belmont bay: Look Look At Me I'm At The Top Of The Tree - 07/15/14 08:37 AM

The young Osprey are out of the nest and making their first flights around Belmont Bay.  As I stepped outside today there was quite a racket and sure enough this one was sitting in the tree by the dock.  The parents were circling and keeping other birds out of the way.
Just another reason I love calling Belmont Bay home.  If you'd like to make a move to a waterfront community with easy access to commuting options to DC give me a call at 703-346-2213.   You can join me on the seasonal Osprey and Eagle watch.

belmont bay: I Showed Up For The Polar Bear Plunge But Nobody Was Here - 02/02/14 03:56 AM

Hey where is everybody?  I thought we all agreed to meet at Belmont Bay for a little dip in the river? This handsome Bald Eagle spent close to an hour just sitting on the ice in Belmont Bay today. I  even had enough time to walk around the marina, go home get my camera and come back.
Not sure how good the fishing is today but glad he decided to stay put for awhile.
Hope you are having a great Sunday.  

belmont bay: All Aboard For The Last Call For Fall Colors In Belmont Bay - 11/09/13 08:21 AM

If you live in Belmont Bay you know the train plays a large role in the neighborhood.  With a Virginia Rail Express Station at the entrance to the community, Belmont Bay is one of the whistle stop communities that was developed when the commuter rail station began to open south from DC into Prince William County.
If you are interested in learning more about Belmont Bay or other Prince William County communities along the VRE tracks give Cindy Jones and CJ Realty Group a call at 703-346-2213. If you are starting your home search check out CallNovaHome or interactive home search … (4 comments)

belmont bay: First Day of Fall? Shhhh Don't Tell These Guys Summer Is Over - 09/22/13 05:02 AM

The calendar may say today is the first day of fall but for a dedicated angler it's just another day to see what's biting.
In Belmont Bay the boats are still out in full force.  And if they don't catch anything they can just head another mile up river and dock at Tim's River Shore before they head home.
Have a great week ahead.

belmont bay: Marina Landing In Belmont Bay-Townhouses On The Occoquan River - 08/15/13 11:29 AM
Would you like to enjoy a view like this?
Then take a look at Marina Landing in Belmont Bay.  Marina Landing is the first mixed used development project fronting the Occoquan River.  Located within walking distance of an established Virginia Rail Express (VRE) station, less than a mile off of I-95, less than 2 miles to commuter parking lots with direct DC service and within 10 miles of the  Fort Belvoir, Marina Landing's location is in a prime location.

Named by the Washington Business Journal as one of the top local areas to watch and by the Washington Post as a … (8 comments)

belmont bay: Thanks Mother Nature For Holding Off The Rain - 06/30/13 10:48 AM

Tim's Rivershore is a popular local "dive" on the Potomac River just a few miles from Belmont Bay and just down the hill from the new Potomac Shores development.  Last night was the annual "Not On The 4th" fireworks show.  We have had some nasty thunderstorms every evening this week but last night sitting on the boat we got to watch the sunset with no worries about rain.
Great way to end one week and get set for a new one.


belmont bay: On A Clear Day You Have An Unobstructed View For Fishing - 05/01/13 09:46 AM

Today was one of those days you look forward to and can't wait to enjoy.  No clouds in the sky, temperatures in the low 70's and a slight breeze.  For the Osprey in Belmont Bay it meant nothing obstructing their view for fishing on the Occoquan River.  
The weather guessers are saying we will have a repeat performance of this wonderful weather for the next 4 days.  I suspect the Osprey will be enjoying it as much as I am.

belmont bay: Occoquan Bay Wildlife Refuge It's More Than Just Birds - 09/14/12 09:55 AM
The Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is made up of 644 acres of land that was reclaimed from the government after an Army research site closed down in 1994 directly on the Occoquan River.  About 50% of the land has been reclaimed as a natural wetland and has become a wildlife refuge for a number of species the most obvious being the Osprey.
The park is home to 400 species of birds but you will find plenty of rabbits, deer, fox, turtle and occasionally a coyote.  When the weather starts to turn a little cooler and the native flowers bloom you … (14 comments)

belmont bay: How To End A Recording Breaking 105 Degree Day - 07/08/12 05:57 AM

Yesterday the temperature reached a record 105 degrees in Northern Virginia.  Having lived 6 years in Arizona the number on the thermometer didn't scare me but the humidity made it almost unbearable.Fortunately the opportunity to escape came in the way of a boat ride and float on the Potomac River at a well known local boaters hangout called Tim's Rivershore.  We dropped anchor then briefly lost the Captain and the First Mate to a swiftly moving current.  Another boater retrieved them and their rafts bringing them safely back to the boat.  Note to self, make sure the raft ropes are … (18 comments)

belmont bay: The End of a Crazy Weekend in Belmont Bay - 07/01/12 10:39 AM

Just about 48 hours ago we were listening to the warnings of severe thunderstorms rolling in to Northern Virginia, DC and MD.  The "Derecho" storm arrived at 10:30 PM and instantly knocked about power to over 1/2 million people in the area.  Belmont Bay was black for almost 24 hours with power coming back on at 8 PM Saturday night.  Fortunately in our area the damage was minimal.  The Belmont Bay marina and boats suffered no damage.For others they weren't so lucky and some are still without power tonight.  It's a reminder to make sure you have emergency supplies on … (13 comments)

belmont bay: Does Flapping My Wings On Take Off Count? - 05/20/12 12:53 AM

The boaters know to pay attention to the no wake signs as the come in and out of Belmont Bay in Woodbridge VA.  I wonder if the Osrpey know to slow their speed as well?  For anyone who likes to watch Osprey fish and listen to their calls the Belmont Bay area and the Occoquan Bay Wildlife Refuge will give you lots of opportunities.

