roofing contractor: Insurance Storm Claims Process with Mortgage Check - 02/04/17 07:07 AM
If you are one of the many homeowners that had to file an insurance storm claim this year, you will need to know the mortgage check procedures. The insurance storm claims process with mortgage check endorsement can be frustrating and tricky. Normally there will be multiple checks, almost always two and in case of a supplement or personal property damage there may be three or more. 
How the Claims Check Process Works
You just filed storm related claim with your insurance company, so what’s next. Most insurance companies will send an adjuster out within 48 hours of your claim. The adjusters job is … (1 comments)

roofing contractor: Reason To Buy A Metal Roof For Your Next Roof - 01/29/17 09:31 AM
Upgrading your homes exterior is always on the mind of most homeowners. Consider a new metal roof when come time for your next new roof. More colors, better durability, more panel options as well as a beautiful look and energy efficient are just a few reasons to buy a metal roof for your next roof. 
The Many Benefits of Installing A Metal Roof
With the metal roofing industry growing so fast it is easy to see some of the benefits to a metal roof. Most other roofing materials weaken over time; metal roofing systems are one of the few that keeps its integrity … (21 comments)

roofing contractor: Importance of Repairing A Roof Leak - 10/02/16 03:36 AM
If you live in Hammond, Covington, Slidell or other areas near Baton Rouge, our staff at Roof Crafters is ready and able to take care of all your roofing needs. You may feel that a problem such as a leaky roof is not an emergency and can be put off until your budget is healthier. But, in reality, if you don't take care of this problem in a timely manner, the leak may cost you much more time and money in the future. 
Problems Caused by a Leaky Roof
The roof of a home or other type of building protects the contents beneath … (2 comments)

roofing contractor: Roof Repair Jackson Mississippi - 10/01/16 03:44 AM
One of the biggest projects you can undertake for your home is a roof replacement. Sometimes roof repair Jackson MS and maintenance are not enough when your roof is old or has major damage like wind or hail. When you need a professional roof replacement, look no further than local elite roofing contractor Watkins Construction to help you make sure that new roof is done right. Servicing the Jackson, Brandon, and Madison, and Ridgeland Mississippi areas, they offer a large choice of high grade roof replacement materials from Owens Corning for your Jackson area home. 
Roof Repair Jackson MS
One of the biggest … (0 comments)

roofing contractor: Flood Restoration Baton Rouge & Denham Springs - 09/02/16 05:40 AM
Flood restoration Baton Rouge Denham Springs, projects often involve mold remediation, which entails removing and cleaning up mold that has developed in structure due to moisture and flood damage. Roof crafters and flood restoration contractors in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs, Louisiana often handle mold remediation using a variety of methods.
Flood Restoration Baton Rouge & Denham Springs: Is Bleach Acceptable To Kill Mold
 One such method that often comes under question is the use of chlorine bleach for the effective removal of mold from building materials that have been contaminated. According to the Clorox Company in Oakland CA, bleach has been deemed … (2 comments)

roofing contractor: Hammond Roofer: Common Roof Flashings - 07/31/16 01:47 AM
One common place to find roofing problems is issues with your roofs flashings. Problems happen when your roofing flashings are not installed properly, or when it has damaged due to exposure to sever weather. Flashing problems normally start small, but often get worse quickly if moisture is getting into your home.
Hammond Roofer: What Is Roof Flashings
There are a numerous  places where holes have been added your roofs decking to allow your home to ventilate properly. Your chimney is one of the largest holes in your deck and and creates a roof leak potential, and in many cases, heater exhaust … (1 comments)

roofing contractor: Roof Repair Baton Rouge Louisiana-Hail Damage Actions For Your Home - 05/23/12 11:52 AM
You have your Baton Rouge Louisiana home for sale and the home inspector comes back with his report saying you have hail damage to your roof, what do you you do next? The biggest problem is time or more to the point the lack of it, get professional advice as fast as you can.
I have written a couple articles on roof damage and the possibility of your insurance company denying your hail damage claim. I have a client in Baton Rouge that has had her house on the market for quite some time and finally got a contract. One … (0 comments)

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