housing: Investment Mystery Solved (16 Countries Investigated) - 10/17/18 11:28 AM
What's the best way to spend your money? Some might say spend it on things you love. Others may counter- use that money to make more money.
The secret is out. There are many ways to make money but there is one best way to do it.
So, if it's money that you love, a report titled, "The Rate of Return on Everything" is just what the doctor ordered.
The researchers exhaustingly investigated 16 wealthy nations over a 150 year time period and have released their findings.
These are the components:
The time period: 1870 - 2015
The investment vehicles: treasury bills, treasury bonds, equities, residential housing
The … (10 comments)

housing: I Hate to Burst Your Bubble - 06/29/15 02:37 AM

Photo Credit: "Levitation" by the very talented Axel Naud
In our lifetime we've seen a few little bubbles and a couple big ones. Ok, if you're approaching your 90's you've experienced one more than the rest of us.
Those who write about housing are still a bit edgy about the housing bubble. There was a quick run up in housing prices which was followed by a collapse in pricing that spurred on a recession unlike any since the great depression.
So, when we see some key indicators shift, we start to ask ourselves, "is this a bubble?"
I see some problem areas:
·         Certain … (8 comments)

housing: Market Data- It's seldom fresh and always needs an update - 07/17/08 05:56 AM

Ohhhh... The Ever-Changing Market- I'm typically optimistic regarding several sectors of the real estate market. The statistics that most of us see tend to give a macro-view. This only makes sense because news agencies tend to want to capture a wide audience. However, the large view is overwhelming- it paints a picture that often has limited value at the local level.
Knowing this, I like to understand smaller target markets. I take a micro view. So, what I report to my buyers tends to be more narrowly focused. I can show results for areas and look for the bright spots... … (3 comments)

housing: Nice Surprises in the Market News- Both Nationally and in Arizona - 06/29/08 12:23 PM

"Act surprised" ... that's the command I gave my daughters as they unknowingly became a part of my blog-marketing campaign.
Fortunately they put up with me.
OK... for about 3 seconds... and no do-overs.
This is a brief snapshot with my wrap-up of this week's market news. There's some good... some not so good but, overall I'm pleased with the direction of things.
Here are the good surprises:
"After-tax incomes and spending show big gains" - That's the market headline from the associated press. Another quote within the article, "The Commerce Department reported that disposable incomes, the amount … (4 comments)

housing: Map Housing & Transportation Costs for Your Area - 04/28/08 11:44 AM

It's the modern home buyer quandry:
Do I want to pay more for the home to live closer work/school?
Do I want to pay less to live further away?
Lately I'm performing the following searches:
Homes close to work/school (usually re-sale) Homes further away at bargain value pricing (often new homes) We look at each and calculate cost and time savings vs. expenses and time lost. Each buyer is different- some will want to buy as much house as possible while others want less time on the road.
Wouldn't it be great to see a visual representation of home … (17 comments)

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