investing in real estate: The future of real estate. Seriously. Click here. - 12/19/18 07:36 PM
That's a teaser title. But hang in there with me. I have a point to make.
I have a lawyer friend. I see all sorts of people asking his legal opinion on matters large and small.
Same goes for my doctor friend.
If someone's an expert, people are going to ask them questions.
So what do we real estate agents get asked all the time (at least, this agent, that is.)
So... what's up with the market?
Where do you think the market's headed?
How's the market?
I figured that if I'm being asked this- there has to be a whole bunch of people asking it on … (29 comments)

investing in real estate: Investment Mystery Solved (16 Countries Investigated) - 10/17/18 11:28 AM
What's the best way to spend your money? Some might say spend it on things you love. Others may counter- use that money to make more money.
The secret is out. There are many ways to make money but there is one best way to do it.
So, if it's money that you love, a report titled, "The Rate of Return on Everything" is just what the doctor ordered.
The researchers exhaustingly investigated 16 wealthy nations over a 150 year time period and have released their findings.
These are the components:
The time period: 1870 - 2015
The investment vehicles: treasury bills, treasury bonds, equities, residential housing
The … (10 comments)

investing in real estate: Beware the Land Lease - 02/02/16 10:55 AM
"What's a land lease?"
That's the question an investor asked me after she purchased a home at auction.
"It depends" was my initial answer.
A look at her paperwork revealed that she owned the home but not the land, which was owned by the golf community trust.
There were a number of paragraphs which explained the land usage renewals and transfer clauses. 
As it turned out, her investment was still a good one.
There were plenty of people looking to live in the subdivision.
Upon listing the home she provided documentation in which she disclosed all encumbrances.
Although I titled this "beware" I don't mean to scare anyone off.
It's possible that purchasing … (12 comments)

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