belmont bay: Do You Know What A "Red Flag" Warning Means In Woodbridge VA? - 04/10/12 10:32 AM
It means with high winds and dry conditions there is a high chance of brush fires starting.  Warnings have been given not to throw cigarettes into brush, out car windows and to be careful that you keep your charcoal grill in check.  This is what happens when you don't.  This fire spread from one end of the wetland area in Belmont Bay within 5 minutes.  Fortunately two fire trucks were able to arrive on the scene and keep it from going any further.  One truck is still standing watch since the winds are gusting up to 30 MPH.  Pay attention to … (14 comments)

belmont bay: A Golfers Worst Nightmare-Water And Sand Trap All In One - 12/28/11 01:35 AM

After the rainstorm yesterday I headed out for a walk along the Osprey Golf course in Belmont Bay.  Couldn't help but laugh when I saw the sand trap on the 18th was now also a new water hazzard.   I'm sure any golfers headed out today hope the sun will hope this sand trap doesn't turn into the Double Boogie Blues for them.


belmont bay: Speechless Sunday-The Ghost Boats On Belmont Bay - 12/04/11 03:00 AM

One of the interesting things about life in Belmont Bay is the fog that rolls in during the winter months.  For those who live close to the Belmont Bay Marina there will be many mornings when you can't see the Occoquan River.  Yet drive less than 1/2 mile away to the "upper" part of the neighborhood and the sun is shining.  Whenever I see the fog on the marina I wonder about the ships that crossed through this area in the 1600 and 1700's.  Did they ever had to drop anchor and wait for the fog to clear as … (14 comments)

belmont bay: Speechless Sunday-Can You Wear White After Labor Day? - 11/13/11 02:44 AM

 If this rose in Belmont Bay has a say, then the no white after Labor Day rule no longer applies.
Even though we've had frost on the ground the last couple of days this rose is still blooming and gives any one who walks by a beautiful show and a wonderful whiff of sweet aroma.  It goes to show that Mother Nature doesn't always follow the rules when it comes to seasonal wear.

belmont bay: Will You Panic When You Realize the Aliens Have Landed? - 11/07/11 08:54 AM

I could attempt to turn this into a post about even something remotely related to real estate but I'm not feeling very creative.  Whenever I see a Praying Mantis up close I wonder if this is where all of the drawings of alien faces strarted.   This one was a biggie and moving quite slow across the path in the park this afternoon.  Just like me trying to soak a few rays of sun before it heads below the horizon.  Glad I'm not small enough to be his or her dinner.

belmont bay: Speechless Sunday-Hanging On To Summer As Long As I Can - 10/23/11 03:24 AM

On this morning's stroll in Belmont Bay it was a brisk 40 degrees.  Despite the chill in the air this rose is still hanging on the to the warmth of the daytime sun.  Most of us where the leaves are changing colors can understand the hope of soaking in a few more days of sunshine before the cold winter months sink in.Hope you have a beautiful fall day where ever you are this weekend.Photo taken with iPhone

belmont bay: Friday Fotos-Putting On A Happy Face At The End Of A Rainy Day - 09/23/11 03:28 PM

Driving home tonight I spied this rainbow over the Belmont Bay marina.  Fortunately my camera was in the car and a number of my neighbors were out enjoying this sight as well.  After a long gray rainy day the rainbow was a welcome sight.  Just another good reason why Belmont Bay is a great place to call home. 

belmont bay: Never Mess With Mother Nature-The Occoquan River After Tropical Storm Lee - 09/09/11 02:59 AM
Though there are harder hit areas along the east coast of the US from both Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, Northern Virginia hasn't escaped the rath of the storm.   This morning I decided to head out to take a look at Occcoquan River to see how she was faring with all of the rain.
The historic Town of Occoquan was flooded last night from Balliwick Creek (not the river itself) overflowing but fortunately this morning the water had receded from the streets.  However the Occoquan River is still raging and with it still raining everyone is on high alert. 

belmont bay: Speechless Sunday-Ahoy Matey Land Ahead - 09/04/11 01:49 AM

Most pirates had parrots but for the owners of this boat in Belmont Bay their feathered friend happens to be an Osprey.  Finding the perfect perch to help spot land ahead or perhaps dinner in the Occoquan River is important for survival.  Now if we could just teach these guys to talk we'd have a perfect second mate.

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