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The newspapers and TV continue to lament the state of the real estate market in the Northern Virginia area.  It seems that the market is dead and houses are languishing on the market for months with no activity.  I'm assuming this would explain why every home I have shown in the past week has a m...
While many agents are lamenting the state of the real estate market in 2008 the challenges and opportunities that today's market brings make it a chance to learn something new almost everyday.  This market is just what most of us need.  A boost to our brains!Back in the 1990's showing a foreclosu...
Following up on my post An Optimists View of Short Sales today was the day to start making calls to agents to check on the status of offers I presented for my clients at the end of the weekend.  What is interesting in making the follow-up calls it discover how many agents have no idea what is goi...
Yes Virginia short sales do get to closing.  Is it the easiest route to homeownership?  No the easiest way is to find an owner who is aware of the current market conditions in Northern Virginia and prices their home to reflect the market.  Can a short sale work for buyers who are looking for a go...
Once you leave the gates of Fort Belvoir and the convenience of the commissary or PX you are going to want to have some choices of where you find the essentials you need for your family. It isn't hard in Northern Virginia to find what you need.  Whether you are looking for a bag of chips, a paint...
  If the real March madness isn't enough to hold your attention then join in the fun and check out what is happening at the Virginia Association of Realtors Blogger Brawl.  There has been lots of good natured fun poked at all of the blogs and bloggers who have participated in the event from the ...
Even though our military relocation guides are designed to focus on a specific military installation in our area it is tough when we have so many in the DC area to choose from. So this post is a little different.  These past two weeks I have been working with two great military families, one Army...
Headed out today with clients to see how far we could get through a tour of foreclosure and short sale properties in the Lake Ridge area of Prince William County.  It is always interesting to see how lenders have priced properties in the same neighborhoods in very different condition.  Two proper...
There seems to be a lot of discussion recently about the validity of short sales in the MLS and whether those listings are imaginary listings clogging up the MLS and detracting buyers from "real" listings.  Short sales aren't new.  We had them in the 80's and the 90's in Northern Virginia.   What...
No one in the Northern Virginia area is going to deny that of all of the localities Prince William County has been hit the hardest by the sub-prime mortgage industry.  The cost of homes throughout the county were lower than closer in Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria Counties and with significant...

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