dod hap northern virginia: Northern Virginia Military Families-You Might Still Be Eligible For the DoD Homeowners Assistance Program - 11/06/10 07:09 AM
My phone is still ringing and questions come into my blog post about eligibility for the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP). This week I had two phone calls from servicemen currently serving our country in the Middle East. I put together this quick video for other Northern Virginia (or former Northern Virginia) military families who might have the same question about DoD HAP benefits.



dod hap northern virginia: Last Call For PSC Orders Under the Current DOD HAP Program Guidelines - 09/30/10 04:36 AM
Today is September 30, 2010 and it is the last day for PCS orders for activity duty military and other qualified individuals to meet the current criteria for the PCS Homeowners Assitance  Program (HAP).
As of today there has been no announcement of an extension of the date for orders.  There has been a rush in many personnel offices to try and get orders cut even if the actual PCS date was in early 2011.  There  is a 90 day Report Not Later Than (RNLT) rule which means anyone with a RNLT of December 31, 2010 can still be under the … (8 comments)

dod hap northern virginia: Department Of Defense HAP Program-What Should A Buyer Expect? - 06/28/10 02:22 AM
As far as I know there isn’t a formal buyer’s guide for the Department of Defense HAP program.  Recent conversations with a couple of other agents in the Northern Virginia area revealed that other agents do have a different approach to writing an offer for their buyers on a home being sold with HAP benefits than I do. However that being said here are the basics of what a buyer can expect.  HAP isn’t signing your contract.  The owner of the property will negotiate the terms and conditions that are acceptable to them just as in regular seller would.  They … (10 comments)

dod hap northern virginia: Interesting in Buying a Department of Defense HAP Home? It's Not Bargain Hunting Season - 06/15/10 11:13 AM
Recently an email arrived that piqued my interest.  A buyer wanted to concentrate their home hunting search on Department of Defense HAP homes.  When I found out more my heart sank.  The inquirer wanted to concentrate on HAP homes because the government allowed them to be sold at 10% off Fair Market Value and “the seller faces less risk since HAP partially offsets their loss based on the original purchase price."
The biggest part of the email that bothered me was the "seller faces less risk" by accepting a lower offer. In fact accepting an offer 10% list price does hurt … (6 comments)

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