real estate investing: If not “then”, then why not now? - 04/28/15 10:52 PM
A number of years ago I was visiting with a friend.
We had known a few people who had gone from regular folks to local real estate bigwigs.
We had thought “if only we had seen the trends and jumped on them then maybe we would be sitting pretty as well."
He said, “if not then, then why not now?”
There is a fallacy to the phrase of “if only then” that seems to preclude our ability to enjoy “right now.”
We decided on one goal, “Let’s purchase our first property within three weeks.”
Never mind that we didn’t have the money.
Never mind that we didn’t know … (8 comments)

real estate investing: Investors: Use a Title Company - 02/24/15 06:00 AM
This topic may seem obvious. "Use a title company? of course I would."
I'm surprised though that investors will sometimes want to take shortcuts that could be harmful.
I am a licensed real estate agent who has bought and sold real estate as an investment.
I also offer my services to find properties that investors may want to acquire.
From time to time a client tells me they would like to buy someone's property but would rather not have to get a title company involved.
In other words, like all investors, they would like to minimize cost as a means to maximize gain.
To … (5 comments)

real estate investing: Real Estate Investing - Phoenix Real Estate Auctions - 11/08/09 03:09 AM
Real estate investing has always required a little bit of foresight and a modicum of due diligence.
The process has, over the past few decades, been made somewhat easier by the knowledge that time heals all real estate wounds
In other words- even bad deals could be fixed by cost of living adjustments and growth.
Land, being a scarce object, would increase in value because you can't make more of it.
Time is the unknown.
How much time does it take for a property to increase in value?
Now- the time factor has a warp to it.
Some properties are not … (7 comments)

real estate investing: The Real Estate Agent's "Frenemy" - 06/21/09 09:41 AM
"Frenemy" (sometimes spelled "frienemy") is a portmanteau of "friend" and "enemy" which can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend or to a partner who is simultaneously a competitor.
Source: Oxford English Dictionary online, draft entry, December 2008 (Via Wikipedia)
I read with interest Harry D'Elia's recent blog post about buying homes on the courthouse steps. Part of the interest is that I too purchase homes at that stage between pre-foreclosure and bank ownership. So, I wanted to see if he got it right. And... I think he did... any difference between his view and mine would be of … (28 comments)

real estate investing: When it Clicked - 08/01/08 08:39 AM

I received an email quite a few months ago. It was from a teenager who was wondering what it would take to become a home-buyer. I sent a reply ... it took just a few minutes. It could have been titled "Baby Steps to Home Ownership." It was what she requested. The first step involved building credit.
She thanked me, saying mine was the only reply. I put her information into my calendar and checked up with her every once in a while.
To my surprise she had actually followed my advice.
Today I received a referral from a … (9 comments)

real estate investing: Real Estate Investing Conference in Mesa, Arizona - July 31 - Aug 2 - 07/31/08 12:54 PM
For those planning to attend the three day conference being sponsored by "Rich Now, Rich for Life" I've been invited to be a guest for speaker tomorrow night's event:
Here is the confirmed order of service for this weekend.
Thursday July 31
6:30-6:45 Opening and conference overview
6:45-8:00 John Hrimnak "Prospering in a tough economy"
8:00-8:20 Break
8:20-9:25 Shane Robinson "Wholesaling"
Friday Aug 1
6:35-8:00 Scot Anderson
8:00-8:20 Break
8:20-9:25 Chuck Willman "Real Estate"
Saturday Aug 2
9:00-10:00 Jeff Manson "Stocks"
10:15-11:30 Gary and Melody "Changing your Paradigms"
11:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:45 Del Letournea "Market Conditions"
1:45-2:45 Derek/Christina Jordan "Marketing"

real estate investing: The Accidental Millionaire - 07/09/08 07:44 AM

Beverly Hillbillies Mansion- Photo By Alan Light
America is home to accidental millionaires. 
These are they who didn't plan on becoming wealthy; it just, for lack of a better explanation, sort of happened.
This is how an older friend explained it to me. "I arrived in town with hay in my ears. Bought some land way out there and then everyone else showed up. I didn't think this land was worth much more than I paid for it and next thing I know it's valuable."
It is the law of supply-and-demand in action.
Unless we can learn to harness … (11 comments)

real estate investing: What Happens to Comps as the Housing Market Recovers? - 05/12/08 10:48 AM

So you've been looking to buy a home.
The bidding has been competitive- you made an offer on a great home- the sellers accepted another bid.
You've discovered that the "buyers' market" that you've been reading about now seems mythical.
You bid on another home and lose out again. What? A competitive market?
Now... you've found the home of your dreams and don't want to lose out to another bidder.
You made a full price offer and crossed your fingers... hurray- you "won" the bid!
Will your home appraise?
The answer- it depends.
Hopefully you had a "comparative market analysis" … (9 comments)

real estate investing: Climbing the Fence - 01/27/08 10:45 AM
There was a fence near my childhood home that was too tall to climb.
Or so I thought.
After seeing my brother and his friend scale the fence with little difficulty I discovered that, with enough determination, I could do so also.
And what I saw enthralled me.
There were kids playing baseball on a beautiful green field.
I wanted to be there... playing baseball with them.
With time I was.
Sure. I struck out a few times.
I was hit by a pitch or two and skinned my knees on more than one occasion.
But that was a small price … (7 comments)

real estate investing: The Herd & The Investor - 01/19/08 09:30 AM
Warren Buffett. He's the second richest American, according to Forbes magazine.
His net worth is pegged at $52 billion, and rising.
... and he got there by investing.
It's a curious thing... this business of real estate investing.
It's easy to find investors when prices are inflating.
It's harder to find them in the decline.
It's only natural. We have a herd mentality... no doubt about it.

Maybe it's time to revisit a quote from Warren Buffett.
This Buffett quote was taken from Forbes magazine... He cautions investors to not follow the herd, saying:
"try to be fearful when … (6 comments)

real estate investing: The Metaphor of the Half-Pipe - 01/07/08 05:41 AM
Try searching for pictures of skateboarders. Rarely will you see them at the low point. Yet you'll find many spectacular photos showing them barreling down hill or flying high above the boundaries of the half -pipe.The bottom of the pipe- both approaching and slightly rising are less intersting to us.This is our real estate market. Some economists will vary, saying the market hasapproached the troughis at the low pointis on a slight riseTo the investor it doesn't matter... as long as it's any of the three. The average investor is happy to see that the properties they desire are in the … (3 comments)

real estate investing: Euros, Dollars & Yen- Oh My... America is a Bargain - 12/28/07 09:34 AM

First off... let me make one thing clear... the graphic notwithstanding, this is not a post about money laundering. It is, however, a post about international currency.
In a nutshell- the dollar's value against other world currencies is depressed. Quick facts:
The Euro has been climbing upward. This year it hit an all time high agains the U.S. Dollar. The Yen? Also climbing Bonus Question...Which dollar is more valuable... U.S. or Canadian? Answer below. The dollar is losing ground against other currencies. And yes, the Canadians own the most valuable dollar.
What does that mean for the United States with … (33 comments)

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