utah: Droning on and on About Utah's Changing Fall Colors - 10/05/18 02:41 PM
As the remnants of summer turn to autumn, nature puts on that last colorful coat before winter.
Some of my best travel memories include the drive from Washington DC to Pennsylvania, a must-see trip through Sedona Arizona and my local favorite- traversing Utah's Alpine Loop with Sundance at its central stop.
I'm sure you have your favorites, but this one is moving high up the national list.
Justin McFarland is a Utah local who has presented some pretty breathtaking landscapes via camera and drone. Here's some of his latest work:
Click for YouTube footage
This footage has gone a bit viral, showing up on multiple websites around the … (9 comments)

utah: Open House - 6019 Ridge Rd - Highland, UT 84003 - 08/18/18 02:33 PM
5 Bed / 4 Bath / 4,168 sq ft / 539k
Back on the market!
There's a whole lot to love here:
Glorious Mountain Views Half Acre Walkout Basement Fruit Trees Walkout Basement Playground Spacious Deck New fuel efficiency water heaters Air Purification System This place has it all.
See it today (open house until 4 pm) or anytime by appointment.
Chuck Willman

utah: Single Ladies are Buying Houses at Twice the Pace of Single Men - 05/30/18 01:31 PM
It's not all doom and gloom in the gender gap wars.
Single women are buying homes at twice the pace of single men.
This according to the Washington Post 
Why is that? It's not just one thing. Among the reasons given:
They see the purchase as an investment. They're concerned with rising rents. For those in their 40's and up- they're tired of apartment living.  
Let's talk about the pay gap. Any of us could find all sorts of statistics that show women are still making less than men, even in cases where the job is very similar. Owning a home (versus renting) can be … (7 comments)

utah: Personal Advice Needed? Take a Number (Kindness of Strangers Edition) - 05/02/18 02:02 PM
Thank Goodness For The Impartial Third Party.
Sometimes people don't want to ask personal questions of friends and family. There's too much invested... and so much history. Sure, family and close friends should be good at keeping a secret. But they can also be the worst.
Let's look at the potential downside: Family and friends can have their own agenda. Their advice can be self-serving and can sound like a lecture. And we may have to deal with them flipping our questions back on themselves- turning our question into their unrelated diversion. So, what does one do?
Sometimes we ask a stranger.
What does a stranger care? … (14 comments)

utah: Salt Lake City Named "2nd Most Hipster" - 04/10/18 09:33 AM
Every place has an identity, culture, vibe (call it what you will).
As the world tends to become more indistinct, with the same logos and retail outlets dotting the landscape, it's getting harder for the "mom and pops" to maintain a standing in the town or city in which we live.
One thing that makes a city unique and vibrant is the businesses and activities that sit outside of the generic. Go to Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and many other strong-identity American cites and you'll sense the difference. There is just something that is other worldly that lends to a only-found-here charm.
Most of these … (4 comments)

utah: Draper Utah - Quick Move In Homes - David Weekley Deer Run - 04/07/18 12:07 PM
With the current market conditions as they are, many buyers find themselves in a multiple offer situation. Or, they would like a new home but don't have months to wait for it to be built. David Weekley has new homes with stunning views that are nearly finished and ready for quick move in.
Skip the build time and start growing a lifetime of memories in one of our move-in ready, or ready soon, David Weekley Showcase Homes @ DEER RUN in Draper! Root yourself in this family-friendly community and spring into the lifestyle you’ve always wanted today.

