mesa: Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport to be the Country's Next Aerotropolis - 11/06/08 02:21 AM
Real Estate nerd that I am, I've spent quite a bit of time watching zoning hearings regarding the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. This is the area that includes the old Williams Air Force Base and the nearby General Motors Proving Grounds.
As the Valley of the Sun has continued to grow in size- these once distant locations have been eyed by visionaries and potential citizens alike as a prime destination. The city of Mesa, working in harmony with the cities of Queen Creek and Gilbert have been spending a great deal of time making sure this new population center will be well … (4 comments)

mesa: Service For Officer Shane Figueroa to be Held Saturday in Mesa - 10/30/08 12:45 PM
Maybe you know families like this.

It's a family of teachers, soldiers or firefighters. There's something in their blood that answers the call to serve the public.

With several relatives on the force, it probably came to little surprise that Shane would become a policeman.


A few days ago my wife and I were watching the news. The report was breaking, so there wasn't a whole lot to glean from the report.

Apparently a policeman had lost his life... Officer Figueroa of Maricopa.

Maricopa has become large and Figueroa is not an uncommon name.

mesa: Dad, Life's Good For You, Right? - 10/02/08 11:02 AM
It happened one day.
My daughter and I were in the car... serious-faced- she asked,
"Dad, Life's good for you, right?"
I was about to answer philosophically when she added, "I mean... better than most cereals?"
I was prompted by Gregory Lohr to share that snippet. It was from my comment on his blog post "The Not So Sweet Truth" which is based on this: Consumer Reports Investigates Sugar in Cereal.
Still. It begs the philosophical question... Life is good for you, right? The short answer, is yes... life is good. In fact- very good. Let me illustrate:
We have … (31 comments)

mesa: Who is Nie Nie... and Why Do You Need to Know? - 09/08/08 10:04 AM
It happens. You stumble across a blog and read something that brings up those happy memories.

Some people have a gift. They can't help it. Their thoughts are personal and they express them as if they're meant for you alone.

You don't know them, but for an instant you feel you do. Such is the experience of reading The Nie Nie Dialogues.
This is a blog my daughter would visit.

She said, "You know how most kids never wrote in their diary unless they were sent to their room... and then it's page-after-page of angry 'I hate … (5 comments)

mesa: The Narrow "Free Money" Window for the First Time Homebuyer - Update - 08/02/08 05:26 AM

Attention First Time Home Buyers:
There is a very a narrow window of opportunity right now.
I'm talking about those who go into contract before October 1st.
You'll be able to qualify for down payment assistance programs that pay most (sometimes all) of your closing costs.
You'll also be able to qualify for the tax credits that will be made available through new legislation. This is a credit toward your taxes valued at up to $7,500.
UPDATE: The details are thus... Any home purchased between April 9, 2008 and July 1, 2009 can qualify for $7,500 or 10% … (11 comments)

mesa: Unlisted Investment Properties - 06/14/08 06:17 AM
One of the little known secrets of real estate is that there are agents who have a significant portfolio of investment properties that are not be listed.
You won't find them on the MLS or any website.
Why would this be? Here's a partial list:
Sellers don't want to the publicity. They will ask an agent to "get the word out" and see if they can reach a private settlement. The properties require a great deal of due diligence. Some properties are off the beaten path. They may have beautiful scenery or might be located in areas that have no sales … (8 comments)

mesa: The Day Has Arrived: Mesa Picks New Mayor May 20, 2008 - 05/19/08 10:50 AM
Though I spend most of my time working in Tempe and Scottsdale, I'm a resident of Mesa. For those keeping track, I'm also been interested in seeing who our next mayor would be.
Here are the posts I've written about this: Mesa to Choose New Mayor Mesa Mayor Race Way Too Close to Call Mesa Arizona Mayoral Run-Off Election to be Held May 20, 2008 The time has finally arrived for this city of more than 450,000 residents to decide who wins the run-off election between Scott Smith and Rex Griswold. It's also time to choose a few pivotal council seats.

mesa: Academic Excellence- Mesa Arizona Schools - 04/20/08 02:46 PM

"Chuck- you live in Mesa; how are the schools?"

