fairfax county: Northern Virginia-It's Just a State of Mind - 05/09/09 12:24 PM
It seemed like a crazy question and then I laughed. The buyer was headed to Northern Virginia from Arizona. They had checked and they couldn't find Northern Virginia anywhere on the map. It just wasn't there.
Oh well actually there isn't a Northern Virginia like there is a North or South Carolina it is just a local term. Why do you make the distinction?
Ahhhh we just do. It is more about a difference in economics and politics than anything. So where are the boundaries?
Hmmm, good question. Before housing developments pushed west to the Shenandoah Valley and south through … (4 comments)

fairfax county: Touring Fairfax County without Driving Your Car - 04/08/09 09:28 AM
Ever wonder how you could take in the sites of Fairfax County without having to put up with stoplights and honking horns?   If you are ready to shake off the winter time blues and enjoy green shaded paths then dust of your bike or your comfortable shoes and head out to the Fairfax County Cross County Trail (CCT).Starting at the Occoquan River at the Occoquan Regional Park and heading north to Great Falls National Park the trial winds through some of the prettiest parts of Fairfax County.  Covering 40 miles of paths that cross streams and includes paths in a number of … (2 comments)

fairfax county: Fort Belvoir-Stop By and Say Hi to Your Oldest Neighbors - 03/28/09 02:59 AM
Just a few miles outside the gates of Fort Belvoir visitors and residents of Fairfax County can find some of Virginia’s finest historic homes and our nation’s treasures.  For their time these homes were the envy of the neighborhood and the owners most certainly among the richest families in Fairfax County.
Sitting on the best piece of property that any colonist could have imagined is Mount Vernon the home of George Washington. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture the prominent colonist in the 1770’s sitting on the back porch watching the large mast ships headed into the … (6 comments)

fairfax county: Fort Belvoir-Sorry You Can't Borrow a Cup of Sugar From These Neighbors - 10/29/08 09:13 AM
Just a few miles outside the gates of Fort Belvoir visitors and residents of Fairfax County can find some of Virginia’s finest historic homes and our nation’s treasures. For their time these homes were the envy of the neighborhood and the owners most certainly among the richest families in Fairfax County.
Sitting on the best piece of property that any colonist could have imagined is Mount Vernon the home of George Washington. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture the prominent colonist in the 1770’s sitting on the back porch watching the large mast ships headed into the … (8 comments)

fairfax county: Fort Belvoir-One House Stands Alone - 10/20/08 08:40 AM
Tucked away among all of the traditional homes, both old and new on Fort Belvoir stands a home that isn't like any of the others.  Just as the Lustron homes on Quantico were a response to the US Government's need for quick delivery homes after WWII, the Thermo-Con house on Fort Belvoir stands as a reminder of the Army's attempt to use alternative building materials in the 1940's.
Situated next to the traditional Cape Code homes of Gerber Village, the Thermo-Con house looks more like Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighy House just a few miles down the road than it does its … (3 comments)

fairfax county: Hidden in Plain Sight-Hidden Pond Nature Center - 10/18/08 07:23 AM
Perhaps it is a stretch to say that Hidden Pond Nature Center in West Springfield is in plain sight.  It wouldn't have been named "hidden pond" if it was.  In fact you could drive by the small sign on Keene Mill Road that points to the nature center for years and not realize what was down the road.
Tucked at the end of a residential street Hidden Pond Nature Center offers the type of small park that makes it easy for anyone to take a leisurely stroll around the perimeter of the pond and through the woods.  At twenty five acres … (5 comments)

fairfax county: Shhhh! Don’t Tell Anyone Else About this Great Little Place to Grab a Treat to Eat - 10/07/08 05:20 AM
In a way you hate to give up the "secret" of your favorite little places to sneak off for lunch or a sweet treat.  On the other hand you want others to realize that you don't have to spend a fortunate at one of the mega chain coffee stores or settle for fast food when in the same area is a great little deli and pastry shop that will satisfy your hunger with real food.
In this case the little secret spot is the Alexandria Pasty Shop and Deli in the Bradley Shopping Center on King Street.  Since I own a … (5 comments)

fairfax county: Equal Time for the Carnivores-Five Guys Burgers and Fries - 09/28/08 02:51 AM
It seems only fair since my post on Sunflower Vegetarian Café appealed to the vegans and vegetarians in Northern Virginia that equal time should be given to those who like meat and potatoes.
Just about anyone who has lived in Northern Virginia for awhile has been introduced to Five Guys Burgers and Fries aka Five Guys by a friend.  When I learn that a client relocating to the area wants to bite down and a real hamburger, I direct them to Five Guys with a word of warning.  Do not order a large size fries unless you want to explode or have … (7 comments)

fairfax county: Fairfax County Virginia Welcomes You with Endless Possibilities - 09/27/08 12:15 AM
When you live in Fairfax County you can see the beginnings of our nation's history in the estates of our founding fathers, attend schools rated among the best in the nation and visit the US Capitol to see our government at work.  Add to this list, neighborhoods that provide residents with numerous options to live, work and play and you will quickly figure out why Fairfax County has been one of the most popular counties in Virginia since it was founded in 1742.
If you like water then residents of Fairfax County can head out on not only … (5 comments)

fairfax county: Fort Belvoir-DeWitt Army Hospital Prepares For The Next Generation - 09/24/08 11:51 PM
It seemed appropriate today to check in on the changes at DeWitt Army Hospital as Fort Belvoir gears up for an influx of over 21,000 new military and civilian jobs by 2011.  Why today?  It is my daughter Kara's birthday and she was born early in the morning at DeWitt 28 years ago.  Kara is just one of the 64,000 plus babies that have been born at DeWitt in the last 50 years.The current DeWitt hospital is a typical military hospital with most of the clinics and services that you will find at any civilian hospital.  The outside of the building … (3 comments)