Learn about our Showcase Homes by … (2 comments)

utah: Current Market Conditions - Alpine, Utah - Mar 2018 - 03/08/18 03:37 PM
The number of listings available in Alpine, Utah continues to fall.
Since November, the quantity has been on a steady decline while settling in March to the same quantity as last month:
Listings Available in Alpine:
Oct 18: 42
Nov 16: 35
Dec 14: 33
Jan 11: 28
Feb 8: 27
Mar 3: 27
Days on market is currently at 90 days, which is less than the 120 days on market we saw a few months ago. Prices are holding pretty steady as well. Further information below:
Average home price had increased to $900k (from $848k) but has dipped slightly in March to $898k.
No new homes have entered the market in … (2 comments)

utah: Predictive Analytics - The Difference Between Creepy & Cool - 01/30/18 09:46 AM
As more data has become available on line, more companies have arrived on the scene to crunch and normalize data for the use of making large financial decisions.
In real estate, that means that there are companies who will display a myriad of information regarding the details of a real estate transaction.
When this data is put under a microscope, one can deduce things such as: How much equity does a homeowner theoretically have? Who is most likely to sell in the coming months? If I were to buy a home in a certain neighborhood, how much rent could I charge?
These suppositions are … (19 comments)

utah: The BBC Took a Trip to Utah to Discover the State's Secret to Success - 01/08/18 02:40 PM
BBC Radio filed a report about the sudden success the state of Utah has found in the business world.
They spoke to entrepreneurs small and large as well as immigrants and policy makers.
There was a time when Utah business folks seeking to grow would fly to New York, Boston or San Francisco to seek funding. Now the venture capital groups find themselves flying here in search of the next big thing.
Upon arrival they find a diverse workforce with and entrepreneurial attitude as well as over 100,000 college students who may be more gung-ho to stay than go.
It makes for an interesting listen.
The audio … (5 comments)

utah: See Me at TheHouseBuzz on Instagram - 12/21/17 12:43 PM

Hi, I'm Lucy Willman of TheHouseBuzz.com
While I'm building my website (currently you're being directed to my Berkshire Hathaway Site) you may also want to keep track of me on Instagram for the latest real estate Buzz in the Beehive State.
Follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/thehousebuzz/
I have a proven history in many aspects of real estate from commercial, residential resale, new home construction and remodeling. I've also flipped more than a hundred homes.
Interested in Utah Property? Need to Sell? Buy? Invest? 
Let's talk.

utah: New Townhouse - Riverton, Utah - 12/21/17 12:25 PM
4924 W Spire Way #51, Riverton, Utah
4 Bed / 4 Bath / With Basement
MLS Number: MLS 1495900
Built: 2016
FINISHED BASEMENT! This popular Edge Homes townhome is beautifully upgraded, close to Herriman Town Center and shopping, restaurants and the Herriman Rec Center. Open floorplan, cathedral ceilings, big windows. Quartz/granite counter top with stainless sink, tile back splash, stainless Whirlpool dishwasher, gas range and microwave. Master bath with tile surround. Chrome Euro glass shower door. Black flat bar stair rail, 4.5" shutters. Basement 100% finished, bedroom and bath.
Agent: Lucy Willman - 801-404-1134    … (6 comments)

utah: Hey, Are Prices Going Down Yet? - 09/01/17 08:47 AM
Everyone wants a deal.
When purchasing something we tend to be rational economic decision makers.
When we sell, we want the most we can receive.
When we buy, we want more for less.
It has always been like this and we live in a time that rewards this way of thinking.
So, naturally, those who want to list want to make sure they do so at the right time to maximize their gain.
And buyers want bargains.
Utah home prices have been going up, up and away.
Buyers are asking me if the prices are going to fall... and if so, when.
I have no crystal ball, but there are … (3 comments)

utah: A View From that Hill Across the Street - 06/29/17 03:58 PM
We face-timed the grand-kids and said, "check this out."
"What's that?" They asked.
"That's Mystery Mountain Jr."
Ok. I that's not the name. But you have to give them something to look forward to, right?
"We won't climb it until you get here." I promised.
The months passed.
And this little hill's mystery remained unanswered to us.
We saw the deer walk down hill and roam the neighborhood.
We peered out front as the snow settled on it and the neighbors sleighed down it.
We watched it as it changed colors.
And then, with grand-kids here, we finally climbed it.
Half way up we saw the neighborhood grow smaller.
Then we took in the entire … (7 comments)

