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Photo Credit: "Levitation" by the very talented Axel Naud---In our lifetime we've seen a few little bubbles and a couple big ones. Ok, if you're approaching your 90's you've experienced one more than the rest of us.Those who write about housing are still a bit edgy about the housing bubble. There...
"Will there be fire flies?"That was the first question I asked.When the cool winds of Memphis became hot, like someone had turned on the heater, my mom announced that we'd be headed up north to visit grandma.She lived on a street called Pleasant.Whereas most streets were paved, Grandma's were of ...
For those playing at home, the top three home builders are: DH Horton, Lennar and Pulte.The new number four will be the merged units of Standard Pacific and Ryland.Although Standard Pacific will own 59% of the merged unit, Ryland's Larry Nicholson will become CEO of the venture which currently ow...
I have the sneaky suspicion that google is trying to win the internet.They are so needy that they keep giving us stuff for free.Yes. There is a catch. Everything we feed the machine helps google learn about us. And then sell us something in the way of banner ads, and what-not.But hey- I blog.I've...
The good people at BigLeap have created a best and brightest interactive map.There you'll find a map of the Utah businesses that can be found up and down the area called the silicon slopes.So many companies that are famous, as well as those headed in that direction can be found in this one locati...
  In the middle of September 2008, John McCain became a little famous by saying "the fundamentals of the economy are sound."Never mind that the real estate bubble had begun to burst and financial institutions were beginning to topple. In the aftermath, many homeowners found their homes were worth...

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