fairfax county: Inquiring Minds Want to Know-Are You an Innie or an Outie? - 09/19/08 08:56 AM
No, this isn't a personal question about your belly button.  Buyers moving to Northern Virginia often see the phrase "inside" or "outside" the beltway in MLS descriptions and wonder where are these locations on the map.   For those who have lived in the Northern Virginia most of our lives we have watched "outside" the beltway on the Virginia side expand far west and south of DC. Just as the term "slugging" started as a phrase to describe riders using counterfeit tokens, the term inside or outside the beltway started with a different meaning in our area as well.  The phrase was … (8 comments)

fairfax county: Where's the Beef? It's Not at the Sunflower Cafe! - 09/17/08 08:46 AM
If you are looking for a charbroiled steak and potatoes then you will drive right past the Sunflower Vegetarian Café in Vienna VA. If you do you will miss a great treat.Our family first started dining at Sunflower Vegetarian Café about 5 years ago when it we discovered it had the best variety of vegetarian dishes in the Northern Virginia area. We are a mixed family of carnivores, vegetarians and vegans so finding a place where everyone could be happy was a challenge. Fortunately Sunflower Café fit the bill.
You can't help but smile when you walk in the door and … (9 comments)

fairfax county: Lorton Workhouse Arts Center-An Insiders View - 09/13/08 10:01 AM
One of the benefits of being actively involved in the Occoquan River Communities is the opportunity to get a "sneak peek" at one of the biggest success stories in redevelopment in Lorton.  The Lorton Workhouse Arts Center is getting ready for the grand opening the week of September 19th -27th with multiple events planned throughout the week.  The week starts with a classic concert concert-pianist Pedja Muzijevic and culminates with the grand opening gala featuring Tony Award winning singer Barbara Cook.
Artists who have studio space are just moving in and getting themselves settled.  The staff is putting in long hours … (7 comments)

fairfax county: Nike Missiles and Lorton Prisoners-Not Your Usual Cell Mates - 08/24/08 11:21 PM
My friends accuse me of making some of these little facts about Northern Virginia up.  Nope the stories are all real....well okay the one about the hook hanging on the car door at Lake Accotink....not so much.
However the story of the Lorton Prison being the site of the Army's premier showcase for the nationwide Nike program unveiled in 1954 is true.  One of the big issues that the government faced when it was trying to build defenses against the threat of a nuclear attack was acquiring the land necessary to develop the missile defense sites.  Most people think of the … (8 comments)

fairfax county: Fairfax Station-Clara Barton Slept Here - 08/23/08 11:55 PM
We see the signs around Virginia that say "George Washington Slept Here" but unless you take a step often the beaten path you won't find some of the other signs of famous faces in history.  One of those signs is hidden in Fairfax Station at the St. Mary of Sorrows Church just off of Route 123.   
St Mary of Sorrows Church was built from 1858-1860 with lumber milled locally by  railroad workers living in the area.  The only item that was purchased to complete the church was the bell installed in the tower.  As the battles of the civil war moved … (4 comments)

fairfax county: Give a Big Cheer for Northern Virginia Schools - 08/21/08 12:00 PM
One of the concerns that parents of school age children face when relocating to Northern Virginia or just moving within the area is finding out the reputation of the local schools.  
Fortunately for families moving to Northern Virginia the answer can be found in the rankings that come out every year in Newsweek Magazine.  As in year's past the 2008 profile of schools featured a number of schools from our area in the Top 100.  The only school not included in the ranking because "their students are too good" is Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.


fairfax county: Another Piece of Fairfax County History is Being Restored - 08/14/08 08:41 AM
Last fall I jokingly posted a picture and wondered what was for sale the house or the dune buggy.  It was of course the dune buggy.  The house was actually the old Country Store on Gunston Road and it is now being restored.  The store went through a number of changes over the course of its history including being a Cracker Barrel in 1987.  
However the history of the store goes back much further and based on descriptions in local historical records it may originally have been the Church Vestry for the original Pohick Church now the site of Cranford Methodist … (6 comments)

fairfax county: Fix Up Your Foreclosure and Support Habitat for Humanity at the Same Time - 08/10/08 11:48 AM
Did you just buy a foreclosure in Fairfax or Prince William County?  Is your budget a little tight?  Then before you head to one of the mega hardware stores stop by the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and see if you can’t find some of what you need.
A stop at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore gives you the chance to do three things at one time.  The first is to support the great programs Habitat for Humanity offers to low income families to give them an opportunity to own their own home.  The money raised by the ReStores across the US provides … (4 comments)

fairfax county: Putting the Pedals in Motion in Northern Virginia - 08/07/08 12:02 AM
For those of you who like to get from Point A to Point B faster than your feet can take you then you might be ready to get your bike out of storage and pedal your way around Northern Virginia. Though not as bike friendly for commuters as other cities, the recreational rider can cover a lot of territory with a variety of trials and places to stop along the way.

Back in the mid 90's my son and I cycled 300 miles through the Loire Valley in France for 6 days and you can get a bit … (12 comments)

fairfax county: Got Butter? If Not You Can Make it At Mason Neck State Park - 08/06/08 12:32 PM
Yes Virginian's you can make butter on a hot summer day.  Just come to the picnic area on any Sunday afternoon in August between 4-5 PM at Mason Neck State Park and you can churn yourself a little sweet creamy butter.Mason Neck Park is one the popular parks for residents of Fairfax County iand is located on the Mason Neck Peninsula just off of Route 1 and Gunston Road.  The peninsula is formed by Pohick Bay on the north, Belmont Bay on the south and the Potomac River on the east. 
The Mason Neck area traces its history back to 1608 when it was recorded by … (12 comments)

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