utah: I'm a Stranger Here Myself - When an Agent Moves to a New Location - 03/28/17 10:46 AM
Years ago I read a book that probably wouldn't have otherwise hit my radar.
I only read it because I had become a fan of the author's other books; so I decided to give his latest efforts a try.
The Author is Bill Bryson, and his book went by the title of Notes from a Big Country. The alternative title, which I felt resonated more, is "I'm a Stranger Here Myself."
Bill was born in America but lived abroad for a couple decades. The country he returned to was foreign to him, and required a few adjustments.
I know this feeling. I'm living it myself. … (8 comments)

utah: The event goes viral - 11/06/16 12:39 AM
I've wondered about the trajectory that makes an event go viral.
When my niece got married it was very much a family affair.
People came in from far-flung locations to celebrate. The wedding was formal and was very much a small celebration of family and close friends.
The reception was held in Cedar Hills which has a breathtaking view of Utah Lake and the surrounding mountains.
As night fell the party got started. As is typical of a Utah reception, the groom shares a dance with his mother and the bride shares a dance with the father.
The daddy daughter dance went Bollywood quickly and finished with the guy next … (1 comments)

utah: Into the Sapphire Night - 09/16/15 01:17 PM
My mother was once gifted a sapphire ring. 
I was young and, of course, uneducated regarding the value of one piece of jewelry verses another but this thing had a quality that was beautiful, mysterious and unforgettable.
The stone was a very dark brand of blue (almost black) and, from certain angles, it seemed as if there were a luminous star that was trying to escape the surface.
At 5:30 each morning I take my morning walk. It's so dark that some of my fellow travelers wear a light on their forehead, like coal miners in thick lycra.
The stars are so bright that I'm ashamed that I had ever forgotten they … (8 comments)

utah: Utah- Two Title Companies Involved With Close of Escrow? - 07/29/15 09:44 AM
In most states the title company is the same for the buyer and seller.
There may be a small back and forth between the buyer and seller with regard to which party picks the title company but, in the end, there is one representative preparing the closing documents.
In Utah the seller and the buyer can use their own title company.
The seller's title company directs the seller's portion of the closing and the buyer's title company directs the buyer's portion.
Is there a difference in cost or time?
In the case in which each party chooses a different title company, the costs should be about the … (13 comments)

utah: It's a Holiday- But 98% Of You Didn't Know It - 07/24/15 07:36 AM
Outside of Utah it's largely unknown.
But here?
It's absolutely huge.
(I'm not kidding.)
Banks are closed.
Many businesses have closed the doors as well.
Most government offices are shut down.
It's Pioneer Day.
The place is buzzing with activities: Parades, Rodeos, Fireworks (on par with July 4th), Dances, Bass Brand Performances, Pioneer Costumes, and many other things (that I would have to capitalize) to say, oh yes, this is a very big deal.
Another thing...
There is also handcart trail walking re-enactments.
Witness myself (ragged hat/white-shirt-what-was-I-thinking) and some local kids sweating it out while pulling several hundred pounds of provisions through the mountains over a 2 1/2 day period.

We traveled 20 … (17 comments)

utah: Making a Leap? Interactive Map of Utah Tech Companies - 06/10/15 02:39 AM
The good people at BigLeap have created a best and brightest interactive map.
There you'll find a map of the Utah businesses that can be found up and down the area called the silicon slopes.
So many companies that are famous, as well as those headed in that direction can be found in this one location.
For the job hunter, this is a fun place to start. Each business has a clickable link to their website. So, get that resume ready and get to clicking.
Have a business? This site will also help you find ways to enhance that business.

utah: Nine State Still Fighting the Severe Drought - 05/28/15 01:36 PM
Utah has had a very wet May. It's one of the wettest on record.
And the place is gorgeous. The hills are green and the flowers are popping.
The rivers are rushing and those fortunate enough to live by steams are hearing the gurgle.
Still. Much of the state is "high desert".
Think Phoenix with Altitude.
OK... much of the southwestern United States is undergoing similar weather.
So. With so much rain, is the drought closer to being over?
The short answer is not quite.
The winter was pretty mild- so there's not much snow in the mountains to slowly release run-off in the coming months.
In April, more than half of Utah … (10 comments)

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