fairfax county virginia: Pohick Church-We Hope George Washington Didn't Sleep Here - 01/24/10 09:56 AM
Northern Virginia offers residents and visitors alike the chance to find history around every corner. Most people can easily find the big attractions in both the history and tourist books but it is the little places that you don’t know about that can also be a fun stop on your exploration of the area.
Pohick Church in Lorton VA is one of those places.  Called by many historians as the “Mother Church of Northern Virginia.”  When the Virginia General Assembly met in 1732 they established an area known as Truro Parish, and Pohick Church became the first Parish Church within the … (11 comments)

fairfax county virginia: It's Tacky Tour Time-Faifax County Christmas Lights Are Over the Top - 12/12/09 08:37 AM
It is holiday tacky tour time.  Say that three times fast! Throughout Northern Virginia you can find a wide range of holiday lights.  Every year our family heads out on the holiday "tacky tour" to find the houses that are just a little bit over the top.  It is amazing the creativity that some families have and of course the electric bills that go along with it. If you don't have time to put together your own Fairfax County Tacky Tour you can follow the list and map prepared by Holly Zell. … (14 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Fort Belvoir-Only Minutes from the Home of the First Commander in Chief - 12/07/09 10:30 AM
Just a few miles outside the gates of Fort Belvoir visitors and residents of Fairfax County can stop by and see the home of the first Commander in Chief, George Washington. A home that even by today's standards has one of the number one things you look for. Location, Location, Location! Sitting on the best piece of property that any one could have ipicture is Mount Vernon the home of George Washington. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture the prominent colonist in the 1770’s sitting on the back porch watching the large mast ships headed into the docks … (12 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Fairfax Station-Beyond the Neighborhoods are Fabulous Custom Homes & Land - 07/29/09 02:36 AM
It's easy to drive through the Fairfax Station area in Northern Virginia and see why so many owners are proud to call it home.  Not only are there terrific planned communities such as Crosspointe, Barrington and South Run but Fairfax Station also offers the opportunity for a buyer to find a one of kind custom homes as well.In pockets scattered off of Route 123 (Ox Road) you will find custom homes on 1, 5 or even 10 acre wooded lots that reflect their owners and the builder's individual style and taste.  Though most of the available open land has already been … (4 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Lake Accotink Park-A Haven for Springfield Families through the Years - 02/25/09 08:30 AM

Growing up my friends and I could ride our bikes from our homes in Springfield to Lake Accotink Park to spend a few hours exploring the paths throughout the park.  Our family would enjoy a Sunday picnic on the grounds in the summer, my dad fished during trout season and we ice skated on the stream below the dam in the winter.When my children were growing up the tradition continued with bike rides around the 3.75 mile path that loops around the lake and through the woods.  From our homes in Kings Park or later Charlestown we could enter the park … (4 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Fort Belvoir and Kingstowne-Good Neighbors in Fairfax County VA - 01/31/09 06:47 AM
We don’t always get to decide who are neighbors are going to be. We take our chances when we see new houses going up around us. Deciding to put out the welcome mat often helps pull your new neighbors in and makes them feel welcome. And this is case with Fort Belvoir and Kingstowne. When the earth movers first arrived on a large expansive of dirt between Van Dorn and Beulah roads everyone waited with anticipation to see how the newest neighborhood would grow. And grow it has. Into a community divided into three villages made up of commercial and residential … (2 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Lorton Workhouse Arts Center-Have You checked it Out Yet? - 01/26/09 08:21 AM
If not then you are missing your chance to be impressed by the transformation of the former prison site in Lorton VA.   For over 100 years Lorton was an area that most residents of Northern Virginia went out of their way to avoid, especially at night.  The prison site was eerie and the two lane road past the prison was dark.    Now on Friday nights you can stop in for a flame working demonstration by renowned artist, dance a little cha-cha-cha with a Latin band or enjoy an art show while sipping a glass of wine.  Want to learn how to … (10 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Reflections on Northern Virginia-Traveling on Shirley Highway - 01/18/09 02:02 AM
It is obvious when you look at the large overhead signs, I-95 is the interstate running outside the beltway and I-395 runs inside the beltway to DC.  However if someone asks you how to get to DC and you say take Shirley Highway then you know you are a "native" of Northern Virginia.  Officially Shirley Highway runs from the Pentagon to just north of Route 1 in Woodbridge.  The start of the construction of the highway started in 1941 and lasted until 1952 when the four lane road was completed.  Originally known as the Fort Belvoir bypass the road was renamed for … (8 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place-50 Years of Student History - 01/08/09 12:07 PM
Anyone who drives past Washington Irving Middle School in West Springfield (VA) can't help but notice the large painted boulder at the entrance to the school.  The history of the "rock" and the tradition that surrounds it go back September 1960 when Washington Irving opened its doors.
At that time Old Keene Mill Road that runs in front of the school was a winding two lane road.  When road crews were finishing the entrance to the school they uncovered the large boulder and stood it on its end by the driveway.  The rock instantly gained the attention of the middle school students and became … (6 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Fairfax County Schools-Registration for Language Immersion Programs Underway - 01/04/09 11:24 PM
When I was in elementary school in Fairfax County Virginia a decision was made to pull a few of us out of class and sit us in front of a TV to learn French. The program only lasted for half a year but today the only French I even remotely know came from sitting in front of that TV. 
Today in  Fairfax County parents have the option of enrolling their elementary schools students in a half day language immersion program. Unlike when I was in school or even when my kids were in Fairfax County Schools students are not taught just the … (6 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Taking A Walk on the Wild Side-Enjoying Local Parks in the Winter - 01/04/09 02:35 AM
Even when the weather is chilly there isn't any reason not to get outside and explore all of the great parks and recreation activities that you can find in Fairfax County, Virginia.Though your week may include commuting on crowded interstates, metro rides or slug lines, the weekend gives you the perfect opportunity to take in the solitude of many of our areas parks. Whether you are looking for one of the parks run by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, the National Park Service or the Department of the Interior you can find a park and outdoor activity to enjoy.

fairfax county virginia: A Step Back in Time-Riding the Rails from Virginia to Florida - 11/16/08 07:33 PM
When my parents discovered having two fidigty children in the backseat of a car, one prone to car sickness, made travel to visit grandparents in Florida more of a chore than fun they turned to the train for a better way to go.  As we grew older and a car trip or even an airplane would have made more sense we insisted that a train ride would be more fun.  And they were.  Looking out the windows as the countryside passed by, falling asleep to the clack of the rails and listening to the whistle blow as we passed through small towns … (2 comments)

fairfax county virginia: Watch out for Two Buck Chuck - 06/30/07 02:47 AM

Ripples of anguish are running through the California wine industry.  For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe's in your area you already know about the Charles Shaw wine sold in the stores as "Two Buck Chuck".  I've often wondered when I was in the store why I would see customers buying cases of the wine and figured as a snob of New Zealand and Australian wines that they just had no taste.
Turns out that the Charles Shaw 2005 California Chardonnay has been named the best Chardonnay from California at the California State … (10 comments)

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