … (2 comments)

roof repair: Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor After A Storm - 04/26/20 03:50 PM
You just had hail or windstorm and your roof and siding are destroyed, what do you do next? This is exactly where Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana homeowners find themselves today. Massive 3”-4” hail and high winds blew through both cities and made a mess of home in the area this past week. How do you know what roofing contractor to hire? 
Look Local
The first thing you want to look for is a local roofer. Just because a roofing company is local does not mean that it is the only thing to look at, however, a local roofer is much more likely … (1 comments)

roof repair: The Importance of Proper Roof Installation - 04/25/20 08:46 AM
Your roof is extremely important to protect your home from the elements and keep your family safe and comfortable. It also helps complete the overall exterior design of your home and is a major part of the curb appeal of your home. Poor installation can have a serious negative effect on the longevity and performance of your roof. Read on as Peak Perfection Contracting, a premier roofing company in Longview Texas explains the importance of proper roof installation. 
Components That Make Up Your Roofing System 
Many homeowners do not realize that a roofing system is more than roofing shingles and some plumbing pipe … (2 comments)

roof repair: Roofing Problems - 04/05/20 07:10 AM
Mandeville Roofing Problems
Roofing problems come in many forms, roof leak, chimney leak or maybe a leaky skylight. With many historic buildings in the Mandeville LA area being built well before the implementation of current building codes, proper maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep homes and businesses safe. For older and newer buildings, hiring a qualified roofing contractor to install and repair roofs can mean the difference between making even more costly repairs later. The following are some common roofing problems to look out for.
1. Roof Leaks
Any breach in a roofing system can cause leaks. These can occur from a myriad … (1 comments)

roof repair: Roofing System Inspections - 04/04/20 10:22 AM
A Quality Job Depends on Roofing System Inspections
When you're building your Memphis, TN roofing construction business, reputation is everything. It pays to have an extra pair of eyes on your work, and a thorough inspection is well worth the investment. The way you work with homeowners before, during and after the job will leave a big impression, so make sure you're doing everything you can to give them the new roof -- and the service -- that will have them recommending you to their neighbors.
Before the Job
When homeowners hire a local roofer, they are looking for someone who will patiently explain … (3 comments)

roof repair: Do You Want Good or Cheep for Your New Roof? - 02/09/20 06:02 AM
As anyone who has recently shopped for a roof replacement in Tennessee knows, roofing material prices have grown exponentially in recent years. There is one good reason for this, which is due to the development of better quality, longer-lasting roofing shingles. There are many wonderful roofing shingle manufactures on the market today. Among them are Owens Corning and the CertainTeed Corporation. These two companies manufacture shingles that have a rated wind load of 130 MPH, which is equivalent to a category III hurricane's sustained winds. They also can protect against algae for up to 10 years. This alga can cause discoloration … (0 comments)

roof repair: Insurance Roof Claim & Mortgage Check Endorsement - 02/01/20 08:48 AM
There are many insurance roofing claims every day. Most homeowners are not aware of the insurance claims check policy with the majority of the insurance companies in the United States. 
If you have roof damage and file a claim with your insurance carrier, and have a mortgage, there is a 90+ percent chance you will have to deal with these procedures. Most insurance companies will put your name on the claims check, but they will also add the name of your mortgage company. This will leave you having to deal with this. 
There are a few mortgage companies that are very helpful, but … (0 comments)

roof repair: New Roof Installation Pre-Work Checklist - 01/26/20 07:32 AM
If you are in need of a new roof or in the process of vetting a roofing company for a roof repair or new roof. Ask if they have a pre-work checklist. Why is a pre-work checklist so important? A roofing company has many other things in place, like license, insurance, a local office, and good Google reviews shows they a solid but what about the actual experience? 
The experience when getting a new roof is important to you even if you are not thinking about it in those terms. You just want to be treated right and have no problems. For … (0 comments)

roof repair: The Roof Leak That Is Not from Your Roof - 01/26/20 06:34 AM
If you have a leaf coming through your ceiling or see a water stain on your ceiling the first thought will be a roof leak. 
This is what any reasonable person would think. The problem is there are many leaks in a home that may look like a roof leak that is not. Most common roof leaks will be in the kitchen and bathroom and coming from a plumbing pipe boot that needs to be repaired. 
A few other common places your roof is prone to leak is around your chimney and in any valley. So, if you see an active leak or … (4 comments)

roof repair: Roof Coating To Restore Old Roofs - 12/24/16 08:16 AM
A leaky roof can mean everything from interior damage to major repair bills. A roof coating to restore old roofs can be a mojor money savings. If you have a metal or low slope roof repairing your roofing ssyetm can be not only extensive but also a very expensive indevor. 
Best Performing Roofing System
For energy, efficient and attractive finish to your metal or low slope try a roof coating rather than a full roof replacement. The Conklin MR complete waterproofing system is designed to stop leaks as well as prevent rust and provide energy efficient attractive finish to your business. A membrane recoating … (1 comments)

roof repair: Importance of Repairing A Roof Leak - 10/02/16 03:36 AM
If you live in Hammond, Covington, Slidell or other areas near Baton Rouge, our staff at Roof Crafters is ready and able to take care of all your roofing needs. You may feel that a problem such as a leaky roof is not an emergency and can be put off until your budget is healthier. But, in reality, if you don't take care of this problem in a timely manner, the leak may cost you much more time and money in the future. 
Problems Caused by a Leaky Roof
The roof of a home or other type of building protects the contents beneath … (2 comments)

roof repair: Roof Repair Jackson Mississippi - 10/01/16 03:44 AM
One of the biggest projects you can undertake for your home is a roof replacement. Sometimes roof repair Jackson MS and maintenance are not enough when your roof is old or has major damage like wind or hail. When you need a professional roof replacement, look no further than local elite roofing contractor Watkins Construction to help you make sure that new roof is done right. Servicing the Jackson, Brandon, and Madison, and Ridgeland Mississippi areas, they offer a large choice of high grade roof replacement materials from Owens Corning for your Jackson area home. 
Roof Repair Jackson MS
One of the biggest … (0 comments)

roof repair: Louisiana Roofing Should You Repair Your Roof Or Replace It - 02/10/13 07:23 AM
Your home is most likely your largest single investment and a new roof is one of the biggest investments homeowners can make on their home. A professional Louisiana roofing contractor can help make the decision weather you should repair or replace your existing roof less stressful. 
A trusted roofing company can help you make the proper decision on when it is time to make the large investment to replace your roof. In the Denham Springs and Baton Rouge Louisiana areas we have had several recent hail and wind storm and this may be the perfect time to have your roof … (2 comments)

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