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I remember hearing that there was a farcical musical being made about the Book of Mormon.My initial reaction was, "Oh, this will bomb. The average person is not interested in such a niche topic."So, I was surprised that it not only found an audience but went on to win nine Tony Awards.So, it's ob...
In most states the title company is the same for the buyer and seller.There may be a small back and forth between the buyer and seller with regard to which party picks the title company but, in the end, there is one representative preparing the closing documents.In Utah the seller and the buyer c...
Outside of Utah it's largely unknown. But here? It's absolutely huge.(I'm not kidding.) Banks are closed. Many businesses have closed the doors as well. Most government offices are shut down. It's Pioneer Day. The place is buzzing with activities: Parades, Rodeos, Fireworks (on par with July 4th)...
For those who purchase solar or are considering purchasing, this is a must read.Should you decide to refinance your home, there are ramifications.Joe presents a scenario that needs to be considered in his excellent article.     “Solar is Great, But Creating Mortgage Issues”         We’re in the m...
"Sensitive Species" by the very talented Rennett Stowe---Are you a spammer?I guess it depends not just on how often you tweet, send email, or text.To a certain type of potential client it really matters how informative or helpful your message is.To the millennial client- this is even more crucial...

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