investors: Beware the Land Lease - 02/02/16 10:55 AM
"What's a land lease?"
That's the question an investor asked me after she purchased a home at auction.
"It depends" was my initial answer.
A look at her paperwork revealed that she owned the home but not the land, which was owned by the golf community trust.
There were a number of paragraphs which explained the land usage renewals and transfer clauses. 
As it turned out, her investment was still a good one.
There were plenty of people looking to live in the subdivision.
Upon listing the home she provided documentation in which she disclosed all encumbrances.
Although I titled this "beware" I don't mean to scare anyone off.
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investors: Investors: Use a Title Company - 02/24/15 06:00 AM
This topic may seem obvious. "Use a title company? of course I would."
I'm surprised though that investors will sometimes want to take shortcuts that could be harmful.
I am a licensed real estate agent who has bought and sold real estate as an investment.
I also offer my services to find properties that investors may want to acquire.
From time to time a client tells me they would like to buy someone's property but would rather not have to get a title company involved.
In other words, like all investors, they would like to minimize cost as a means to maximize gain.
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investors: Finding Properties that aren't on the MLS - 04/09/14 05:15 AM
A majority of my time is spent finding properties for investors.
Most of these properties are not listed on the multiple listing service.
These are properties found through a variety of means, including:
Wholesalers Trustee Sales Probate Private Party sales Auctions Even when there is a large inventory on the MLS, there will always be investors searching for below-market deals. So, it's as if the inventory will never meet the demand of the investor market.
If you'd like to know more about the services I provide, let me know.
Although many of my investors typically purchase with cash, there are also … (4 comments)

investors: Real Estate Investing - Phoenix Real Estate Auctions - 11/08/09 03:09 AM
Real estate investing has always required a little bit of foresight and a modicum of due diligence.
The process has, over the past few decades, been made somewhat easier by the knowledge that time heals all real estate wounds
In other words- even bad deals could be fixed by cost of living adjustments and growth.
Land, being a scarce object, would increase in value because you can't make more of it.
Time is the unknown.
How much time does it take for a property to increase in value?
Now- the time factor has a warp to it.
Some properties are not … (7 comments)

investors: The Metaphor of the Half-Pipe - 01/07/08 05:41 AM
Try searching for pictures of skateboarders. Rarely will you see them at the low point. Yet you'll find many spectacular photos showing them barreling down hill or flying high above the boundaries of the half -pipe.The bottom of the pipe- both approaching and slightly rising are less intersting to us.This is our real estate market. Some economists will vary, saying the market hasapproached the troughis at the low pointis on a slight riseTo the investor it doesn't matter... as long as it's any of the three. The average investor is happy to see that the properties they desire are in the … (3 comments)