provo: A View From that Hill Across the Street - 06/29/17 03:58 PM
We face-timed the grand-kidsĀ and said, "check this out."
"What's that?" They asked.
"That's Mystery Mountain Jr."
Ok. I that's not the name. But you have to give them something to look forward to, right?
"We won't climb it until you get here." I promised.
The months passed.
And this little hill's mystery remained unanswered to us.
We saw the deer walk down hill and roam the neighborhood.
We peered out front as the snow settled on it and the neighbors sleighed down it.
We watched it as it changed colors.
And then, with grand-kidsĀ here, we finally climbed it.
Half way up we saw the neighborhood grow smaller.
Then we took in the entire … (7 comments)

provo: Largest Homes in America are in Provo/Orem Utah - 04/27/15 08:00 AM
Everything is big in Utah (sorry Texas).
It has been a while since I found this out and I, for some reason, didn't want to brag.
But what the heck, I'll go ahead and let you know what USA Today blabbed about back in December.
In conjunction with and the census bureau, researchers wanted to get a pulse on statistics such as home size, unemployment, and cost per square foot of homes across America.
Turns out the Provo/Orem area of Utah has the largest homes. The average home in the area is just 20 sq ft shy of 2,000.
That's pretty amazing when one considers … (2 comments)

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