good deeds: Angels with Acne - 12/13/15 10:10 PM
The  snow falls gently to the pavement.
One inch.
Then  two.
Then Three.
Then four.
I put on my work boots, and coat and grab the shovel.
And, sleepy eyed, push and scrape and heave-ho knowing that, snow?
There will be more.
I think of the widows and single moms- who'll shovel their paths?
I awoke too late to do more than this drive,
and then I'm gone.
But I love that here,
in this place...
as if from days gone by,
In the darkness I see a boy.
Then another.
Another, another one, and still some more.
Dragging shovels not much shorter than they,
They approach the next driveway and they shovel,
And they push,
and they finish the chore.
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