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Video? Please click below to listen to my latest radio spot?   Starting in 2009, people started quoting an interesting search engine statistic. "What's the most popular place to do searches on the web?" The answer - Google.  (no rocket science here). BUT "What's the second most popular place?" Ya...
Radio Spot #14 - "Real Estate Trends II" Identifying Key Trends in the Real Estate Market. Watching, evaluating, and monitoring trends (like good stockbrokers do with the stock market) can pay off.  Once you understand how they can affect real estate, can truly make the difference to your success...
Personal Journey in the Car Business & Real Estate - TOP 5 Funniest Things!!! Any business that deals directly with the public has the potential for some funny stories.  Any business that deals with public regarding the purchase of one's #1 and #2 HIGHEST INVESTMENT ITEMS in one's life has the po...
Spot #14 - "Real Estate Trends I" Chief Economist Brian Wesbury to Steve Forbes - "We need one and a half million houses per year just to keep up with population growth... and then if you throw in, you know, fires and tear-downs and just worn-out properties, we need 1.6 million or more per year. ...
Spot #13 - "Ethics of a REALTOR" IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A real estate "agent" AND A REALTOR? You bet there is!!! Only someone who has met all requirements for membership in the National Association of Realtors and who subscrives to its Code of Ethics has the right to call himself a REALTOR...
Radio Spot #12 - "Marketing your home. II"   REACHING POTENTIAL HOME BUYERS IS NO SMALL CHALLENGE Did you know that today, OVER 90%, of real estate buyers or investors start their search on the internet? And of these, 80% start their search using mobile devices like iPads and smart phones. Today'...
Radio Spot #10 - "Pricing your home."   How much? Anybody selling their home wants to get as much as possible for it. Anybody buying a home wants to pay as little as possible for it. SO WHAT CONSTITUTES A FAIR & REASONABLE PRICE FOR ANY GIVEN HOME? There's an old saying that "a thing is worth wha...
Radio Spot #11 - "Marketing Your Home. I" I HAVE YET TO SEE A HOUSE SELL ITSELF. Selling your home takes: PLANNING, TIME, and EFFORT. & ADVERTISING, MARKETING and PROMOTION. Whether you're trying to sell it yourself or you're working with a REALTOR, you want your home to appear on the radar scree...
Radio Spot #9 - "How much house can you afford? II" Before you set out to buy a house, you need to know:  HOW MUCH HOUSE CAN YOU AFFORD? Getting the answer right can mean the difference between enjoying many happy years of home ownership, or finding yourself in serious financial trouble. The pric...
Radio Spot #8 - "How much house can you afford to Buy? I"   You want to buy a house, and you've been told you should buy as much house as you can afford. That's a good rule of thumb. BUT In recent years many homeowners have found themselves "upside down" on their mortgages, owing more money than ...

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