That's the question I was asked earlier today.

It's also a question I love to answer, "Mesa's Schools are excellent!"

Here's some of the latest news:

America's Promise Alliance recognized Mesa Public Schools as No. 1 for its graduation rate among the nation's 50 largest cities.

Two of USA Today's Best College Students 2008 are from Mesa's Mountain View High... the same High School that has produced 14 of the last 18 state championship teams in the "Academic Decathalon. Perhaps the tradition of excellence begins early... … (3 comments)

mesa: 1935 Advertising - Arizona Tourism Nostalgia - 03/12/08 08:31 AM
It's fun to look back.
As anyone who has ever "gone home" has discovered... sometimes our memories are hazy at best.
That mountain you remembered as a child really is closer to a molehill. The big buildings? - small. The big city itself? - little. Thankfully- there are some memories that can not be changed.
The memory of fun times and great friends. The taste of grandma's cooking. The fragrance of mom's flower garden. You get the picture.
Everyday I pitch the quality of life in Arizona.
I have to admit though, that this must have been a greater challenge in … (6 comments)

mesa: Mesa Mayor Race Way to Close Too Call - 03/02/08 02:19 PM
A month and a half I blogged about the three candidates for Mayor of Mesa Arizona.
OK... plenty of time has passed.
Many issues have been debated. 
Now, with the elections just over a week away... appears that half of city's residences have yet to make up their minds.
So says a report on MSNBC.
For those undecided, right now would be a good time to visit the candidates' web sites.
There's plenty of time to assess the issues. 
Go here for the official sites:   

mesa: Is the Bubble Leaking? - 02/22/08 10:50 AM
I'm seeing a trend. Until I see more evidence... well...
I can't call it a definite movement but....
the local Phoenix market shows signs of a market uptick.
Here's a few observations:
Homes in several east valley cities appreciated Homes in some neighborhoods are selling quicker Certain home builders sales are improving These movements are singular. The east valley cities are:
Tempe Mesa Scottsdale In Mesa for instance the average home sold at a price $10k higher (Jan 2007 to Jan 2008).
Other cities saw depreciation. So- this indication could be spurious.
In Tempe, an area that I farm has homes … (4 comments)

mesa: Mesa Gated Community House and Guest House- Video Slide Show - 02/06/08 03:38 AM
Here is a slide show for the property I recently listed that is located at 2505 E. Lehi Rd #15 Mesa AZ 85213. The property includes a main house and guest house that also has a very large office and game room. This short sale home sold for $950,000 last year but is now listed at $750,000. It's in a private gated community that has to be seen to be appreciated. For further information contact me, Chuck Willman at 480.292.0600. … (9 comments)

mesa: Short Sale in Mesa, AZ - Home & Guest House in Gated Community $750K - 02/01/08 09:23 AM

mesa: Gold found in Arizona's Valley of the Sun! - 01/31/08 02:04 AM

With Gold trading at an all time high or $935 per ounce, I feel it's only appropriate to tell you where to find some. 
Mere miles from where I blog, are the Superstition Mountains. Sojourners travel from around the world in search of the "Lost Dutchman's Mine." Heres's a synopsis from wikipedia:
"In this story (actually two interconnected stories), members of the Apache tribe are said to have a very rich gold mine located in the Superstition mountains. Famed Apache Geronimo is sometimes invoked in this story. In most variants of the story, the family of a man called Miguel … (6 comments)

mesa: What is Infill? - 01/29/08 04:32 AM

According to the latest wikepedia entry, Infill is "the use of land within a built-up area for further construction, especially as part of a community redevelopment or growth management program or as part of smart growth. It focuses on the the reuse and repositioning of obsolete or underutilized buildings and sites."
In other words, Infill is empty land within an otherwise developed area.
Cities tend to grow outward. New home developments spring up on the outskirts of town because that's where the available land is.
Whenever land becomes available in higher density areas, builders will give it a good look. … (7 comments)