express it with photos: Thanksgiving Week Is A Time For Family And Friends - 11/24/13 09:01 PM

We've been treated to incredible winter sunsets in Belmont Bay recently.   Mother nature has an incredible way of painting her colors on the sky.
This is just one of the 52 weeks of the year I'm thankful for my family and friends who keep me sane.  I hope you have a great week.

express it with photos: Mom Said I Could Fly-But I"m Not Sure I Believe Her - 05/02/12 08:53 AM

As the parents squawked from a nearby tree this baby Mockingbird wasn't ready to let go of the rail and test her wings. Perhaps if they hadn't built their nest under a 5th floor balcony they might have been able to convince their little ones to move out of the nest a little sooner.I sat close by to watch for a few minutes.  Finally after a few test flutterings the decision was made to let go.  It wasn't graceful but this bird has now officially flown the nest. 

express it with photos: Caught In The Act-The Bunnies Were Out Early This Morning - 04/07/12 10:16 PM

When I went out for an early morning walk the first stirring creature I came across was a bunny.  Didn't see an Easter Basket anywhere nearby so guess the eggs were already hidden.  Hope the kids find them all, as a hardboiled egg left in the sun for a few hours is not pleasant to come across later.Happy Easter.

express it with photos: Learning To Live Without Picnik-A New Tool For Quick Touch-Up's - 01/29/12 02:05 AM
Like thousands of others when the news broke of the photo editing tool Picnik shutting down I groaned.  There are times when a quick fix is needed and doesn't require a full version of Photoshop or Gimp.
In the past I turned to Picnik for quick edits.  In this case it was removing the blocks and lightening up the photo of this old piece of farm equipment before I posted it in a Speechless Sunday post on entitled "Welcome to 2012-Out With The Old In With The New."

This past week I've been playing with Photoshop Express on-line.  … (122 comments)

express it with photos: Wordless Wednesday-Even Extroverts Need A Break Now And Then - 10/12/11 08:11 AM

Birds of a feather might flock together but occasionally even the most social of birds needs a little down time.  This sandpiper seemed to be oblivious to anyone feathered or not who was walking along the shoreline with him.  Even extroverts need down time to recharge their batteries and get away from the chirping of other birds or in my case the sound of the ringing phone.   Hope you find a place to recharge your batteries this week.

express it with photos: Speechless Sunday-When You Change Your Perspective You Might See Something Different - 09/25/11 07:21 AM

How often do we look at something and think "so what" or "why would anyone think that is interesting?"  But then we get a look from a different perspective and we discover that indeed there may be more than meets the eye.

At first glance this Skipper Butterfly isn't much to look at.  In fact most people would look at the brown coloring and instantly think moth, save my woolens.  Yet when you see this little guy up close your realize he has some very distinct qualities all of his own.  Who knew a butterfly could be fuzzy? … (22 comments)

express it with photos: Speechless Sunday-Life Is A Balancing Act - 09/18/11 09:37 AM

We often have to find a way to balance our busy lives.  As a Realtor® there are days when keeping a grip on multiple transactions without falling over can seem to be a gargantuan task.  This small Milkweed bug seems to have figured out.  If you hold on with all available appendages you can manage to balance without falling over. 

express it with photos: Wordless Wednesday-Learning To Accept The Unexpected Can Have It's Rewards - 09/14/11 01:25 AM
It's easy when we head out with a camera to take photos of a listing to know we are going to come home with a photo of a kitchen, living room and a dining room.  When you go out in a field of flowers you aren't always sure what might end up in front of your camera.  My plan was to try to catch some of the Swallowtail Butterflies that I had seen in a field of yellow flowers. However they wouldn't stay long enough for me to get them in focus.  Then this guy flew into range and … (30 comments)

express it with photos: Friday Foto's-Sometimes It's Better To Leave The Telephoto Lens At Home - 08/12/11 01:34 PM

There are times when it might be best to ignore the close-up shots and stick to sunsets.  This guy ranks up there as one of the ugly bugs that Mother Nature created.  According to my daughter who is is the bug expert...oh wait is that insects...anyway this creature is an Assassin Bug.  Yikes I think I'll stay out of his way.

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