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Many thanks for your support of HR 5297. It appears that the Senate still hasn't passed the bill yet, as the second cloture motion was withdrawn yesterday. So we'll continue to pester our elected officials until we get the action we need from them . . . last I checked, they DO get paid by us (jus...
“Right now is a great time to buy commercial property.” I say and write that phrase a lot these days. If you're a regular reader of the emails and blog posts I write to you, you've no doubt heard this from me. But I bet you don't hear it or read about it many other places. You might even think me...
I'm traveling to Connecticut today on business, so I had to compose this message between flights, in airports and on planes. I've frustrated a few flight attendants because I just HAD to finish a thought before shutting off my laptop for takeoff. I would have posted this sooner, but I wasn't luck...
I tell people all the time that the SBA 504 loan is the "best-kept secret" in commercial real estate financing for a myriad of reasons. But I know not everyone believes me wholeheartedly. To this day, the SBA 504 loan is still considered a second-tier or third-tier financing option by many people...

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